For the last week or so I’ve cranked out some new retro themed work for various purposes and thought it would be nice to collect them all here for you guys. The first was done as a “Draw this in your Style” thing for BleedingPervert, the second was a Birthday present for AnimeFlux, and the last was done after I saw an interesting pic of a cosplay model by the name of Yureta on twitter who was showing the work she’d done on her Android 18 cosplay. So here they are! Enjoy!

Something about the composition and style of Stefania Ferrario’s work really evokes the need to do retro stuff in me. She had one a while back with her on the beach that had a way about it. I started off wanting to do a primarily orange composition but I ended up scrapping it for something that looked a little more in line with a Patrick Nagel look. People had mentioned it before with the first one I did and that was sort of accidental but I thought this time doing it on purpose could be fun.

I’m not entirely sure what brought it up in the first place, but while in a conversation with Hizzacked and AnimeFlux the idea came up of mixing the 80’s aesthetic I’ve been enjoying lately with something fanarty. I had brought up the idea of doing a retro 80’s style pic of a character who came up from the 80’s. There’s a few to go with but I think one of the most iconic has got to be the Nintendo princess herself, Peach. Few characters have inspired such varying degrees of lust in fans for so long as Peach, so she seemed like a perfect choice for this experiment. The nude and futa versions for this can be found in the members section of the site!

What do you guys think? What other characters jump out to you as iconic 80’s born characters who might also be well suited to an 80’s makeover? Let me know in the comments below!

Update of the X-Men’s Jubilee in the members section along with some Futa variants for you guys. I was really happy to do this picture not only because I like the character and the statue I based the look off of but also because it kinda keeps with the 80s vibe I’ve been feeling as of late.

For anyone who’s been wondering how to keep track of updates, I am keeping them mostly to Wednesdays. That way new content isn’t showing up at random. Some small things may pop up in various sections of the site here and there but most everything will be called out on wednesdays as to it’s presence and where it can be found.

From here I’m going to try to put out a few more pages of Verdant Memories for you guys, I have an approach I’ve figured out that should let me get at least a couple pages set before the end of the month so keep an eye out for that in the members section as well.