It looks as though a certain red headed barbarian wandering the countryside has caught the attention of Myanna and her top two girls, Azade and Taeko. As a welcome the three have taken to milking her for as much of her spunk as they can possibly handle before eventually passing her off to the rest of the Garden so they can all have a turn as well. Fair is fair after all.

It’s probably going to be a long few days for Mey-Mey.

Alright everybody, I’m back from my vacation and getting right to work. I have a few things that were put on hold specifically until I got back so we’re going to see some more stuff popping up for the month of August here…more than July had I believe. Among my own projects and ideas I have a few commissions I need to knock out, some that are overdue and some that I’d like to finish before they become overdue. First one up was Mey Mey in the Gym, which you can find below. More stuff to follow very soon including more Primers to the members section, Hydro Brawl collab with Flux and Hizzacked, other commissions, and a bit more fanart because my mouth says no but my body says yes.