Obsidian Morrigan, Queen of the Vampires, has been a character of mine since high school. I’ve had her in numerous iterations and she’s not always been the Queen in each one. But in Alkotas, Morrigan stands atop the ranks of all vampires and any who do not submit to her rule of law are destroyed. Opposing her are the anarchic Apostates who desire nothing more than to rule freely over the mortals of the world without restriction, they are predators after all. Morrigan adheres to the laws laid down by the first Vampire, a more restrained way of interacting with the mortal races of the world, a change of policy from the previous ruler of the Vampires who was her sire and who she slayed with her own bare hands in open court.

Though Morrigan is considered highly conservative by vampire standards she has a great deal of decadent indulgences that she satisfies in her own time, weighted heavily towards Wine and Women. Morrigan has grafted numerous alterations to her body, noticeably the spikes and plating with an array of eyes embedded within. There is no direction Morrigan can be approached from that she cannot see. Morrigan has been known to use the dead art of flesh crafting not just to alter her body in interesting and erotic ways but to appear as other people entirely from time to time, to walk among others unnoticed.

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