The Queen of the Vampires has trained in the lost Nasgoran art of Fleshcraft, despite not being of the Bloodline herself. Her skill with it has risen to the point where she is capable of grafting other materials to her body, and once there shaping them as if they were an extension of herself. While her level of refinement on such materials is not quite the same as flesh, it does suit it purpose.

When people enter the Queen’s presence they are greeted by a vampire who is taller and more intimidating than most others they have met. She bristles with obsidian spines, is encrusted with blood rubies, and within her nightmarish array of spikes there are eyes that are always looking this way and that….granting her perfect 360 degree vision and the ability to channel any vision based spell through any of them.

Her skeleton is reinforced, her ribcage more durable to attack and resistant to staking, and her muscles optimized for channeling blood for additional strength when the time calls for it. It was in part her skill with fleshcraft and her ability to innovate with it that allowed her to slay her sire before the council of vampire lords and claim the throne for herself. Combined with Blood magic, she has quickly made herself one of the most feared vampires ever to exist.

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