Today’s update is a little larger than usual as a way to kick off the year. Rather than picking just one world I decided to go with all three, with Myanna leading the way. As one of the few characters I have who has a version in each of the worlds I’ve created, I thought it only fitting that she get to show off a little in each one.

Myanna, the Cuirizu of the Verdant Lust, Myanna the Caipora of Miami, and Myanna the Cytherean of the Planet Venus.

Included in the members section is the individual images for each world as well as wallpapers included in the extras section for you to show off which version of Myanna is your favorite!

Earlier this year I got things started for Celestial Tides with the Zero Gravity pic and soon after kept it going by bringing Myanna over to the world as well. In the world of Celestial Tides Myanna exists as a Cytherean, an offshoot of humans that were altered many years ago to survive on Venus and have continued to develop divergent evolutionary traits after. Cytherean’s breathe in the CO2 of the atmosphere and can catalyze it in their bodies in to O2. They were thought lost long ago to the ravages of the planet but when a new wave of Venusian settlers began to arrive sightings of the mysterious and highly sexual Cythereans began to surface.

I’m incredibly happy with how this pic turned out actually. I’ve been trying some new things from lining to shading to lighting effects and they all came together very well in this pic, and on one of my favorite characters to boot. As always comments and questions are welcome and enjoy!