The Planet of Esdaria is under a strict Quarantine enforced by the planet-side government of Esdaria. Many years ago a contagion surfaced in the populace that appeared to result in the dying off of the species males. For several years the scientists of the planet struggled to figure out what the cause was and seemed to develop a solution that could take hold in a generation or two. Instead of more males being born into the population again, a new gender of females with male anatomy called “Epicenes” began to surface. These Epicenes were only capable of producing children that were either female or epicene and no new males were being born while the existing male population was continuing to age.

Because the nature of the contagion, how it spreads, and how it effects other species is not fully understood the planet has remained under Quarantine with no other Alliance species allowed to enter and no Esdarians able to leave. But there are some who wished to leave anyway, and have managed to make their way off world and strike out on their own. Others were off world when the Quarantine was put in place and have not been allowed to return home since.

Sirian was born an epicene and lived on Esdaria for many years as part of a relatively upper class family. While serving in the Military the government enacted a protocol that isolated any and all males from the rest of the population to initiate them in a breeding program. Sirian’s father and brother were taken during a raid despite assurances that males who had met certain conditions would not be taken. It was during this time that Sirian came to believe that the nature of the contagion and subsequent attempts to compensate for it were subject to deep levels of corruption and resigned her commission. Soon after, making use of one of her family’s ships, Sirian made a daring run to escape Esdaria and see the other worlds she had dreamed of visiting as a child.

Sirian now captain’s the ship officially as a cargo vessel in Alliance space and dabbles in thieving and smuggling. While her status as an epicene was a point of shame on her homeworld, her anatomy comes as something of a thrill or curiosity to many. Sirian has used this sexual curiosity on numerous occasions for her own pleasure or to gain an advantage on a mark. Sirian enjoys the more densely populated worlds of the Alliance, particular the night life and often counts down the days to her return to such places when going on runs to the outer worlds.