I wanted to do a prompt for October, do a bit of a challenge seeing as for the last few years I just haven’t been able to commit to one. I went through a bunch of them feeling kind of “Meh” on aspects of them until I came across OCtober. So a different OC sketch every day for the month!

Day 1: Myanna. The first Futa character I ever created years ago. She was made as part of RP I was in and I was prompted to make a “Plant Demon” to be a minion of the main villain of the arc at the time. From that I built Myanna and all of the Cuirizu.








Day 2: Azade. “The First” in Myanna’s Garden Azade is a skilled Phyllomagi (plant mage) with a noble upbringing and and a formal education that gives her an edge in outperforming others. She is an invaluable asset to Myanna in all things and is the person who is closest to her.







Day 3: Betsy. Known for being friendly and nurturing with all of the other women of Myanna’s Garden, Betsy will often feign embarrassment or indifference toward the debauchery therein. In truth Betsy is every bit the sexual deviant as the others with even the smallest bit of coaxing.








Day 4: Taeko. Clearly the best character. Lookit that smile, those cute titties. Such a sense of style and pizzazz. Magical Light powers!? And a pussy clean enough you can eat off it. Really there’s no point in doing any more of these, Ren-er..I mean I have piqued. This is not Taeko on Ren’s computer.

Repeat. Not Taeko. >.>







Day 5: Gwendolyn. As a Half Vila, Gwen has always struggled with living in two worlds, now that she has banished her Unseelie nature into a blackened faeglass weapon, she hopes to find balance within herself.








Day 6: Ivy. As one of the Imperium’s Dolls Ivy has lived long enough to acquire a great deal of magical knowledge, but where she serves in Winder’Lae it’s perhaps the Virility Charm she might end up being most known for rediscovering.








Day 7: Morrigan, Queen of the Vampires. Also known as Morrigan the Obsidian for the deadly obsidian grafted to her body, she is one of the few remaining vampires to know the secrets of fleshcraft lifted from the Nasgoran bloodline.








Day 8: Akane, the Crimson Tempest. Known among the Sarunamu for her impressive military career she is now wanted for being the first of her kind to discover how to tap the “Power of the First”.








Day 9: Rinn. Half Bloods don’t usually go for in Vishanti society, but during war time Rinn of Rosario distinguished herself hundreds of times over with her swordsmanship, magic, and tactics, Quickly rising to the Rank of General.








Day 10: Khatima. As the Primogen of the Verdant Lust, Khatima’s powerful appetites are a bit more voracious than others. Her anatomy has shifted to reflect these needs to a certain degree…








Day 11: Rhea, Queen of Dolls. Built in the Imperium as one of the first Prototypes of reproductive constructs, Rhea has broken from her directives to safeguard humanity to instead wield their desire against them.





Day 12: Renezuo. The character from which I take my namesake is one of the oldest characters I have, created over a decade and a half ago. It seemed appropriate to include the Miasanamu prince in exile for OCtober.








Day 13: Victoria. As a countess in Tenebre Dontae Victoria has always managed to stay ahead of the game by embracing new progressive, and sometimes unorthodox, ways of thinking from that of other Vishanti.








Day 14: Kendra. As a Kadeshah to the goddess of Love, Kendra is versed in magic and sexual technique that can satisfy even the most ravenous of lovers. Donations to the temple are encouraged but not required.








Day 15: Kiaki. As the living embodiment of the negativity and darkness purged from a High Priestess to Sophitia, Kiaki struggles with deep incurable madness and dark impulses. Indeed even her name means “sickness” in Vishanti.








Day 16: Elaina. After suffering a life of abuse for the curse she carries in her blood in a Dark version of Alkotas, Elaina crosses the Faen into a brighter version of her world, channeling the power within into sword magic.








Day 17: Kaethe. As Elaina’s sister by blood Kaethe also has the latent power of the fae running through her veins. When turned to vampirism in an experiment she emerges as an Oberite, a magical bloodline long thought extinct.








Day 18: Bellatrix. All Linirym are predatory by their nature and protective of what they consider theirs. Punishments are often severe for thieves, but Bellatrix has been known to take a certain pleasure in punishing such delinquents.








Day 19: Aislynn. Born as one of three Vishanti princesses, Aislynn has walked away from royal life to join the temple of Kyridwen and has gained renewed confidence after the tragic event that took her arm.








Day 20: Riva. Once a former lover and partner of Myanna’s, the two had a falling out when Riva began to hoard Cuirizathi to serve as her own personal army, making her a slow creeping rot within the Verdant Lust.








Day 21: Meghan. After decades in the Danvers Asylum in a zombie-like state, Meghan comes to her senses and rejoins a world she hardly recognizes where she will struggle to fit in with humans and Hidden alike.








Day 22: Tianna. Despite being one of the most accomplished Chronomagi in the Boston area, Tianna can still become preoccupied with timelines and possibilities that only she can see.

Taeko awoke to her Light magic at a very early age, though the majority of her experience came from after she was orphaned during the 11 year faction war of Zelmesca. Living on her own, Taeko utilized her magic in new ways to ensure her survival and how to protect those closest to her. Aside from the tradition use of light to dispel darkness Taeko is also capable of using sophisticated holographic trickery and dazzling light shows. When pressed, she’s even capable of focusing her light down to singular beams capable of inflicting grievous wounds on others.

But at the end of the day, she typically uses it for mischief making and getting into trouble.

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I introduced this new thing to my discord server the other day where site members can ask questions of my Original Characters. The idea being that once asked and picked the questions are answered by the characters in a little sketch comic format. Almost immediately I had a few filling the channel up. Though this one’s a little long on panels most of them would be shorter than this so that I can keep up with them. Click on the image to embiggen!

It looks as though a certain red headed barbarian wandering the countryside has caught the attention of Myanna and her top two girls, Azade and Taeko. As a welcome the three have taken to milking her for as much of her spunk as they can possibly handle before eventually passing her off to the rest of the Garden so they can all have a turn as well. Fair is fair after all.

It’s probably going to be a long few days for Mey-Mey.

The sounds of the Mistress with the First had found their way to Taeko’s chambers in the middle of the night. She’d been sound asleep and yet somehow the distant sounds of the two had still managed to reach and rouse her. She supposed that she had something of a sixth sense for this sort of thing by now. The young woman slipped out of her bed as silently as she could and made her way from her chambers down the hallway of the manor. It was an older building, here from before the war and long since abandoned by it’s owner when things got really bad. Myanna had moved in and formed her “Garden” here. Every last bit of dead wood had been “revived”, taken root, and magically shaped to suit the Plant Demon’s purposes.

The hall was willed with the foliage of the revived plant life and the other plants that lived within the building. Not only did it always smell fresh and clean in a way, but the plants often provided excellent cover for Taeko’s voyeuristic tendencies. She came to the corner slowly, the sounds of the two women’s grunting a moaning much clearer now from where she had started. She felt a slight throbbing and swelling between her legs and realized only just in that moment that the spell that the First had placed on her earlier was still active. The soft orange glow of the Virility Charm would give her away if she came around the corner too far, and if it didn’t the massive erection that the spell created on any woman it was cast upon surely would.

“Fuck me Mistress! I’m so close!” Azade’s voice called from the other room, the First had been with Taeko earlier that evening. Someone else might have wondered if perhaps Taeko hadn’t been satisfying enough or if Azade was just that needy for cock. The truth of it was a little more complex. It was true that libido’s ran high around here, so saying someone was “needy” could be an understatement. It was a combination of the food and hormones and a few other factors. But then there was the Mistress herself, Myanna of the Verdant Lust.

Myanna was a Cuirizu, a Plant Demon, and Taeko had met her quite some time ago…before Azade had been made First even. In that time she’d come to learn a fair amount about Myanna’s people and the effect that the race as a whole could have on mortals. There were several ways one of them could arouse a mortal, from the way they looked at you to their smell. Taeko had met others of her kind but found Myanna to be particularly alluring to her. She was tall, strong, powerful, intelligent. Taeko’s cock ached and her pussy quivered just thinking about her mistress and the numerous times she’d been pinned down and fucked by her. On top of all the qualities Taeko found appealing in her Mistress there was of course the magical means in which she could sway and influence a person’s libido.

Taeko herself was the Second, despite having been the first in the Garden to provide her with a child. She preferred it that way, Azade was more suited to the task of first. She had the drive for it, the intelligence, and not to mention the stamina. Azade had milked Taeko’s magically bestowed cock earlier that evening rather extensively and here she was again keeping pace with a powerful Cuirizu. The sound of their flesh slapping together was intoxicating. Before Taeko knew what she was doing she was peaking her head out from around the corner to watch the two of them together.

She’d done this a few times before. She liked to watch the other women of the Garden fuck while she pleasured herself in some dark corner, knuckle deep with two fingers in her own pussy. But Taeko liked to watch Myanna and Azade’s encounters with people particularly and then more so when it was just with each other. The two of them had an energy about them that the other seemed to feed off of. They’d engage in Marathon sessions in all parts of the manor, providing Taeko with ample time and material to masturbate too.

But now, as she watched the dark flesh of Myanna bounce up and down on the pale form of Azade, sliding in and out of her with such force and speed, she wanted to be part of it. Usually she was content to watch, the taboo of watching others fuck and masturbating to them sort of it’s own little spice for the experience, but with the aching of her cock and the drooling of her cunt, Taeko wanted more. Images of herself sandwiched between the two of them, hilt Deep in Azade while Myanna ravaged her from behind flashed through her mind. In her brief flight of fancy Myanna pulled her cock roughly from Taeko’s cunt and shoved it deep into her ass, sending a shiver of excitement shooting up her spine.

“Fill me up! I want your cum inside me!” Azade begged. Taeko’s eyes half lidded with the rush of mind numbing arousal that shot through her body.

It must have been the spell. She remembered that Azade said the spell could react oddly with certain people and with certain magics. If either or both of the women in the next room were working some sort of magical lust effect it could react with the Virility Charm on her, hell the Spell had a drastic effect whenever it was placed on Betsy. More likely though was that it was reacting with her proclivity for watching people and getting carried away. She didn’t usually have the spell on and when she did it was for a specific situation…usually with the First.

Taeko began to step into the doorway transfixed on the two. Myanna let out a long deep groan as she dumped her load into Azade. Taeko knew from personal experience that Myanna’s orgasms were always thick and copious. Not only that but the fluids of a Cuirizu often could function as an aphrodisiac, spurring a mortal to further action to satisfy the near insatiable needs of the Plant Demon. Myanna continued hammering at Azade’s cunt even as she filled her with her delicious spunk, the dual piercings along her pussy jingling slightly as she did so. Azade’s legs twitched and shook as her body gave way to it’s own orgasm and the moan of it joined Myanna’s in a two-woman chorus. A thick glob of pre-crum dripped from the tip of Taeko’s cock.

She stood now in the hallway watching the glistening cunts, the overflow of frothy jizz, the gleam of sweat, and the satisfied twitching of Myanna’s cock as the last murmurs of her climax ran their course through her body. She didn’t realize it but she was sweating herself a little, overcome with what felt like it could be a fever as she panted like a bitch in heat. Taeko needed them…both of them.

Surely they wouldn’t mind.