Meghan is a Changeling (Half Fae) that lives in Boston who was put in the Danvers Asylum back in the 50’s where she spent a couple decades in a near catatonic state. Talked about for years by the staff in the asylum as the girl who never seemed to age, Meghan would suddenly come to her senses in 1982. Meghan would soon find out that her awakening had coincided with the arrival of a Fallen in Boston and that she had been bestowed with the mantle of the Strix. As the Strix, Meghan has the unique ability to defend against entities like the Fallen and the Divines in a way most Hidden could never dream of.

Meghan is one of the main characters I have cooked up for Night Wave and will likely receive the first character primer for that world. As a Changeling she’ll have a few different forms to draw up for that primer but the one we see here is her “true” form. Most Hidden have some sort of glamour, illusion, or other camouflage that they collectively refer to as a Mask. A Mask makes any Hidden not only appear human but in some extreme cases, will make the individual the appropriate size the move among humans.

After a couple of decades of being “gone” from her mind while in the Asylum and Locked in her Mask for the duration, one of the first things Meghan ends up wanting to do is shed it and walk freely once again.

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