I picked up Dragon Ball Fighterz this past week and so far I’m really liking the game. It’s definitely got an old school feel to it I haven’t felt in a game since probably Marvel vs Capcom 2 and it’s refreshing. Some of the story bits are silly, some are great, and some are cheesy, but overall I think it’s a fun run through of the Dragon Ball Canon without simply going through the story verbatim the way every other game in the franchise seems to be doing up to this point. Even Xenoverse, which I’ve enjoyed greatly, does that to an extent.

But the highlight of it all is Android 21 of course and her overwhelming hunger can easily translate to other…. base urges.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that when Android 21 was announced for Dragon Ball fighter Z that I was going to have to do a pic of her. But with other stuff that I was doing I couldn’t jump on it as quickly as I wanted. But luckily, being behind on things sometimes has it’s advantages. Originally I had intended on just doing a slutty pinup or futa pic, but I noticed a lot of people doing this instead of pairing her off with anyone. So as my civic duty to the smut community I stepped up and paired her with Android 18. Instead of going the usual futa route I do with these things though I wanted something a little “closer” and more “intense”, so I went with some tribbing.

So head on through to the members section, subscribe, and help support what I do to see the two of them getting to know each other a little better.