Ruby lived in Zelmesca during the 11 year faction war, and though she was a creature with magic in her blood, she was little more than a battered and broken slave. Ruby wasn’t born a slave, nor was she born with the name of Ruby, but became both at a young age when the Order of the Crimson Light took her. The magic in her Oread physiology gifted her with a unique connection to the land and stone, making her useful in repairs to battle sites and ruins within Crimson territory. More importantly though was her body’s unusual ability to produce rough gem stones, something that’s uncommon even in Oreads. As the gemstones grew out to useful size, they would be broken off from her body, always with a great deal of pain, to be used as magical components in rituals or to finance other endeavors.

The man who held the command rod to her slave collar was slain in one of the raids of the Abyssals, and Ruby was found mute and malnourished after a fierce battle by Myanna herself. Myanna claimed the Oread as her own, making her own of the few individuals to prompt such a response from Myanna during her time with Olcaru.

Ruby is quiet, thoughtful, and more powerful than she seems. Within Myanna’s harem she functions in the role of a female or male as needed, and seems to have no difficulty in fulfilling whatever role is assigned to her by either Azade or Myanna. Though she has a great deal of power available to her, she admits her time as a slave and the length of her servitude was been so long that she would scarcely know where to start should she be cast out in to the free world. The servitude she’s in to Myanna is leagues better than the treatment that she got under her former master. She has little incentive to consider anything else with how rewarding she finds her new mistress to be.

Despite her loyalty to both Myanna and whoever is her first, Ruby herself has never been considered as a first or even a second. She is mostly a reactive personality and seldom takes much initiative on her own. If left to her own devices she has a tendency to fall deep in to thought or pass hours or days simply sculpting stone or earth in stony silence.

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