The full 10 page PDF of the Affairs of Kyridwen: Countess and the Kadeshah story with 6 full color images is now available HERE!

The full PDF is also available as an extra to all Members of the site! So if you have a membership to the site just click on through and find it in the extras section!

I’ve never considered myself a “writer” but I do greatly enjoy writing for images of my OCs as well as a ton of world building. For anyone who picks this up, thank you! It means a ton to me that you’d be interested and lend me such support. Also it helps with house repairs.

Second update to the primers ahead of the Story image sequence coming up is now live in the members section. From here on we’re going to be diving right into the meat and potatoes of it with anyone in the Discord server getting to throw in their two cents.

In addition to this though, I’m currently working on some content for pathfinder that I’m bouncing off of people in the channel dedicated to that sort of thing on my discord as well. So if you’d like a little supplementary material from the Codex Alkotas world to add to your own or even to play within the world itself or just use a system or two, the discord will be the place to be until that stuff gets solidified and posted up elsewhere. Hope to see you there!