Some of you who follow my work may already be familiar with the world of Hydro Brawl, but for those of you who are new to the idea Welcome!

Hydro Brawl was originally conceived simply as personifying sodas as sexy girls in a way that I hadn’t seen done before. I’d had this random idea of these girls competing in a martial arts style of hydrokinetic fighting and kind of went from there. The initial run consisted only of Mountain Dew flavors because each one of them had a clearly defined style and gimmick that worked for the idea very well.

In the world of Hydro Brawl the fighters are all Hydrokinetic and fight on a stage elevated above a large pool. A fighter wins by Knock out, Ring Out, or Tap Out. The winner gets to have their way with the loser, with sexual contact during the match itself also being very common. Secondary forms of elemental Kinesis have been allowed into the league so long as the fighters are primarily Hydrokinetics.

Last year (or the year before? I forget) I did a proper tournament of the characters which sadly ended in a tie. This year however I had a new twist on the idea and that was to put Hydro Brawl in to a World Tour with new characters (and flavors) created by fellow Kupaa artists Hizzacked and AnimeFlux!

This will not be a full tournament the way I’ve done it in the past. Each artist puts up TWO flavors and people will vote on which they like best. The winners of these polls will then advance to a Three-way collaborative piece by all three artists! Each of the artists are treated as their own “leagues” but the below brief bits of lore apply loosely to all three. I tend towards glowy wetsuits, Hizzacked has a firm Cyberpunk influence, and AnimeFlux has a modern take on it that kind of reminds of a skullgirls kind of thing.

So hit up the twitter accounts to do the voting, check out the lore below and the pic I did for this announcement and check back in a weeks time to see who won! But also, if you have ideas of your own, if you’d like to make your own Hydro Brawler based on a soda you like, feel free to do so and have fun with it. You can tag me us on twitter or you can even post links in the comments section here if you like! If you do the latter, be advised that if you’ve not commented before it won’t post immediately, I will go in and approve it and from there you’ll be on auto approve in the future! Alternatively if you’d like to share things a little more in real time or just want to shoot the breeze you’re free to join my Discord!

Hizzacked’s Twitter is HERE and AnimeFlux’s Twitter is HERE. Mine is HERE.

So if you guys don’t know, today is Hizzacked’s Birthday! A week ago I started working on a picture of her Hizzy self and then realized it would be her birthday soon so I jazzed it up for her a little bit. I have the version you see here and of course a Futa version and the long promised Ovipositor version I’ve been threatening her with over in the members section. If you haven’t done it yet, go on over to her site and wish her a happy birthday! Myanna already has.

Hizzacked and flux had me as a special guest on their podcast, Pillowfort Pub. We took questions from their sites and talked a little on how we got to where we are and our experiences in becoming smutty artists. My voice is considerably less obnoxious in this then I would have originally suspected.

Seeing as it is their podcast I’ll just put a link HERE that kicks you over to the post on Flux’s site where he has it posted so go check it out!