Jiang Taeko was orphaned in the early years of the war when her father and brother went off to battle and never returned. Without any support she had to take to living on the streets of Zelmesca Falls, living in tree houses in the woods just outside of town. A conflict between her and Gwen was cut short when marauding vampires of the area attacked the whole group and sold them off to the first person they could to fund their rebellion against the vampire Queen.

Myanna was the buyer. In need of workers and minds that were still able to be molded in to following the ways of Olcaru, Myanna chose younger individuals, those just reaching adulthood and going through the changes she saw were all too common in that human age set to lead them down a specific path.

Taeko was the most resistant of the bunch, having been a leader among youth and managing to keep them all in line made her unusually strong willed. She possessed an innate magical talent for strange light magic as well, able to hurl balls of concussive light and conjure hypnotic patterns without much effort. Light magic as it turned out, was not effective on a Plant Demon.

Though Taeko took a great deal of time to break, she would eventually come to be Myanna’s second behind Gwen, and then again behind Azade. She is one of the few mortals to carry a Cuirizu infant fully to term and survive the experience completely unscathed, making her a valuable asset. She handles the various mundane activities of co ordinating those under Azade and Myanna’s charge, and works closely with Azade on all matters. While she is not directly responsible for any breeding, Azade will sometimes ask her for opinions on things before moving ahead with a decision. Taeko functions excellently in a support role, experiences little jealousy, approaches things with a laid back attitude, and is ready to serve whoever Myanna may designate as the first.

Taeko’s position within the Harem is in flux nowadays, having already given Myanna a child Myanna feels the success would be almost assured for a second. Azade however, wishes to stack the deck with her own picks and the order of the Verdant Lust with as many of her and Myanna’s children as possible. Azade genuinely likes Taeko, but will do whatever she can to prevent her from becoming the prime child giver to her mistress, and to this end has provided numerous distractions. One of which was gifting her with a potent virility charm so she may slake her lust on the others of the group, and later Azade herself would impregnate Taeko to ensure she was unavailable for breeding for a stretch of time.

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