Myanna of the Verdant Lust has taken many people into the comfort of her Garden. Some of them she’s sought out while others have found their way to her. Some serve her in exchange for protection and some serve for other agendas. The reasons for each of these mortals coming under Myanna’s roof are varied…Verdant Memories tells those stories.

Verdant Memories #0 is the trial run for this series to see how paneling can be handled, a economic visual style, and gauging how much time gets invested in to each page. It tells the story of Betsy, a regular Baker in a town in the realm of Zelmesca who is displaced from her home during a Dragon Attack. While fleeing into the forest and trying to find her way to the next down she is captured and brought to market to be sold. After she makes another daring escape Betsy will meet Myanna who she finds out is a demon but possibly the best protection she has against the worsened state of her home realm. It doesn’t hurt that she also makes for pleasurable companionship as well.