Taeko awoke to her Light magic at a very early age, though the majority of her experience came from after she was orphaned during the 11 year faction war of Zelmesca. Living on her own, Taeko utilized her magic in new ways to ensure her survival and how to protect those closest to her. Aside from the tradition use of light to dispel darkness Taeko is also capable of using sophisticated holographic trickery and dazzling light shows. When pressed, she’s even capable of focusing her light down to singular beams capable of inflicting grievous wounds on others.

But at the end of the day, she typically uses it for mischief making and getting into trouble.

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Today’s update is a little larger than usual as a way to kick off the year. Rather than picking just one world I decided to go with all three, with Myanna leading the way. As one of the few characters I have who has a version in each of the worlds I’ve created, I thought it only fitting that she get to show off a little in each one.

Myanna, the Cuirizu of the Verdant Lust, Myanna the Caipora of Miami, and Myanna the Cytherean of the Planet Venus.

Included in the members section is the individual images for each world as well as wallpapers included in the extras section for you to show off which version of Myanna is your favorite!

I don’t usually do holiday specific pics, especially Halloween, it’s just never really been my thing. But this year I had this random inclination to do something random for Halloween so here you guys go, a little extra bonus for everyone while I work on all the stuff I got going on in the background! So here’s a rare pic of Myanna in her “Unbound” form for Halloween, with special spooky Black and White variant to go with it.

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Second update to the primers ahead of the Story image sequence coming up is now live in the members section. From here on we’re going to be diving right into the meat and potatoes of it with anyone in the Discord server getting to throw in their two cents.

In addition to this though, I’m currently working on some content for pathfinder that I’m bouncing off of people in the channel dedicated to that sort of thing on my discord as well. So if you’d like a little supplementary material from the Codex Alkotas world to add to your own or even to play within the world itself or just use a system or two, the discord will be the place to be until that stuff gets solidified and posted up elsewhere. Hope to see you there!

New update to the Primers today in the members section ahead of the new set of story images on the way. Because neither of the characters in the story images have primers of their own, they’ll be given Primers before the story kicks off so everyone has a foundation from which to start on each character with some of their background. As usual Variants are included with a little information for each of the varients as well.

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A friend of mine that I haven’t spoken to in a while recently popped up after a long time and after a short conversation she mentioned wanting to get back into doing her art thing and seeing what she could do with it. I thought this was a pretty cool idea but when she mentioned wanting to use a few of my characters to get warmed up again and get the ball rolling I was even more stoked than before.

So with Betsy and Azade just having wrapped up their own story just a week or so ago I thought maybe something related might be cool, so here Myanna is getting her chance at filling Betsy up…complete with X-Ray shot for you guys!

If you guys dig her work leave a comment below to show some love, you can also check out her galleries on Hentai Foundry and FurAffinity to browse through more work and even put in for a commission if you’d like. And of course if you’re in the mood for doing any FanArt of my characters as well, you’re more than welcome to do so! I’ll of course pimp it out for you and if I end up getting enough of these things I’ll even put together a special gallery of guest art here on the site. So go nuts!

New update to the primers today while I work on the large picture some of you have seen previewed in the Discord Channel. Kaelan Tenpouin is the youngest princess of the Royal Family of Tenebre Dontae and comes with 5 variants that all expand on her lore a little bit beyond the primer itself. Remember that in the primer section when you open the base primer, there is a link to those variants as well as a description for each one that appears below the image. Head on through to the members section for all the details and art regarding this character!

Over the last few weeks I’ve opened up various voting polls to everyone on the Discord server. One of the more requested characters from members was Betsy and so I dove into making something new for her in full color. It quickly went from being a single voted image to a sequence of story images featuring both Betsy and Azade. While they are OCs and not bound to pull the same kind of attention that fanwork does, I really enjoyed doing this not just because they’re my characters but because of the back and forth we sort of had with supporters and fans alike on the server.

The story follows Betsy in Myanna’s Garden receiving an unexpected visit and proposition from the Garden’s second in command, Azade. With Myanna temporarily out of commission Azade finds herself being slowly overwhelmed by a sudden influx of lustful desires being fed into her body through the magical link of the Vitality Harness.

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The Virility Charm was an idea I had years ago when I first started making heavier use of Futa outside of the Cuirizu. Originally any and all Futa material I had done for Alkotas had been basically restricted to the cuirizu, but I wanted to start making it something others could do through magic. As a general rule I thought of the Virility Charm as like a magical strap on with potency and wanted the spell to sort of show that rather than just produce a dick, so the markings were a way of showing that. The markings themselves have been added to other “Lust” based designs such as spirits and Rhea’s Arch Ravisher form, indicating that the spell is more native to “Lust” than “Fertility” despite the spells origins in Winder’Lae as a Fertility based spell.
Other minor versions of the spell exist as well among other races and cultures of Alkotas, with the most notable being the Umbral version of the spell that the Vishanti cast. Rather than weaving a spell effect, Vishanti just channel a portion of a spirits power…usually a lust spirit. The result is basically the same with the difference being that the Umbral version does not have the glowing marks but does produce glowing eyes of the color the markings would otherwise have been.


The Virility Charm Story


Virility Charm for Pathfinder

School transmutation (polymorph); Level alchemist 2, bard 2, cleric/oracle 2, druid 2, magus 2, shaman 2, sorcerer/wizard 2,  witch 2
Domain lust 1


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components  S


Range touch
Target female creature touched
Duration 10 min./level (D)
Saving Throw Will partial (see below); Spell Resistance yes

This spell bestows partial male genitalia upon a willing female target. While the spell only creates a penis and no testicles, orgasm does produce virile sperm that can cause pregnancy in other females. Glowing marks of a random color spread across the lower abdomen of the target while the spell is active, producing light equivalent to a candle. This color is always the same for a specific target regardless of who originally cast the spell, someone who receives blue markings on a first casting from one caster will receive the same blue markings from every other subsequent casting of the spell. When the spell first takes effect the target must make a save. On a failed save the target becomes overwhelmed with a need to procreate and attempts to engage in sexual activity for the whole duration of the spell with the nearest person available. If the target of these affections would be unwilling the target of the spell receives another saving throw with a +4 bonus. If the target of the spell was the caster they must also make the save but do so with a +4 bonus. The two bonuses may stack.