So many variations on he Bowsette thing are flying around twitter right now, with the crown going to just about every Mario enemy you can think of. There have been some really great ones and initially I was just content to watch it happening but a twitter user by the name of Nega-Kajin mused how there was an odd lack of Birdo and how that seemed like a prime target for the crown. I had seen two or three but nothing else really. I mentioned that I was tempted now that it had been mentioned and the gauntlet was thrown down. So here she is, Birdette. Note that the “original” in this case is the futa one, unlike a lot of other images I do. This is specifically because the musing related to how Birdo would have been a great source of Futa art. But I did some non-futa for the people who prefer a little less sausage on their ladies. Enjoy!