“Royce is a Vishanti Witch that works in the underground organization of the Dark Kingdom. She came to the Dark Kingdom at a very young age when her innate Vishanti Gift was deemed off limits and heretical. She’s able to fuse spirits with her flesh, giving them a presence in the physical world and imbuing herself with their powers. Because such a gift represented too many dangerous concepts to the church of Sophitia, she was condemned as Anathema. This was when she plunged headlong in to her Witchcraft, plundering old Vishanti secrets from tomes and ruins and “secure” vaults of Priestesses.

With her talents she rose quickly in the ranks of the Dark Kingdom to ritual leader and has also benefited from the multitude of fringe benefits that comes with such a high rank in the shadow society. Royce is something of a fun loving mischief maker when not attending to business, and finds anyway she can to make business fun and enjoy what she does.

Among the various spirits with which she has experience fusing with is Lust spirits, which when she has an inclination for women…imbues her with the means to indulge in them, often well beyond their points of exhaustion. She is capable of fusion with a vast array of spirits of varying levels of power, though Lust is one of her favorites and one of the types most often used in rituals and Dark Kingdom social functions. ”

Colored version of a sketch I did a long while back and have been dying to see finished. The magic circle on the floor was originally created by Xyee over on DA, he’s got a few other cool designs worth checking out on his page as well.

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