I had this idea a while back, specifically the pose, and knew that it was going to have to be Betsy in the image. While I was mulling it over I was thinking that I hadn’t yet had the chance to do a color image of Betsy and Myanna together and thought this would be a good chance to do that. But when I got started I had this sudden need to make it Unbound Myanna and a canon story to go along with it began to form. The Unbound form is achieved by cuirizu of particular power who are able to reach deep within themselves and bring more of their fiendish heritage to the surface, unbinding them from the material plane for a short period of time and giving them a considerable power boost in the process. And though I’ve drawn Myanna in this form a few times I had not determined the circumstances under which she changes for the first time. With this pic I’ve decided that the trigger for her unbinding is actually the loss of Azade who is slain at the climax of a conflict with the Briar Harvest. After Myanna changes and takes immediate and swift revenge her meticulous and careful nature toward her garden vanishes and she goes on a reckless and self indulgent binging of every single woman of the garden without much regard for planning of Offspring. Myanna effectively goes off the rails.

Meanwhile Azade wakes up in the plane of Abaddon, finding out some horrible truths about the nature of those who serve Cuirizu and meets an unexpected person there in the process. In the physical world, Gwendolyn, who helped Azade in the battle against the Briar Harvest seeks a way to revive Azade before Myanna destroys the delicate balance of the Garden.

Below I’ve included both a text version and a textless version in the Members section!

It looks as though a certain red headed barbarian wandering the countryside has caught the attention of Myanna and her top two girls, Azade and Taeko. As a welcome the three have taken to milking her for as much of her spunk as they can possibly handle before eventually passing her off to the rest of the Garden so they can all have a turn as well. Fair is fair after all.

It’s probably going to be a long few days for Mey-Mey.

In the Night Wave setting I try to pull as much from real world mythology as I can, at least to inspire something for a final result. Some things overlap and some things don’t quite fit with everything else the way I’d like them to so I tweak them. For the most part though I like what has been coming of it. I’ll be putting out more Primers for the setting in the future with the lore that goes along with it but the smaller Primers will take time to cover the overall arcs for different races among the Hidden, their politics, the cities involved and so on. One of the more interesting challenges is porting over characters I like from other settings who I think could do well in Night Wave. Blair is among them.

Blair is mostly human but she has the blood of the Hidden in her veins from one of her ancestors. Somewhere among her Grandparents Blair has a Yeren that lent her bloodline it’s power. The Yeren are a reclusive race of large ape-like people located primarily in China. Because of this interbreeding Blair is larger than most women, stronger, more durable, and has the ability to perceive the magic and disguises of the Hidden. She is the driver and personal bodyguard to Riva, a Caipora who was exiled from the Miami Garden and reestablished herself in the Boston area. Blair can be a cruel woman and engages in the vices of lust with her mistress rather heavily, providing the Caipora with more physical activity than most other mortal women could ever hope to.

But when Blair and Riva met Azade, a Druid associated with Myanna from Miami, her body was worked through magic to bestow upon her a cock to match her aggressive nature. The shape of the thing wasn’t expected nor intended by Azade when the spell was woven, but it was enjoyed and used all the same. Blairs aggression and sexual hunger grew with her new form and since then she has become nearly insatiable when “let off the leash” by Riva. Unlike others Azade has worked the magic on, Blair prefers to keep the magic active rather than have it removed and moves among other people with a monstrous surprise lurking in her pants just out of sight.

I did this picture of Blair a while back when I was first tweaking aspects of the Night Wave setting, but I still think it holds up fairly well.