It’s been a while since I did a new character Primer. For this one I thought it would be good to take an older character from Myanna’s story and freshen her up. Gwen was Myanna’s “First” before Azade took over and she has a unique character arc and story of her own aside from her time spent with Myanna.


Glass: While most elementalists who mix fire and earth do so to wield the para-element of metal, Gwendolyn took a different approach with it at a very young age to create and manipulate sand. By the time she came of age Gwen was already capable of transmuting her whole body into living glass, manipulating her shape and form to suit her needs. While Gwen’s emotions are in check her form is that of a perfectly crafted supernaturally flexible and dense glass statue, but when she loses her temper or her passion runs amok the form becomes that of molten obsidian.

Wyrd: Gwen’s body is the result of crossbreeding between a human and a Veela, which results in a mostly human form with alabaster skin and some feathered areas along her arms. As Gwen’s power grew however, she learned a technique that allowed herself to temporarily suppress her human physiology and call upon the underlying will of the Faen known as the Wyrd to purify her fae nature, causing her physical form to become more Veela. In this form Gwen’s magic becomes immensely amplified along lesser augmentations to her stamina and speed. This change is typically short lived and comes at the cost of becoming more vulnerable to cold iron for the duration and immense exhaustion when she returns to her normal state.

Vitality Harness: Gwen was one of the first in Myanna’s Garden to be given the Vitality Harness, not because Myanna wished to protect her but because Gwen’s stubborn streak made it difficult to break her. Gwen’s harness has more coverage than some other members of the Garden to reflect this and comes with thorns to reflect her inner nature at the time. Despite the danger to others when they attempt to touch her the thorns never risk harming either Gwen or Myanna.

Unseelie: Gwen’s time with Myanna indulged the darker impulses that existed within her and in time a secondary personality emerged around these indulgences with it’s own distinct taste for carnal pleasures. Initially Myanna would embrace the Unseelie part of Gwen as it represented all of the things she wanted out of a dominating First, but as time went on and Gwen’s psyche continued to dump more “distasteful” traits she viewed as Unseelie into this personality it became more callous and disinterested in using the Garden for anything more than it’s playground. Though Gwen would eventually get this side of her under control her efforts would come too late and she was overthrown from her position by Azade.

Arcane Blade: Though Gwen makes use of magic she is also a gifted swordswoman with a rapier and has had professional lessons since she was able to hold a sword. Her fae grace amplifies her skill with such a weapon making her difficult for many combatants to contend with. In a battle Gwen will switch between making use of magic and her blade to keep her opponent from mounting a counter attack against her.

Casual: Gwen’s everyday attire is often what many in the mortal plane would consider formal. She has a taste for human styles over those of fae styles, dressing in what most within the faen would consider as conservative at best and prudish at worst. Gwen collects various dresses from realms all around the Broken sea to add to her wardrobe, accenting each one with jewelry she magicks herself with various protective spells and transmutations.

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