Shesternya, the self styled Primogen of the Cuirizathi order of the Lambent Blossom, has entered vigorous talks with Riva of the Verdant Lust. While Riva is a full blooded cuirizu of the Verdant Lust she has harbored something of a secret for some time….she keeps every Cuirizathi she births herself deep in the bowels of her lair. She raises them as her own, though not out of a sense of charity or love… but out of vanity. Those who reach maturity are fully aware of what would happen to them with other cuirizu, and have come to regard Riva as a savior.

But word among the Cuirizathi has spread, and though it moved slowly it eventually reached Shesternya who herself has been gathering the Plant Demon Abominations together to form an order of freaks and outcasts. She herself used to be full blooded, until the techno organic virus that wiped out the ancient Goug seized her body and changed it in unwholesome ways. Betrayed by her sisters in the order of the Deep Undergrowth, Shesternya gathers more to her side….rescuing and aiding them and in turn becoming revered much the way Riva is…though on a much grander scale.

Shesternya wishes to forge a compact with Riva, bringing her in to the fold as an agent of the Blossom on the inside of the Verdant Lust. Once there was a time when Riva would never have even considered it, but her distaste for her own order and Primogen have grown over the years….and her sanity has begun to slip. Now Riva views the order as a means to expand the worship Cuirizathi pay her…. a beautiful and powerful Cuirizu ruling over masses of twisted Cuirizathi who owe their very existence to her. And nothing quite strokes her ego like their leader coming to her and pounding her mercilessly with her impressive cock. And Shesternya is more than happy to cater to Riva’s vanity if it means possibly spawning a surge in her ranks…

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