New Raffle for Autumn! With Bowsette taking over the way she is was there any doubt that her reach would extend this far? Winners of this raffle will get one commission worth $100 dollars and can have that go toward putting a crown on ANY character and peachifying her, including OCs! Alternatively you can just get a pic with Bowsette herself or any other other fantastic crowned characters we’ve been seeing fly around social media.

Want Bowsette putting it to Peach? Sure. Want to see a Bulette on her back? Ok. Want your OC to experiment with the crown? Do it. They’re all possible for winners of this raffle.

To enter you only need reblog (for tumblr) or retweet (for twitter) the post with this image. All site members are automatically entered in their own separate drawing. You May enter BOTH if you wish but you cannot win both. Winners will be drawn at the end of October 4th.

Well it looks as though the internet took a joke and completely ran with it. And I’m loving every god damn minute of it too. Something about how this all played out was perfect to me, and the idea of a dark, bitchy, slutty version of Peach has always been pretty appealing to me. This just sort of put it into some weird transformation territory that I think we can all agree is just the best. Three versions for you guys here today!