Khatima is the Primogen of the entire order of the Verdant Lust. What this means is that from her, all other members of the order sprung. Each and every one of them can trace their lineage back to her, through her couplings with various mortals and of course the expanding family tree as her Cuirizu offspring do the same.

Every Primogen is a little more “out there” or over the top than most Cuirizu, they’ve been alive for a long time and they command a great deal of power just to keep their brethren in line. Most manifest strange variations to their body modification, and some Primogen’s minds even become more alien to humans than a standard Cuirizu’s already warped mindset. Khatima is the youngest of the Primogen’s among the various orders, but even she has begun to see some of this shifting physically and mentally.

Khatima has modified her body to possess not one, but two penises…simply because she desired a means to have two women or two holes at one time. Her hair is also another strange alteration, though it may look relatively normal at a glance save for it’s length. Besides growing from just her head, Khatima’s hair actually grows in a strip down her neck and back, very similar to the way a beasts might. Indeed whenever she enters a battle situation she often takes a feral posture and brutally attacks enemies with her bare hands and brutal plant magic.

Her behavior is very similar as well. She often appears girlish and playful to those who have met her, leading no one that didn’t already know to suspect that she is actually very old. Or that she is even the leader of the entire Demon Order. When she is threatened she becomes snappy and authoritative with very little patience. Any sign of resistance or rebellion against her word is met with swift and brutal punishment. Many have noted she exhibits signs of paranoia, but the older Cuirizu know that this paranoia is well deserved when it comes to the intentions and designs of Khatima’s older sisters… the other Primogen.

For this image I was trying to sort of redo something I’d done for Khatima a long while back, essentially revisiting the picture and the pose while improving how it look as well as the overall composition.

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