I’ll be out of town at the end of this week which is the majority of when my work gets put in most weeks. I’ll be out camping on my birthday and the days around it while hanging out with some family from out of town. So because of this activity from me will be a little light. I have a half update here in the form of a commission that was done for MoonPixelation, posted here with his permission. He wanted his OCs Piper and Selene having an intimate moment at home with Selene interrupting some reading by Piper. I liked the composition of this one a lot and while working on it I realized I don’t have a done of pics I’ve done with women going down on each other, so this was a nice change of pace. Enjoy and I’ll see you all in a bit!

“El Rojo” and “Call Me ET” both went in for a Diablo 3 themed commission of some characters they play. They wanted something a little lacy and enticing so I put together something for them I thought they’d like. Hope you guys like it too!

Argentus commissioned this pic of his and a friends faerie OC, Leonna and Bellanora, getting into some shenanigans with some unique plantlife. It took a while to complete with all the extra detail and stuff going on but I think in the end it was worth the time spent, and Argentus seems to be very happy with it as well! Hope you enjoy as well!

Commission for Petsinwinter of his Tiefling Sniper character, Ashley, who he plays in a modern style D&D game. While the nude version is always nice I feel like the clothed version went a long way in really cementing the modern setting for her, even more so than the sniper rifle.

Alright everybody, I’m back from my vacation and getting right to work. I have a few things that were put on hold specifically until I got back so we’re going to see some more stuff popping up for the month of August here…more than July had I believe. Among my own projects and ideas I have a few commissions I need to knock out, some that are overdue and some that I’d like to finish before they become overdue. First one up was Mey Mey in the Gym, which you can find below. More stuff to follow very soon including more Primers to the members section, Hydro Brawl collab with Flux and Hizzacked, other commissions, and a bit more fanart because my mouth says no but my body says yes.

So due to a little lapse in memory we have sort of a double update over on the member side right now. Initially I had uploaded a picture I had done for Patreon last month to the Fan Art section which featured Kerrigan and Nova, but after placing it in the gallery completely neglected to mention having done it to anyone. So it’s been sitting there unnoticed for a while now. Then today when I finished a commission for a client and went to post it up there that was when I noticed it.

So rather than delay the current piece I decided to do a double post, one for each, on the member side. As mentioned before the first one features Human Kerrigan and Nova making use of some Zerg themed toys and the second is a commission of DroganKing’s character Kiesha engaging in some lewd acts in public with a sizeable Futa Horsecock!

So enjoy everybody, and I’ll try my best not to let this happen to you guys again in the future!