So due to a little lapse in memory we have sort of a double update over on the member side right now. Initially I had uploaded a picture I had done for Patreon last month to the Fan Art section which featured Kerrigan and Nova, but after placing it in the gallery completely neglected to mention having done it to anyone. So it’s been sitting there unnoticed for a while now. Then today when I finished a commission for a client and went to post it up there that was when I noticed it.

So rather than delay the current piece I decided to do a double post, one for each, on the member side. As mentioned before the first one features Human Kerrigan and Nova making use of some Zerg themed toys and the second is a commission of DroganKing’s character Kiesha engaging in some lewd acts in public with a sizeable Futa Horsecock!

So enjoy everybody, and I’ll try my best not to let this happen to you guys again in the future!