Paclavia didn’t have many days like this one. It was the capital of Tenebre Dontae, a nation which, as a whole, had a closer proximity to both the spirit world and the plane of shadow than most. So days with shining sun and brilliant cerulean skies were typically less common than in the surrounding realms. As such, most people who lived there would seize the chance for a little leisure time. Moments of indulgence were rare for the people of Tenebre Dontae, being mostly conservative and pious in all things. And while Victoria Brookfield was certainly one of those to use such a beautiful day to indulge like most, she was far from conservative or pious.

Victoria was the countess in charge of the city of Aphetto, the city closest to the border with Zelmesca and the Solacine Imperium to the north east. She was one of the Vishanti, a race of people not all that unlike humans that resided mostly within the borders of Tenebre Dontae. Most were pale with dark hair, typically black, with heights that ranged below the average of human standards and slender or petite builds. The most striking visual detail of any Vishanti was often their eyes, which were often vibrant and piercing and could stray into hues that human eye colors could not. Victoria was an exception to the Vishanti norm in several ways.

First Victoria was taller than most Vishanti woman, standing at a height considered to be above average even for human females. Instead of the usual black hair, hers was a rich chocolate brown and her eyes matched. But Victoria’s most striking departure from her people’s norms was how she was built. Not only was she tall but she had much more curve in her physique than was typical for a Vishanti. Her hips were wider and her bust swelled and strained at her custom tailored outfits, which in her vanity she often ensured showed off more cleavage than most Vishanti considered tasteful. Victoria had determined in her youth, when she’d first begun to blossom into a woman, that her ample breasts were something she could lord over other Vishanti women. All would certainly deny being envious of such crude physical attributes but Victoria knew better.

She never overplayed her hand when it came to these things however, she showed a little skin and cleavage but made sure never to go too far with it. She blended Zelmescan styles into her homelands native styles to keep it interesting and she played the part of a dutiful Vishanti very well. Though she couldn’t bring herself to be in the temple praying every week, she managed to play the part of a respectful non-practicing Sophitian well enough to keep the temple clergy from looking at her too closely. As the Countess of Aphetto she projected a very specific persona that she wanted people to see, one that was far too work obsessed to enjoy any romantic pursuits and who remained very private during the short periods she was not performing her official duties and conducting business for the betterment of the realm. And this facade being maintained was precisely why she wasn’t traveling in one of her own carriages.

Victoria didn’t want anyone to know that she was in Paclavia and her usual means of travel were too distinct to her sense of style and flare for her to have taken it and gone unnoticed. Instead she had, through several intermediaries, rented a carriage from a service in Aphetto with a driver who was unremarkable in every way save that his silence could be bought. And while her own carriage would have been capable of shifting through the ether of the physical world into that of the spirit world to shorten the journey, this one was not capable of such a feat and Victoria had been forced to make due with a longer trip to ensure discretion. Though Victoria could be very patient, she found herself shifting and even drumming her fingers on various surfaces as she waited. Because she could not afford to be seen even at a glance through one of the windows, she had kept the curtains drawn for a majority of the trip and had not even had the countryside to enjoy.

But as they approached their destination Victoria pushed one of the curtains aside to let in the sunlight, knowing that where she was going at the edge of Paclavia was not somewhere that many people would be to identify her. For the first time in years Victoria was visiting a temple, though not one of the Vishanti goddess Sophitia. Instead she would be visiting a temple of Kyridwen that had just recently been erected despite the protest of the High Priestess of Sophitia also located in the capital. The King had reached out to forge ties with other realms and in doing so had found an ally in the realm of Winder’Lae at a time when the realm had desperately needed one. As part of establishing longer lasting diplomatic relations the king had agreed to allow a temple of Winder’Lae’s main faith to be built in the capital where he could keep an eye on things. But the faith of Kyridwen and it’s values were quite different from those of Sophitia.

Sophitia was worshipped exclusively by the Vishanti and classified as a new god because of it. She was a goddess of temperance, restraint, healing, and protection, not to mention the one responsible for creating the Vishanti as a living race from the darkness of vampirism. Kyridwen though, was a goddess of companionship, love, sex, and various other indulgences. Everything that the Kyrs stood for ran counter to what the Sophitians valued and because Victoria had long ago decided that Sophitia had nothing to offer her she was interested to see what the Kyrs were like. And what’s more was that she had been invited by the Kadeshah of the temple herself at a function she had recently attended of the royal family’s.

Because Victoria maintained her official facade so carefully there were few that knew about Victoria’s true tastes. She was a lustful woman who frequently indulged in sexual encounters with men and women she had total authority over, with her preference skewing toward women more than men by a large margin. She liked power in all its forms but sexual power for her was the most intoxicating and the most satisfying. She had few partners with who she would have repeat encounters with and even fewer who she would do so with on relatively equal footing. Even in situations where she was not outright taking advantage of someone, she would often times still find a means to dominate them in some way. Only recently had she perhaps found a woman she could see herself doing so with repeatedly in the bed chambers and still regard as one of her peers outside of it.

Victoria lingered only briefly on the thought of Kleio and the lewd memories the two of them had built together in the last few weeks before reluctantly pushing them aside. Today she would be meeting with Kadeshah at the new temple and seeing if perhaps there was a deal to be made with the Kyrs in allowing them to erect another temple, but this time in her own city of Aphetto. The Kadeshah, who’s name was Kendra, had seemingly seen through Victoria’s facade in part when they had spoken before. No doubt a priestess of such high rank to a Goddess of lust had a means of recognizing such things in others. Not only was Victoria here to investigate the faith and what it might have to offer but also the means in which she had been figured out by a stranger with such ease and how to counter it.

The road leading to the temple was not particularly well traveled, considering that most Vishanti would not want to be seen in broad daylight going to such a place. It was, afterall in many ways, a sacred brothel. The carriage bounced along the uneven dirt road as the the temple drew closer and Victoria took in the details of it’s stonework. She had expected something in the traditional Solacine style with the columns either surrounding the main place of worship or otherwise set into the side of it. And while there were columns present, they weren’t the textured and ornate style of the Imperium but were instead smooth carved marble with minimal detail. Much of the temple was made of similar pale smooth cut stone with rich dark wood offering a touch of warmth along the windows and doors. A few expertly carved statues of Kyridwen herself and other figures Victoria presumed were central to the faith were built into the pillars closest to the main entrance and at the food of the steps that led to it, but in an attempt to show respect to the locals all such sculptures had been depicted draped in form fitting sheets of one kind of another. Despite the gesture, Victoria knew for a fact that even this would have been considered too much for most of the conservative Vishanti and definitely an issue for the local priestesses.

The carriage came to a stop at the base of the stairs and Victoria heard the driver hop down from his seat in front of the carriage to take a look around as per his instructions. After a few minutes there was eventually a short series of knocks on her door to inform her that there was no one present to identify her as she made her way from the carriage to the front doors of the temple. She gave two knocks in reply and the driver opened the door for her and stepped aside for her. Victoria descended from the carriage and took only the briefest moment to look around before she made her way casually up the stairs before her. As she climbed them she noted that the temple didn’t stand quite as tall as the temples of Sophitia and paled in comparison to the opulence of the Grand Cathedral which could be seen even from here at the outskirts of the city.

But it didn’t have that way about it. Victoria wasn’t sure how to describe it but there was a distinct feeling she got whenever she was near a Sophitian temple. It felt like anathema to her, like simply being in it’s presence washed her in an aura of prudish self righteous condescension. She was fairly certain it had to do with the spirit world and a Vishanti’s innate sense of the weight of a thing on the other side, but if that was the character of a Sophitian temple she got none of that standing on the steps of the Kyrs place of worship, giving it a considerably positive first impression with her. Though this was likely due to the fact that the temple was new and as such had not yet accumulated any sense of spiritual resonance on the other side. Regardless of the reason, Victoria felt much more welcomed here with a foreign faith than she did the one native to her own people.

As she reached the top of the steps she made note of the relief carvings of some significant event to the Kyrs, though where many faiths may depict a struggle or battle of some kind where the faith prevailed the scenes depicted on and around the front doors were those of a more sensual nature that fell only just short of being outright pornographic. It seemed that the efforts the Kyrs would make to censor themselves for local sensibilities would only go so far. Victoria noted though, as she glanced back over her shoulder toward the carriage as it pulled away, that the carvings were impossible to make out from a distance so perhaps they had not thrown caution to the wind entirely. Victoria took the polished handle of the door and pulled it open, unleashing a brief rush of exotic scents from various perfumes, oils, and incenses from within.

Inside Victoria found herself standing in a dimly lit lobby with what little furniture there was located near the edges of the room. Each piece appeared to be ornately crafted and made with an eye toward comfort. On her right in an overstuffed lounger was a woman with chestnut hair draped in maroon sheer fabric sipping absently from a goblet, she gave Victoria a brief nod and uttered a welcome with an effortlessly sultry tone. Victoria noted that the way the woman was sitting gave her quick and easy access toward what was likely a weapon concealed amid a small mound of pillows on the lounger beside her.

“Lady Brookfield!” called a male voice gently from behind a podium situated in the far corner of the lobby. Victoria’s head inclined slightly, slightly affronted by the mention of her name when she had been promised discretion.

She approached the podium slowly, the young man’s angular features, large eyes, and slightly pointed ears were dead giveaways of his half elven nature. Though Victoria’s tastes were for women more often than not, pretty boys like this one were always satisfying to force to their knees in service of her desires. She quirked a brow at the thought, briefly forgetting the moment of impropriety.

“Apologies, my lady.” the young man offered humbly, “I did not mean to offend.”

“I was assured a certain degree of discretion considering my position.” Victoria responded cooly, “I cannot afford to have word of my presence here getting around.”

“Understood, My lady.” the young man said as he pushed a lock of blonde hair from his face, “All congregants are bound by sacred precepts regarding the identities of others within these walls. And while it’s always been something people have followed in the various temples of Kyridwen we’ve found that it is observed strictly by the congregants here in Paclavia.”

Victoria’s crimson lips pursed as she considered, her eyes moving over the young man’s body as she did. He was bare chested and wore a loose collection of fabric around his waist that draped down to cover the space between his legs. Like the woman in the lounger he had the signature silver bands around the wrists and calves that Kyr clergy had, along with the medallion they wore slung around their waist which was engraved with the faith’s holy symbol. The thing that changed between different members, it seemed, was the length of beaded braids in their hair and the number and color of fabric that hung from the medallions.

Victoria then glanced around the lobby noting that no one else was present so any perceived harm of using her name, even if things like sacred oaths and precepts could not be trusted, was minimal. Her dark eyes shifted back toward the young half elf waiting expectantly behind the podium, “Very well.” she conceded.

“Excellent.” he chirped and stepped out from behind the podium, “The Kadeshah has been eagerly awaiting your arrival. But she has instructed me to provide you with a tour if you are so inclined?”

Victoria gave the faintest of nods as she often did with those she regarded as ‘the help’, not once considering that it would perhaps be inappropriate to regard a cleric or priest of a faith in such a manner.

“Before we begin however, I must ask that you surrender any and all weaponry you might be carrying on your person.” the half elf pulled open a compartment in the wall nearest the podium, revealing a bin on a rotating carousel housed within. By pulling down on one of the bins one could rotate through the others that were part of the mechanism. Each bin was decoratively carved with wood on the outside but as the half elf opened one up, Victoria noted that the inside was lined with what she knew was limestone.

She couldn’t help but feel a bit a smirk curl the corner of her lips. Despite the assertion by many of those Vishanti opposed to this temple that the clergy were nothing more than flesh obsessed whores, the fact that they had so quickly figured out the banes to the Umbral magics and talents of the Vishanti spoke volumes to her. These were much more than sacred prostitutes.

“Of course.” she agreed and reached into her small coat to pull out what the half elf was expecting to be a dagger of some kind but which turned out to be a firearm. Such weapons were uncommon enough in their realm of origin in Zelmesca but were virtually unheard of outside of it unless wielded specifically by Zelmescans themselves. Victoria’s was a two barreled scatter weapon with the barrels sawed down to the length of a pistol.

She didn’t bother to hand the weapon to the young man nor did he bother to offer to take it. Again, Victoria was impressed as she set the weapon in the bin and he closed it up after her. The Kyrs had already discovered that the mystic weapons of the Vishanti could not be handled by anyone other than the one who owned them. And while it was encased in Limestone the bond between the Vishanti and their weapon that would allow them to instantly summon it into their grasp through the spirit world was interrupted. No Vishanti would be able to call their weapon and wield it within the walls of the temple so long as it was stored in one of these boxes.

The half elf closed the compartment door after rotating the carousel and led Victoria on through the doorway to the right of the main lobby. What followed was a brief but relatively comprehensive tour of the services the temple offered and the various facilities they had to accommodate them. Victoria found that in addition to the more obvious services of intercourse in it’s various permutations less overt services such as relaxing massages and even tea ceremonies were available, the latter of which came with a heavy dose of Winder’Laen culture for the rare cosmopolitan individuals among the Vishanti. With each stop they made the young men kept his explanations brief, but was sure to include rules which were attached to different rooms and services. Most of the rooms were private, but there were a few that allowed for passers by to watch (as part of the overall thrill) and some rooms that were specifically designed to handle groups of people all at once.

In one such case Victoria paused to peer from behind a curtain with the young man at a middle aged Vishanti man who had two of the priestesses tied up to one another. One was bent over as he worked his cock into her ass from behind while the other was lying face up with her legs spread on the back of the first, granting the man access to her drooling cunt which he lapped at hungrily like a dog, complete with lewd slurping noises. In Vishanti culture men occupied a social status similar to women found in other cultures as the subservient and ‘lesser’ sex, so it came as no surprise to Victoria that she’d be able to find such a display here. Indeed she imagined such power fantasies were common here for the frustrated men of the capitol who experienced daily instances of being put in their place by the strict traditionalism of the Sophitian clergy.

She felt the half elf’s hand on her arm and fought the urge to recoil from it, he was indicating that it was time to move on. She hadn’t realized how long she’d been standing there watching, mentally placing herself in the man’s role with the two women. Victoria stole a final look as the women both became a little louder as they began to approach their climaxes. If she hadn’t been ready to meet with the Kadeshah before, she was certainly ready now.

Victoria’s arousal was such than further touring began to grate at her patience, instances where she might have been invited to partake or watch were passed over in brusque fashion. Just as she felt her patience begin to fray to a point where she might actually begin rude they arrived at a set of double doors with intricate carvings with gold inlay.

“And here, at last, we have the Kadeshah’s personal apartments.” the half elf gushed and pushed the doors open for them. Inside there was a small hallway that split into two directions. On the left there were stairs that led up to what she assumed was the Kadeshah’s personal living quarters and to the right….

In the middle of a clean and warmly lit room atop a daybed of bright maroon lounged the deliciously tanned and full breasted Kadeshah herself, nude as the day she was born and radiant as a Solacine muse. Her long blonde hair cascaded down behind her and over the side of the daybed and her bright teal eyes fixed directly upon Victoria. She was a beauty as exotic as any in most realms but in Tenebre Dontae where Blonde hair and tanned skin was practically unheard of among the natives she was a downright anomaly.

Victoria had felt the Kadeshah had done very well to exude confidence and power while clothed in her faith’s vestments but there was something about her in this place and no clothing at all that she appeared positively in her element.

“I trust the tour wasn’t overly long?” Kendra glanced over at the young half elf and waved a hand gently as she brought her arms up over her head, accentuating the ample curve of her breasts in the process, “You may go Andrei, thank you for your assistance.”

Victoria glanced back over her shoulder as the young elf, who’s name she’d not bothered to learn until this instant, gave a gracious bow and saw himself out. She turned her attention back to Kendra, feeling the heat of her arousal beginning to burn like a wildfire through her skin now when previously it had simply been a distracting warmth.

“It was educational” she offered, “your man did not linger on minutiae.” Victoria took a step forward, her eyes moving hungrily over Kendra’s body.

“Good.” Kendra purred, “Now, I know you’ve come to speak on matters of business and to learn of what we do but I think now that we’re here now we can both agree this was something of a conceit? Coded language for what it was you truly wanted of me?”

Victoria’s head inclined a bit and she felt her highly priced clothing becoming superfluous very quickly, “Yes.” she admitted readily, “I’d say that’s an accurate statement. Though I do intend to make good on such discussion I have certain appetites I need to have satisfied first.”

Kendra watched Victoria now in much the same way Victoria had been doing with her, it wasn’t often that Victoria saw such naked female lust for her. Usually she broke women first or took advantage of repressed desires within them. Kendra’s eyes gleamed as she inclined her head briefly in a nod, “Show me.”

Though Victoria usually preferred to be the one who gave sexual directives she found the turnabout of it to be delightful. Victoria began to pull at the fingers of her gloves first, loosening them slightly before peeling them from her lithe hands and discarding them there on the floor. Next came her boots, which detracted slightly from her height but left her standing still taller than the average Vishanti woman. Her hands moved up under the fabric of her half skirt, unfastening the breeches with a single deft movement. She allowed them to fall to the floor around her ankles before kicking them to the side, immediately unclasping the skirts from the corset and tossing them to the opposite side as she began to approach the renclined woman slowly.

Kendra’s eyes had followed each and every movement of the countess with the rapt attention one had at the height of a dramatic play. But when she discarded her skirts to one side her eyes lit up ever so slightly at the sight of the black lace panties and stockings beneath. While it wasn’t terribly uncommon to find such fine quality Orpevan small clothes in other realms there were only a few women who deigned to wear them here in Tenebre Dontae. Within moments Victoria had discarded the small fabric of the lace panties revealing a clean supple cunt without so much as a shred of the kind of shyness she would often see from others. In fact, Victoria’s pride seemed to grow as she revealed more of her body to the Kadeshah.

Kendra had guessed on their first meeting that Victoria’s impressive physique was a point of pride for her, that she dressed and carried herself in such a way as to show that pride. When the corset finally came off and the massive supple flesh of Victoria’s spilled out into the light any doubt she might have had on the matter was forever banished. Victoria’s head was held high and her chest pushed forward, placing herself on display for Kendra. The Kadeshah’s eyes must have had something in them that Victoria approved of because her lips shifted into that of a slightly smug smirk before she removed the small coat that had remained.

Victoria approached Kendra now on the daybed, the heels of her expensive shoes clicking on the finely polished cherry wood before going silent on the decorative red rug beneath the bed itself. She placed her hands on her hips, shifting her weight from one side to another as she drank in the attention and adoration of the Kadeshah. Kendra sat up now and began to run her hands over Victoria’s pale silky skin, starting at her hips and moving up toward the warm mounds of her breasts to feel the weight of them. Only then did it briefly occur to Kendra that it had been some time since she had been with a woman with such endowments.

“You approve, Kadeshah?” Victoria inquired, her body moving unconsciously into the touch of the woman as she ran her hands over her.

“Mmm yes” she purred, “You’re rather unusually built for a Vishanti aren’t you?”

Kendra’s mouth now went to Victoria’s abdomen, planting a few small kisses there as one hand deftly maneuvered it’s way between her legs to run two fingers along the slick outer petals of her pussy.

Victoria’s eyes closed for a moment and she let out a long sigh of relief, as if finally something she had held clenched within her was allowed to be released. “You’ve no idea…”

Her left hand came up from her side, an iridescent pink mist of spirit essence moving between her elegant fingers as she did so. With a turn of her wrist she then pushed down and a little away from her in a way that looked as though her hand was meeting actual resistance instead of moving freely through the air. Kendra had been a moment from questioning it before she noticed similarly colored glowing point forming just above the glistening slit of Victoria’s cunt. The glow protruded, grew in diameter, and then extended out from her flesh in a solid shaft of magic that quickly took the form of an impressive phallus. It lingered in this state for only a moment before the glow of the magic began to fade and the phallus became a genuine flesh and blood cock with a curiously lilac colored head. It was subtly thicker at the base than it was at the tip in a way that suggested a spike more than a penis, it easily measured the length from Kendra’s elbow to her wrist and throbbed with visibly arousal as it drooled a little precum from the unusually colored head.

Kendra knew a similar spell herself for pleasing women and men alike, but it typically came with glowing markings across the abdomen as well. Indeed the spell was believed to have originated in her homeland, so to find such a variation so far from home was a pleasant and arousing surprise. She supposed her fixated gaze upon it read like surprise or shock to Victoria, who reveled in such displays of awe. The hand she’d been using to rub at Victoria’s cunt came away from it and slid slowly up the underside of her new shaft as she continued to stare in appreciation, noting the subtle lilac gradient that began halfway between the base and the head. When she was able to pry her eyes from it she looked up at Victoria and immediately noticed that her nipples, lips, and irises had all shifted in color to lilac as well. The eyes were notably a quirk of this specific variation of the spell.

Kendra placed her other hand on Victoria’s hip and eased her down onto the daybed as she herself went down to her knees beside it. While she had learned early in her training to master her lust, her mentor had also instructed her once that to do so at all times was a mistake that initiates often made. Holding one’s desires in check often made for a stilted experience with patrons and made individual clergy unremarkable in their ministering. One who couldn’t find joy in what they did or passion for it was no different than a more common whore found on any street corner in any city anywhere in the world. People didn’t come to the Kyrs for what they could get there, they came for a truly noteworthy and passionate experience. Something that electrified their senses and would continue to excite them years after the fact. The Kadeshah knew when to let her own lustful needs overtake her, to channel them into the experience with her companion. Now was that time.

Her fingers ran up along the side of Victoria’s shaft as if worshipping at the woman’s altar. She closed her eyes and slowly dragged her tongue along the underside of the shaft as she savored the flavor of her, gathering the precum up into her mouth and swallowing it quickly before wrapping her lips around the lilac tip of the monster. Kendra’s eyes came open again as her fingers caressed down the side of the shaft once more and watched as Victoria began to lose herself in Kendra’s attentions. With a moan of satisfaction Kendra wasted no time and brought her head down, taking the smooth warm shaft about halfway before her head bobbed back up to suckle at the tip once more.

Victoria watched as the Kadeshah suckled at the tip of her cock once more before expertly bringing her head down once more and devoured the whole of it down to the base. Though normally so composed, Victoria couldn’t help but let her head fall back and let out a long satisfied groan.

“Oh fuck..” she moaned as Kendra’s head continued to bob and weave with a practiced grace and power that complimented the hungry enthusiasm with which the woman was working her. Her silken tongue caressed and rolled along the shaft even as her mouth formed the perfect amount of suction on the upstroke and released ever so slightly as she came down.

Victoria’s nipples, which had been lustfully hard for some time, began to ache now with just how horny she had become. She began to knead at her breasts, pulling at her nipples to relieve small amounts of pressure that had begun to build within her even as Kendra began to drive two fingers deep into her cunt, effectively voided the effort. The Kadeshah’s head slowed briefly as she curled her fingers inside of Victoria, instantly locating and applying pressure to a place within that few ever knew to look for much less actually find. Victoria’s legs lifted and curled slightly at the sudden jolt of combined pleasure running through her dualistic sexes. Kendra let out a lewd sound of amusement at Victoria’s response.

Something about that sound brought a semblance of Victoria back to her senses and she lifted her head from the cushion of the bed. But whatever it was she had intended to say or do was halted immediately as Kendra gripped hard at the base of her cock and began to work it in time with her had at a renewed and furious pace. With each stroke Kendra twisted her hand as she turned her head to the opposing side, creating a unique twisting and curling sensation across the whole of the she-cock. Victoria quivered as the literal essence of the lust spirit that had granted her this form began to respond ecstatically within her. She could feel the power of it mingling with her own carnal impulses and overtake her senses. Her hand went to the top of Kendra’s head and she began to drive it down on the cock aggressively as her hips bucked upward to meet each stroke halfway.

Kendra abandoned the use of her twisting hand and focused on relaxing her throat for a moment, allowing the cock to pass over her tongue and into throat as she had done briefly just a moment ago. She shifted her role from active to passive and let Victoria use her throat as a cock sleeve for several moments without one choking sound, only slurping and moaning. While Kendra was often in a role where she was the dominant party, she always felt more at home being the perfect thing for a dominant partner to make use of. She liked responding to desires and heightening the stakes of any sexual encounter, which meant adapting quickly to what the animalistic urges within a person demanded once unchained.

Victoria’s other hand joined the first as she hammered at the woman’s mouth and throat, bucking wildly from her reclined position.

“Feels so good..” she hissed through her teeth and she could feel her orgasm fast approaching. The thought of filling her stomach with her magicked seed began to slowly overwhelm her senses to a point where all she wanted was the explosive release of it. She had very nearly allowed herself to go over the edge before pulling Kendra’s face free. Thick strands of frothy saliva hung between the Kadeshah’s mouth and the hardened pole of meat that had been filling it. Her cock throbbed harder now as if in protest of Victoria’s denial of climax.

Kendra took several deep breaths and then smiled, seeing in Victoria’s eyes that the gloves were coming off.

“Yes..” she said with a nod, Victoria’s grip tightening in her hair and moving her up onto the daybed, “Goddess yes, put that fucking thing in me.”

With a smirk and a small shove Victoria sent Kendra back onto the daybed, the Kadeshah eagerly opening her legs for her in a lewd invitation. Victoria scooted forward only slightly, pressing the tip of her throbbing dick to Kendra’s drooling cunt. Under normal circumstances she might have gone slow, but something about the fervor between them told her that the time for slow and gentle had long past. Kendra wanted Victoria to work her like some crude beast and Victoria found herself all too happy to oblige her.

She sank the monstrous meat of her cock into the woman without hesitation, driving it like a fleshy spike into the warm soft mound of Kendra’s supple cunt in a single stroke, stopping only when the two of their pelvises bumped up against each other.

“Ahhh..” Victoria felt as though she had taken her first drink of water after a long hot day, but what she had would not be nearly enough to quench the fire that burned though her. She needed more.

Victoria’s hands took hold of Kendra’s thighs as she withdrew in a graceful backstroke of her hips, some of the pink inner flesh of Kendra’s tightness came with it, visibly demonstrating for her just how tight the woman was. Her grip tightened and she drove the whole of herself back into Kendra for her insides to clench around in practiced motions that drove most to orgasm after only a half dozen strokes or so.

“That’s it…” Kendra whispered, her hands gripping at her tits in the same fashion Victoria had been doing only a moment ago, “You feel that?”

Kendra’s slick insides gripped and pulled at Victoria on every backstroke and resisted her on every forward stroke. The tightness was beautifully juxtaposed by the soft silky wetness of the flesh itself.

“I’m going to milk your huge Vishanti she-cock.” she declared, “I want you to fill me up Victoria.”

Victoria felt her own tangible lust within her respond joyously and she used her grip on Kendra’s thighs to begin pulling her into each thrust now, using the leverage she had now for additional force and speed.

“Yes.” Victoria hissed, her senses becoming awash with pleasure now. Her hips bucked faster and harder now, the sound of their flesh slapping against each other beginning to fill both their ears. Victoria’s enormous breasts had been swinging vigorously when Kendra’s hands came off her own to take hold of them, allowing her own to move now in wide lewd circles. She gripped hard now, pulling at Victoria’s nipples as if trying to coax something more from her, goading her into still more aggressive acts.

Victoria responded with a groan that bordered on that of a growl as she allowed herself to shed the last scrap of Vishanti civility and decorum she might have been holding onto, the head of her cock now slamming against the firm back of the woman as she drove herself into her feverishly. She thrust her chest forward briefly to feel Kendra’s grip tighten on her and let out a cry of barbaric delight.

“So fucking good!” Victoria snarled, “I’m close. I’m going to fill that cunt up.”

Victoria fell back to support herself on her hands as she changed the angle at which her cock carved the woman out and she felt the Kadeshah’s insides respond by attempting to clamp down on her, doing it’s best to constrict the abusive invader.

Kendra’s hands went up over her head to hold onto the cushion behind her as she felt the pressure beginning to build inside of her. She was tempted to simply let herself go limp so she could go along for the ride as Victoria emptied herself into her, but every ounce of her training kept her from doing so. Instead she continued to clutch tightly at the she cock coring out her cunt.

“Yes yes yes. Do it. Fuck that pussy raw.” she pleaded, feeling herself getting lost in the final moments before her climax, “Don’t stop! Don’t Stop!”

Victoria felt herself hit the wall of orgasm first, her senses going a searing white and the pressure that had been building up within her this whole time finally emptying in a torrent of fluid satisfaction as rope after thick rope of sticky cum filled the Kadeshahs fuck hole. The moment felt like it stretched on forever, her muscles locked in the tension of orgasm as she licked her lips wickedly. She swore she could feel the same tension coming off of Kendra who had locked up as well in a silent scream, her back arched and her fingers doing their best to tear at the cushion of the daybed. Everything held there as more and more of her cum surged through her from some magical source within, filling the woman to the absolute brim before finally tapering off to a dribble. And like every wave it came crashing down back to the surface in a chaotic rush, the tensions eased and Kendra let out a long satisfied moan.

“Goddess, I… I don’t think I’ve cum like that in a long time.” Kendra admitted, running her fingers lightly over her own chest.

Victoria took a few long breaths feeling the exertion catching up with her slowly, nodding in agreement as she slowly pulled the considerable length of her dick from the woman, “If you’re like this all the time I think I could fuck you all day long.”

Kendra’s eyes gleamed brilliantly in the moment of silence that followed, her fingers paused on the swell of her breasts. After a moment Victoria’s eyes shifted and caught the look in Kendra’s eyes and her breathing seemed to steady almost instantly.

“Show me.” Kendra whispered. Victoria didn’t know if she had begun to soften but when Kendra spoke she was once again rock hard.

Victoria immediately began to move but Kendra’s hand quickly intercepted, covering her slit. “Mmm Mmm” she smirked, shaking her head, “I have other holes that need filling now.”

That bestial hunger that had been so strong in Victoria only a moment ago seemed to flare back to life as if Kendra had poured fuel onto a low burning fire. She took hold of Kendra’s legs and spun her over onto her stomach before pulling her up onto her knees. Victoria propped herself up on one leg on the daybed and lined the tip of her lilac cock with the pucker of Kendra’s asshole. The two of them had covered each other and themselves in one another’s fluids to the point that their flesh had become slick. She brought her hips forward, deciding that such a slippery state was lubricant enough for the both of them. After a brief moment of resistance Victoria felt herself plunge into pillowy heat of the Kadeshah’s ass, her fierce groan joining Kendra’s whorish moan in an obscene chorus.

Victoria gave a firm slap to Kendra’s supple ass, earning a delighted yelp from her, before taking a firm hold of it. The cum from her previous load began to ooze from Kendra’s cunt, dribbling onto the daybed as Victoria began working her hips in furious strokes. The slapping of their flesh returned as Victoria ravaged the Kadeshah’s ass. Such recklessness would have fast become an issue for most, but Kendra had not become a Kadeshah on piousness toward Kyridwen alone.

“AHNNN YES! Fuck my ass!” she pleaded, “Harder! Harder!”

Victoria leaned forward hooking her arms up under Kendra’s which she had been supporting herself on and lifted her back into a restrained bend, her hips continuing to pound at the woman’s ass. Kendra made no sound for a moment, feeling herself beginning to approach an orgasm again quickly, much to her own surprise. She could feel every inch of the hot rod of flesh violating her ass in tandem with the slick sweaty tits of the woman sliding along her back.

“Yes yes yes!” Kendra begged, then suddenly felt the hold on her release as she fell face first into the pillows of the daybed below. Before she could push herself back up Victoria’s hands pressed down on her shoulder blades, forcing her down as she leveraged herself in such a way as to add the force of gravity to her own strength on each downstroke. Kendra gasped as her eyes began to roll into the back of her head, her senses going white once more leaving only the crushing force of orgasm to fill the space. It was rare that anyone could coax an orgasm from her without her being an active participant in it, it was even more rare still than someone could do it by mercilessly drilling her ass. The novelty of it added a subtle unique flavor to it as she felt the wave come crashing down once more.

But Victoria hadn’t cum yet, and while Kendra was coming down the countess was still furiously fucking her asshole with a force that was unexpected from any Vishanti. So instead of the wave crashing and settling, it continued to churn with unrelenting force. The orgasm stretched out further and further before running up against another, the brunt of each seeming to crash into one another. Kendra fet Victoria’s hardened nipples on her back again, sliding along her skin before the woman laid down upon her, pulling her head to one side by her hair to lick up the side of her neck.

The warmth of the countess’ cum filled her again and the ceaseless clenching of her prolonged orgasm finally began to release. Victoria’s aggressive grunting and bestial noises gave way to a calmer heavy breathing. Kendra’s mind remained blank until after a moment or two Victoria began to pull from her slowly, cleaning the shaft of her cock with a cloth she wet in a basin just behind the curtain only a couple feet from the far side of the bed. Kendra didn’t move, she simply laid there breathing hard against the pillow as Victoria moved somewhere just out of her line of sight.

“It looks like you came so hard you pushed all of my cum out of you, you’ve made quite the mess.” though it sounded like she was gloating, there was something distinctly complimentary about how it sounded to Kendra. “I guess I’ll just have to replace it. I have plenty of it after all.”

Kendra stared straight ahead, her body trembling with ecstatic anticipation.

“Show me.”

Victoria didn’t emerge from the temple until well after nightfall. She and the Kadeshah had gone several more rounds with one another before even a single word of business had been uttered between them. The chamber had become thick with the smell of sex and sweat and the two had adjourned to Kendra’s private bath to discuss business, agreeing on a location and general time table for a second temple to be established in Victoria’s city of Aphetto. They’d fucked again before emerging from the scented cleansing waters of the bath and eaten before Victoria had put her clothing back on and said her goodbyes.

After retrieving her weapon from the bin she dropped a few platinum coins in to the donation box and stepped into the cool air of the night, only then realizing how long she had been here. Victoria closed her eyes for a moment, feeling a sense of surreal detachment wash over her, as if all of what had transpired over the last few hours could not possibly have happened. She took a deep breath, the scent of the outdoors replacing that of the exotics scents of the temple, and made her way down the stairs. It was only when she got to the bottom that she realized that her carriage was not there to meet her and that it was highly unlikely that it was still waiting in the designated spot for her, considering the lateness of the hour. She straightened her coat and smoothed out her skirts and began walking all the same, if she found that the driver was not further down the road waiting for her she would decide on a course of action then.

She had only just got off the grounds of the temple along the path when she heard footsteps approaching her from her left. She slowed, her hand going slowly to her weapon when she heard a man call out to her.

“Countess Brookfield!?” the man, who she didn’t recognize despite his recognizing her, exclaimed as he hopped out onto the path. He was breathing slightly heavy as if he had been trying to catch up to her at a faster pace.

“It is! I can’t believe it, it’s actually you!” the young man pushed some dark hair from his face that had come loose from the plain tie situated at the back of his head. “As I live and breathe.”

Victoria quirked a brow, glancing around them to see if there was anyone else present and saw no one, only the dark of the night. “Do I know you?” she queried.

“Mmm? Oh no no. We’ve never met, but I recognized you when you came out of the temple and I could hardly believe my eyes. The countess of Aphetto at the temple of Kyridwen!”

Victoria felt her back go stiff at his statement, “Yes well I had a rather pointed conversation with-”

“I mean if someone of your status can be brought to see the wisdom of other faiths then surely we can share that with others who might do the same!” he interrupted.

Victoria stared dumbstruck for a moment, “Excuse me?”

He straightened up a bit and motioned back toward the temple, “Other faiths, other gods, besides Sophitia! We’ve lived under such religious restriction for so long that even after the king begins to relax certain policies those who worship differently are still persecuted for their beliefs. But if more people of standing were to come forward it would certainly go a long way in adding legitimacy to the growing movement.”

Victoria raised a hand halting him before his speech could continue, “I’m not interested in your movement.”

The young man’s demeanor shifted from excited to incredulous, “With all due respect my lady but it seems as though you are. Why else would you be at a temple of Kyridwen. What business could you possibly have to attend to personally there other than-”

“None of your business, actually. And if you know what’s good for you you’ll-”

“What?” he interjected, stepping forward with a defiant look in his eyes, putting only a few feet between the two of them. “Keep my mouth shut? Is the countess afraid of people judging her for seeking the services of the Kyrs? Don’t want people to know that even the high and mighty countess needs to get her cunny stuffed now and again?”

“Don’t you presume to know me, boy” she bristled. But he seemed to only be encouraged by her response.

“Look, how you justify it to yourself isn’t my problem. You can roll with it or you can fight it but you’ll have to sort it out right quick once I’ve told the others like me who we can count among our own. Who it is I saw visiting the Kyrs tonight.”
“No.” she sneered, “You won’t.”

“And just how do you intend to-” her hand was like lightning, going into her coat and drawing the weapon with such speed as to afford him no time to react at all. The sound of the barrels deafened him and the flash at the muzzle blinded him. He felt his body go searing hot and then suddenly cold as he fell back to the ground. He looked down at his stomach, pulling aside the shredded fabric of his vest and tunic to see the pulverized flesh of his body underneath. His hand trembled and fell away.

Victoria reached into one of her pockets and pulled out a small handkerchief which she used to wipe some of the blood spatter from her face. With a flick of her wrist she opened the breech of her gun.

“Unfortunate” she sighed, as she used the cloth to pull the spent shells from the weapon, wrapped them, and placed them into her pocket so as to leave nothing behind. “But I did warn you didn’t I?”

From another pocket inside her coat she retrieved two more shells and reloaded the weapon before snapping it shut. The man in front of her who had been so arrogant before sputtered and sobbed as he tried to crawl backward away from her, his blood looked black and glistening in the night as he tried to squirm away. His flesh looked like ragged shredded meat. Victoria lifted a foot and stepped on one of his to pin him in place.

“You…You can’t do this!” he pleaded.

“Telling me what I can and cannot do in such a lowly state as yours is what got you into this mess.” she retorted and raised her weapon, firing another pair of shots into the man as he attempted to sputter another plea for his life. The shells, which contained a small slug and buckshot, rent the man’s chest into useless meat. He fell to the dirt lifeless.

Victoria let out a long sigh and repeated the process with the cloth to pull the shells from the breech and place them in her pocket. A twinkle of light caught her attention from the corner of her eye and she turned her head to see that further down the road a considerable distance was the lantern of a carriage approaching. It seemed as though her carriage had not abandoned her after all.

She looked down at the lifeless Vishanti laying on the side of the road and regarded him coldly. With a subtle effort of will she began to channel a spirit of earth, focusing it into the shape of a familiar spell as she brought her foot forward. The bottom of her shoe glowed a soft yellow before she pressed it to the dirt and began to grind it with a slow twisting motion of her ankle. Mirroring this motion was the body before her, which began to press down into the earth in the same grinding motion of her foot. Around the body the earth seemed to open up, pulling the corpse of the man down into as it filled in the space over the top. Within moments the spot where the man had fallen was empty, with only a the slightest hint of disturbed earth in place of a body.

Victoria looked down at her clothes and let out an irritated grunt, flecks of blood could be made out on the lighter portions of her clothing but thankfully didn’t show on the darker parts. She was going to have to throw the entire ensemble out, which considering the expense of replacing it, irked her immensely. But she wasn’t going to be taking any more risks with how tonight had gone. She turned and began to make her way toward the carriage as it approached, considering what she would do with the driver.

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