I’ll be out of town at the end of this week which is the majority of when my work gets put in most weeks. I’ll be out camping on my birthday and the days around it while hanging out with some family from out of town. So because of this activity from me will be a little light. I have a half update here in the form of a commission that was done for MoonPixelation, posted here with his permission. He wanted his OCs Piper and Selene having an intimate moment at home with Selene interrupting some reading by Piper. I liked the composition of this one a lot and while working on it I realized I don’t have a done of pics I’ve done with women going down on each other, so this was a nice change of pace. Enjoy and I’ll see you all in a bit!

I have always loved Ivy Valentine, even before I knew what Soul Calibur even was I had a love of her character design and weapon. My first encounter with her was actually fanart sent into one of those old gaming magazines back in the day. I didn’t play a soul calibur game until SCII had already come out on the PS2. I eventually went back and played the original when I got a hold of it for my Dreamcast but 2 was my first one.

When they showed her for SCVI I got pretty excited, the design seems to pull elements from her classic outfits and mix a little of the new ones in. It’s a cool effect I think. And of course I just couldn’t resist the urge to get her a little messy in the process. But as I was sketching it I remember an OLD pic I had seen of her somewhere (and I still can’t find it) where someone had done a futa version of her but the cock was basically Soul Edge and Ivy was corrupted by it. So I decided to add this in as a variant for the pic, which is why it’s taken a little longer than normal. So now at the end we have a total of SEVEN variants in the members section, so login and check them out!