Character Creation

Choose World

Before anything else, you must choose a world to place your character in: Codex Alkotas, Night Wave, or Celestial Tides. This choice influences what character options you will have available to you as well as which World Events your character will be participating in.

Choose Race and Class

Next a Race and Class must be Chosen, each comes with starting abilities and perks that set the baseline for a character before points for Attributes and Skills are distributed. Each world has its own selection of Races and Classes to choose from.


Next a character has 6 Attributes to distribute points between: Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Charisma, Resolve, and Intellect. Explanations for these Attributes can be found in the Stats document. Each of these Attributes starts at 1 and you are provided with 10 points to allocate as you desire. No character can start with an Attribute higher than 5.


Your Vitals are derived from several factors, record where they stand now to give yourself a picture of where your character currently stands but remember that certain perks and equipment chosen later may cause these vitals to be adjusted.


Unlike Attributes, Skills start at 0 instead of 1 if not granted a +1 by either your Class or your Race. There are 24 skills in total, with some changing depending on the world you have chosen for the character. You have 20 points to distribute between these skills and flesh out your characters strengths and weaknesses. No skill can have more than 5 ranks at character creation. A 0 in a skill does not mean you are unable to make checks with the skill, just that you will be using only the Attribute associated with the check alone and not adding ranks from a skill.


Your traits are broken into 4 categories: Perks, Abilities, Drawbacks, and Backgrounds.

Perks: You have 5 perk points to distribute as you see fit, in addition to whatever you gained from your Race and Class. You may wish to spread these points out or rank up something you already have.

Abilities: You have 3 ability points to distribute. You may wish to rank up abilities you were granted from your race or class or choose to buy a rank in another ability entirely. If you wish to do the latter, you may not rank any ability not granted from race or class above 1 at character creation, though you may do so later. Abilities given by your race and class may not be ranked above 3 at character creation.

Drawbacks: Some Drawbacks are gained through Race or Class, but you may wish to choose Drawbacks for your character to reflect areas that they suffer in. Choosing a drawback awards you Drawback points (Max 10), which may be used to purchase ranks in other aspects of your character at the following exchange rate:

5 Drawback points = 1 Attribute or Ability Point

2 Drawback points = 1 Skill point

1 Drawback point = 1 Perk or Background Point

Backgrounds: Because Backgrounds usually reflect aspects of your character that were formed before play, most backgrounds must be chosen at character creation. If a Background has multiple ranks, it may be ranked as normal so long as you have at least 1 rank in it from character creation. Some Backgrounds can be purchased after character creation but not many, others can become available from world events. You have 5 points to distribute among Backgrounds as you see fit.


What Equipment you can have is usually dictated by your Backgrounds at character creation, and some will have a specific rank of a Background you must have before you can have the item. If you have the appropriate Background and Rank, you may add that item to your inventory. Each item has Inventory points assigned to it that represent the weight or space those items take up on your person. The items in your inventory cannot exceed your inventory points.

Double Check

At this point, some of your various stats may have changed, you should double check these values to ensure they are correct.