When I did the Lulu Variants earlier this year the Celestial Tides variant that I did caught the attention of Servantesnc in such a way that he wanted to see a comic with her come of it. So he’s up and commissioned the whole damn thing, so Perverse Horizons will be a Final Fantasy/Celestial Tides Mashup comic that will also include a few OCs here and there for you guys.

The Story: Lulu is an accomplished Psion of the United Solar Federation with a storied career of daring exploits and feats of psionic strength. However Psions have restricted rights in the USF and few are ever given their own command. Plenty of them have their own small shot range ships, Lulu has the Fira for example, but few have ever been trusted enough to have a whole crew under their command. Lulu is looking to change that and has her eyes on a particular admiral who she might be able to convince.

This will be a full length comic along the veins of the experimental Verdant Memories comic with subscribers getting advance looks at everything along with WIPs and concepts. Uncensored, Borderless, and Textless version of the pic available in the members area.

New Raffle for Autumn! With Bowsette taking over the way she is was there any doubt that her reach would extend this far? Winners of this raffle will get one commission worth $100 dollars and can have that go toward putting a crown on ANY character and peachifying her, including OCs! Alternatively you can just get a pic with Bowsette herself or any other other fantastic crowned characters we’ve been seeing fly around social media.

Want Bowsette putting it to Peach? Sure. Want to see a Bulette on her back? Ok. Want your OC to experiment with the crown? Do it. They’re all possible for winners of this raffle.

To enter you only need reblog (for tumblr) or retweet (for twitter) the post with this image. All site members are automatically entered in their own separate drawing. You May enter BOTH if you wish but you cannot win both. Winners will be drawn at the end of October 4th.

At long last I’m able to get a moment to post the second pic from the Spring Fling winners. For this the site member wanted a pic of Ana Bray and Amanda Holliday. I’m not familiar with the characters or the games myself so it’s going to be up to you guys to basically decide if whether or not this works for them. What’s really important here is that the winner liked it right? Click on through to the members section to see the full image there!

I wanted to do a pic of Brigitte the minute she was announced but I’m already pretty bad about not finishing something and moving to the next thing so… I finished other stuff first.

But let me tell you guys, this hero is everything I wanted in a new hero, though I would have preferred her as a defense hero over support. I had been talking with some friends a little while back and said I wanted to see a sword and board hero that could just bully some people here and there and here she is! Love this hero, how bout you guys?

And as a brief side note, I had a lot of suggestions from site members on my discord of what to do with Brigitte and tried to fold as many of the suggestions as I could into the one pic. So if you’re not already lurking around the site members section of my discord, please come check it out and see if you’d like to chip in as well at times like those!

Nude and futa versions found in the members section so click on through!

EDIT: Updated this post with something else that had been sitting half finished for a bit. Brigitte entertaining some company and showing her support skills! Three variants available including 1 futa variant.

So I hear there’s some new MHA stuff goin up. Haven’t had a chance to catch up on this series yet, but I have some conflicting opinions on it. One thing I do enjoy without reservation is some of the use of old comic book aesthetic that the manga will actually make use of and which the Anime uses to a much lesser extent. So for this one instead of doing some complicated background I wanted to see if I could work with that old comic style aesthetic with all the dots. What do you guys think? Good or bad, let me know in the comments below!

I have always loved Ivy Valentine, even before I knew what Soul Calibur even was I had a love of her character design and weapon. My first encounter with her was actually fanart sent into one of those old gaming magazines back in the day. I didn’t play a soul calibur game until SCII had already come out on the PS2. I eventually went back and played the original when I got a hold of it for my Dreamcast but 2 was my first one.

When they showed her for SCVI I got pretty excited, the design seems to pull elements from her classic outfits and mix a little of the new ones in. It’s a cool effect I think. And of course I just couldn’t resist the urge to get her a little messy in the process. But as I was sketching it I remember an OLD pic I had seen of her somewhere (and I still can’t find it) where someone had done a futa version of her but the cock was basically Soul Edge and Ivy was corrupted by it. So I decided to add this in as a variant for the pic, which is why it’s taken a little longer than normal. So now at the end we have a total of SEVEN variants in the members section, so login and check them out!

“El Rojo” and “Call Me ET” both went in for a Diablo 3 themed commission of some characters they play. They wanted something a little lacy and enticing so I put together something for them I thought they’d like. Hope you guys like it too!

One of the site members here by the name of Sagotomi has been redesigning some various OCs with a Dragon Ball theme in mind, and you know I am with Dragon Ball. So after seeing his design for Myanna I couldn’t resist doing up a version of my own for it. I don’t know what to call the attack she’s about to perform, but it’s originally based off of the Atomic Blast special attack that Majin Vegeta had in Budokai 3. If you guys got suggestions for the name, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Get the textless, nude, and futa versions in the members section!

I gotta tell ya, I haven’t played any Street Fighter for maybe a year or two but when they rolled out Menat I seriously considered blowing off some work to grind some SF for a bit. But then if I had we wouldn’t be here with things happening to her now would we?

You can find three more variants in the members section ahead, enjoy!