Ivy L’Heureux isn’t the one who invented the Virility Charm, but she was the one who rediscovered it’s arcane implementation hidden away in the Royal Library of Winder’Lae. Though it took her a moment to get used to the effects it can have on the person who wears it, she’s managed to become a master of the spell and by extension sort of tied to its resurgence in the area around Winder’Lae.

Because Ivy is a Type 3 Mark II construct, or Doll, all her magic is inextricably skewed towards whatever type of magic sits at her core…which in this case is ice. When she uses the spell the markings and other color shifts take an icy blue color shift. She’s also personally theorized that the nature of her magic has given her an edge in mastering the sometimes fiery rampant lust that can come with using the Virility Charm.

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  1. FUTTY 1
    FUTTY 1 says:

    It looks awesome dude, the lighting is especially nice how it goes from a more neutral tone to an icy blue really adds to the atmosphere.


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