Today’s update is a little larger than usual as a way to kick off the year. Rather than picking just one world I decided to go with all three, with Myanna leading the way. As one of the few characters I have who has a version in each of the worlds I’ve created, I thought it only fitting that she get to show off a little in each one.

Myanna, the Cuirizu of the Verdant Lust, Myanna the Caipora of Miami, and Myanna the Cytherean of the Planet Venus.

Included in the members section is the individual images for each world as well as wallpapers included in the extras section for you to show off which version of Myanna is your favorite!

On my site I have three major worlds that I deal with when it comes to my original work. The members section has the various worlds as the primary division between the sections of the site: Codex Alkotas, Celestial Tides, and Night Wave.

Night Wave is sort of a “retro fantasy”, in that it uses modern fantasy elements but places everything in the 1980’s. Not only do the characters inhabit that space in time but the art style is also something I like to imitate as well. So far most of what I’ve produced for Night Wave as been Lore, sort of building it up a little bit in the background while I attend to other things and the only characters that inhabit it have been characters from Codex Alkotas. The  worlds will share different characters in their different forms but each world will have certain characters that were only secondary in another one, functioning as a primary.

In addition to these switches and tweaks, the overall “rules” for the background of the world change as well. Within Night Wave the various supernatural creatures have kept low profiles for quite some time but have come into a period where the various quirks and eccentricities they have are easily explained by the style and flare of the period. They can live more openly and make power plays against each other in much more overt ways. Entities that at one point were content to wait out the years and make slow moves over decades can be more bold and get the same kind of instant gratification that characterized the 80’s so much.

So because Night Wave takes place in a version of our world, I’ve gone and started to outline the major areas where Night Wave stories and their attached smut could take place. Each of the cities on the map has some sort of role they can play in a period story of this kind and provides it’s own sort of local flavor that can help color each of those stories a little bit differently from one another. Some could even go so far as dealing with the ideas of a person transplanting from one such city to another and having that bit of culture shock: New York to Los Angeles or vice versa seemed to be a theme in the 80’s.

I’ve placed Myanna in Miami, along with many of the Caipora who came over to the country during some of the large migrations to the region. Riva, her nemesis of sorts, was exiled to New York many years ago where another character of mine by the name of Elaina also lives. But these are all characters who’s primary stories have been explored in Codex Alkotas and simply receive tweaks or refreshers in Night Wave, so I’ve placed the first main character for Night Wave specifically in the city of Boston.

Meghan is a Changeling (Half Fae) that lives in Boston who was put in the Danvers Asylum back in the 50’s where she spent a couple decades in a near catatonic state. Talked about for years by the staff in the asylum as the girl who never seemed to age, Meghan would suddenly come to her senses in 1982. Meghan would soon find out that her awakening had coincided with the arrival of a Fallen in Boston and that she had been bestowed with the mantle of the Strix. As the Strix, Meghan has the unique ability to defend against entities like the Fallen and the Divines in a way most Hidden could never dream of.

Meghan is one of the main characters I have cooked up for Night Wave and will likely receive the first character primer for that world. As a Changeling she’ll have a few different forms to draw up for that primer but the one we see here is her “true” form. Most Hidden have some sort of glamour, illusion, or other camouflage that they collectively refer to as a Mask. A Mask makes any Hidden not only appear human but in some extreme cases, will make the individual the appropriate size the move among humans.

After a couple of decades of being “gone” from her mind while in the Asylum and Locked in her Mask for the duration, one of the first things Meghan ends up wanting to do is shed it and walk freely once again.

I chose Boston for her because it’s an area I know fairly well not only because I lived there for a few years, but also because I’ve studied the history of the location off an on. The 80’s was a rough time for the city, making it a good setting for characters who can move between flashy excess and dark and gritty all in the same day. And the melting pot of cultures that exists almost generationally in the city makes it a great location for the personal conflicts of supernatural creatures that came over to the country with their mortal counterparts.

But here’s the thing with this, it would be difficult to put all of this together in a bubble. I would love to get feedback from you guys not only for the art (and smut!) contained within the work but also the areas themselves. Unlike the things made up purely from fiction that I have elsewhere, these places are real in some part and there are many of you out there who live in or near these regions. What are they like for you? What aspects of a regions character do you think really help define it. Because it’s not just the people who are the characters in this world but the cities themselves. If you live in any of these cities or know a great deal about them, I’d love to hear from you! If you’re something of a history buff and know interesting facts about Seattle, Vegas, or wherever, let me know! Drop them in the comments below or feel free to contact me on my discord. The more I know about the various places the more I can tailor this setting to resonate with people. In a way these suggestions can help you leave a mark on it as well.

Below Ive also included a wallpaper version of Meghan for you guys. If you like Night Wave and you like what I do, consider offering your support to myself and the rest of the Kupaa team by subscribing. Every bit of support helps us put out the content you guys love and helps us to enable others to do the same!