Meghan stared breathlessly up at the woman standing on the table, her hips moving sensually from side to side as her hands ran enticingly over her own body. From the music booming around them to the way the light only barely caught her gyrating curves, Meghan found herself transfixed.

“So..” Karanth purred, “Is this place to your liking?”

Meghan nodded vaguely, unable to take her eyes off of the nudity of the woman just feet from her. She’d fallen asleep in a prudish hell in the 50’s, only to wake up to a sinful heaven in the 80’s…

Being that she’s from the 50’s, something like the sensual sin of a strip club is a bit much for Meghan to take in. In her own time she regarded herself as more sexually overt than her peers and her lack of discretion when it came to her taste for the flesh of women was what eventually landed her in the Danvers Asylum. But now that she’s rejoined society in the 80’s she finds people engaging in all manner of lewd acts and displays that put anything she did in her own time to shame.

Below I’ve included a version for Masked and Unmasked. To the rest of the world, these two look like a couple of attractive women but nothing more. But for those who can look beyond the magic of the Mask, the two appear very different as a Changeling and a Dragon.

Some of you guys might remember that a little while back the Kupaa artists (Hizzacked, AnimeFlux and Myself) ran a poll asking what we should do as the first Art Jam. All three options were good ones but in the end it was Zero Gravity that one. I could have made use of a few different settings or ideas but in the end I wanted to use it as a chance to bring Celestial Tides into the mix, my third world for the site.

Celestial Tides is a sci-fi themed world, a setting where the people of earth have moved beyond their own star system and come into contact with other species and worlds….and an alliance of worlds that doesn’t look highly upon them. Today and Friday will feature Celestial Tides pictures and for the first I went with my character Rhea in her Celestial Tides version showing off her ability in Zero G erotic dancing. Similar to pole dancing of our own time the purpose is much the same…sans pole. The control nodes in the gloves and shoes allow for manipulation of the field and free movement within it, providing the dancer with an array of positions and moves she could not otherwise accomplish while floating freely or in normal gravity.

The next update comes this Friday to the members section featuring Myanna in her third “World Alt”. If you’d like to support me or any of the other artists of the Kupaa collective just sign up! And as always comments and questions are always welcome!