About a month ago (maybe more?) I did the drawing for the Summer Lovin raffle and now we’ve got the first pic to come out of that which… has two variants. I couldn’t decide whether or not to keep the suit on her or not so you guys get double for my indecision. Steffydoodles OC is one of the shapeliest elves you’re ever going to see and certainly one of the sexiest.

This post will be updated once the second raffle winner’s pic is finished. It’s currently in the sketching stage so you guys won’t have long to wait!

Update: Argentus wanted something for a friend of his and while I normally don’t want raffle spots being given out I made an exception…it is after all a nice gesture right? This is Kodiak’s character Kaiera getting worked by some seed laying plant tentacles after being strung up. It’s part of a whole other canon in which these fairies are worked over by these plant creatures so for additional context you’re going to have to ask Argentus on this one.

Update: Okay so actually Argentus’ pic was supposed to be from the Spring Fling winners but there had been a considerable delay in us figuring out what was going to be done with it so it got lumped in with the Summer Lovin posts by mistake. EventSpawn was actually the one to have won the other Summer Lovin’ spot and wanted a simple Bikini pic of a Knocker emerging from the water all Bond-girl style. Sorry about the confusion on that one, I’ll leave the pics here posted together though.

New Raffle Event for site members and twitter is live for the Month of March. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below!

So this is actually an older picture from earlier this year when I did a full feature on the Virility Charm in the members section, but I still like it. This individual picture and the character weren’t discussed all that much however. Zinnastina is a Sun Elf, and a Knight of the order of the Starlight Shield. The Starlight Shield is an order of elvish warriors who employ both magic and sword against the incursions from the lands beneath, battling drow and other unsavory creatures that regularly emerge from wounds in the earth near their home.

Zinnastina has learned a great deal of magic in her time, being a skilled sword mage. But one of her favorite spells is one that works with another kind of sword altogether…