I have always loved Ivy Valentine, even before I knew what Soul Calibur even was I had a love of her character design and weapon. My first encounter with her was actually fanart sent into one of those old gaming magazines back in the day. I didn’t play a soul calibur game until SCII had already come out on the PS2. I eventually went back and played the original when I got a hold of it for my Dreamcast but 2 was my first one.

When they showed her for SCVI I got pretty excited, the design seems to pull elements from her classic outfits and mix a little of the new ones in. It’s a cool effect I think. And of course I just couldn’t resist the urge to get her a little messy in the process. But as I was sketching it I remember an OLD pic I had seen of her somewhere (and I still can’t find it) where someone had done a futa version of her but the cock was basically Soul Edge and Ivy was corrupted by it. So I decided to add this in as a variant for the pic, which is why it’s taken a little longer than normal. So now at the end we have a total of SEVEN variants in the members section, so login and check them out!