A long time ago I usually put Myanna in some sort of Leather getup, but as things got along I started putting her in more leaves and eventually her unbound form. Rather than just make this a retcon I built it into the character so that you can kind of tell when a particular pic takes place in her personal timeline now. The leather was generally what she wore during her time with the Abyssals and thus is how she will appear in Mistress of Fellgrove.

Nude and futa variant included under the large version for you guys.

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  1. argenten
    argenten says:

    I *love* it, not only did you revamp the original piece into something even better (and love her current bust size) than it was before but you didn’t just discard this aspect of her because of convenience, but found a way to reconnect it to part of her original story to bring them both closer together. Great work!


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