Azade Dashiell is a fixture within the stories revolving around Myanna, as her first she administrates the Garden in all things to ensure that it moves smoothly. Though there was a bit of a learning curve when she was initially brought in Azade adapted fairly quickly and is now looked to by all members of the Garden for a great many things.

Azade has a complicated relationship with the Garden’s second, Taeko. While she greatly appreciates everything Taeko brings to the Garden and enjoys her company personally, both sexually or not, Azade also views Taeko as her rival and perhaps the only competition to Myanna’s attention. There’s no disputing the achievement of having survived a Cuirizu pregnancy, but Azade has no desire to see a Zelmescan commoner overshadow her by being possibly recognized as a Prima Vesilla. That isn’t to say that she doesn’t like Taeko, even have a deep fondness for her at times. But there is an order to things that Azade will see maintained.

Another person she has a complicated relationship with is the previous First in the Garden, Gwendolyn. When Azade initially ousted Gwen the two’s business seemed more or less concluded. But when the Briar Harvest launched a surprise attack on the Garden while Azade was off the grounds, it was surprisingly Gwen who came to her aid just in time to ensure that she too was not captured as spoils of war. The two set out to recover not only the members of the Garden but also Myanna herself who had been taken prisoner, putting them in close proximity to each other for prolonged periods. Azade came to understand more of Gwen’s nature, her thinking, and how she functions and her hatred for her softened considerably. The two have since begun to grow a little closer.

With others of the Garden she is perhaps closest to Betsy who, by her nature, is giving to the point of subservience directly in line with how Azade wishes things to be. Though Azade once considered Betsy to be intellectually lacking and even a bit “simple” she’s come to know her as emotionally much deeper and wise in the things that she has experience with. She also considers her to be perhaps the most trustworthy in the Garden outside of Taeko. When not functioning in an official capacity or when not catering to Myanna’s desires Azade prefers to spend her private time with one of three enforcers in the Garden: Hazel, Jade, or Blair…each one of which can rough approximate the strength and stamina Azade has become accustomed to with Myanna. The three are viewed sometimes by the others as Azade’s favorites though the truth of it is that there isn’t much she would trust the three with in the way she would either Taeko or Betsy.

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  1. argenten
    argenten says:

    Easily one of my favorite pieces in awhile, which is a compliment on how great this looks and not saying your other stuff has been less than awesome. But you clearly did a lot of detail work and put a lot of passion into the portrait itself, from the fine details on Azade’s ‘adornments’ to the level of lore on her background which fleshes out a *lot* of the hints we’ve seen in the past. Great work and can’t wait for more.


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