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Higher Resolution Images
Much of what gets posted in public galleries is sized down and of reduced quality. Get the higher quality images in the Members area!

Exclusive Content
New original content, fanwork, and commissions will all end up getting posted here. Along with finished work, will come WIPs, Sketches, Variants, and more. You’ll be able to see a project from beginning to end as part of your membership!

Entire Adult Worlds
I pride myself not only on producing art but providing a little extra for the work as well… let’s call it “context”. I build worlds that someone can jump into, Lore for regions where the characters live, cultural norms regarding sexuality and sex itself, and the defining forces the shape events within the world itself. You’ll get a story to frame up all the smut!

Codex Alkotas: A high fantasy setting with numerous regions that each provide their own fantasy flavor including the Roman-esque Solacine Imperium, The spiritual realm of night Tenebre Dontae, the Matriarchal Al-Tahim, the spell scarred lands of Zelmesca, and the Savage untamed wilderness of Farodyn.

Night Wave: The 1980’s are a time of vice, where greed gave way to indulgences of every aspect of humanity’s baser needs and desires. But for the other things roaming the night it became an unprecedented opportunity to move freely among humans…and prey on them. Night wave is an Urban Fantasy setting fixed firmly in the themes of the 1980’s from fashion to music.

Celestial Tides: A sci-fi setting where humanity has just been introduced to a multitude of alien species beyond their home solar system and finds that for all their advancements they’re still woefully under equipped. New technologies, new worlds, new societies, and new sexual encounters await those intrepid enough to brave the stars!

Member Input
I want to hear from you! Being a member is an excellent way for you to give suggestions, make requests, and discuss the work ranging from Original Content to Fanart! Any and all of the original settings here are open for discussion, ready for you to engage with them or simply sit back and enjoy the show.

Commission Discounts
Commissions aren’t going away, nor are the spontaneous drawing prompts I’ve been known to do in the past. They’ll still be here and as a member you’ll be given priority and pulling down a 15% discount to boot!

Expanded Access: Not enough stuff on the site to satisfy your appetite? Then enjoy access to hizzacked.xxx and animefluxxx.com as part of your membership! All three for one single payment!

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Game Time: I’ve slowly transitioned to playing more PC games, which means you’ll get to laugh along with the antics other artists and I get up to while we play! You might even be able to get in on the action in real time!

Game Content: Not only do I play games, I like to make and design them as well. I’ve been doing it for over a decade for my friends and I’m looking to share this content with you from my own original systems for table top, to custom monsters and rules for Pathfinder, to full blown digital games as we design them!

Short Stories: Sometimes a picture or lore can’t quite capture the full vibe of a character. That’s where additional written content comes into play!