In my setting, Superguest’s Roza has a special position without the canon, as does the vampire she created Ell. Both are Nasgorans, an ancient bloodline of fleshcrafters that’s been almost entirely wiped out. Ell owes her current existence to Roza in more than one way. Obviously she embraced her in to vampirism, but she’s also the one that brokered the secret deal with the Queen of the vampires to allow them to exist. Most Nasgorans are killed on sight by the ruling body of vampires, but in exchange for the secret to flesh crafting, the Queen has given special privileges and dispensation to Roza and her Childe/Lover.

Roza is originally from Al-Tahim, a matriarchal desert realm to the east of Zelmesca. Almost the entire population of the realm worships a goddess of blood, and guards rare naturally occurring hard mana formations as a natural resource. While vampirism is not common, it wasn’t a leap for Roza who took the curse on fairly early on in her life. She’s since augmented herself in a way that suits not only her own personal tastes, but the various twisted cultural traits of the realm as its become more and more exposed to the radiation of the mana crystals they cultivate and use in so much of their lives.

Roza has moved away from the heart of Al-Tahim, but keeps a close eye on her holdings there and the affairs of the realm, all while enjoying a special position of secrecy and security in the shadows, courtesy of the Vampire Queen.

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