A gift for my girlfriend, which I’ve been trying to finish for a while. A intimate encounter with my character Ivy and her character Aren.

Ivy gazed down upon Aren as she lay back naked in the bed of the cabin. The sway of the airship was barely noticed by either of them, their eyes transfixed on each others nude forms. Within moments of casting the spell upon herself, Ivy noticed Aren’s eyes move lower. The glow that the markings threw off while the charm was active weren’t always noticeable in normal lighting, but in the lower lighting of Aren’s personal cabin the blue glow it cast across everything was immediately noticeable. Below the markings of the Virility Charm across her abdomen throbbed the hardened cock that the spell was meant to conjure, standing erect just above the top of her own female sex.

Aren said nothing, she only took a anticipatory breath and opened her legs to her “teacher”, revealing to her the aroused wetness of her own pussy. Ivy lowered herself on to her, aligning herself without a word with one hand while the other supported her weight for a moment. Once the tip was pressed firmly against her entrance she spared the hand to wrap around her “student” in to an embrace as she pushed her weight in to her hips and buried the long hard flesh in to the dark haired beauty. Their breasts squished and strained at each other for room, both of the women well endowed in such respects, and found no give to be had. It presented an erotic pressure and sliding of skin and nipples against each other that Aren had once confessed she liked more than she’d ever thought she would.

Ivy captured Aren’s lips with her own. They had done this many times before but it never felt old or stale. They had coupled in carnal ways and in intimate ways such as this one, and it always felt surreal to Ivy. Even as Aren moaned in to the locking of lips the two shared, Ivy couldn’t help but let it wash over her as it had many times before.

Ivy had been responsible for Aren’s father’s death. She’d killed him in the war as he fought on the side of Damsarlia. Ivy had fought for WinderLae and when she encountered the powerful general on the field she’d acted as combatants do. It was entirely by coincidence that she would meet with Aren years later, finding that she’d blossomed in to an alluring but misguided woman. Ivy, feeling responsible then had taken it upon herself to show interest in the lessons the girl would learn not only in magic but also in the sword. Aren had been saddled with something of great importance, possibly because of Ivy’s own actions in the war…and she’d felt it her duty to see her through.

As Ivy’s hips worked in long deep stroking motions and Aren’s insides strangled the thick firm cock sliding through them, she couldn’t help but feel that pang of shame she felt every so often. As if she’d taken advantage of this girl somehow, as if she had somehow tricked her. But everything had played out legitimately, and the two had developed a friendship first…from what had first perhaps been animosity. From that friendship bloomed something of a romance. Ivy knew no one would fault her, strange as the circumstances were. She also knew that it largely came from the nature of what she was: an artificial construct born of an artificial construct with the sole purpose to provide humans (or any other biological humanoid for that matter) with offspring that were quick to reach adulthood. It made her long lived. It gave her a unique perspective on people. And sometimes it made her feel like she should be above certain things.

She should have been above falling for people. She should have been above being taken with young women or drawn to strong young men. But she wasn’t, she still felt for them as she always had. And it was plural, a concept not readily embraced in many of the realms around the sea…save WinderLae. She was made to couple with multiple people, though admittedly in a female capacity not the male as she was now. And there was a slight built of guilt there, because she knew on some level that Aren wanted to be the only one. She wanted to feel special…and Ivy knew she couldn’t provide that and yet here they were desperately attempting to coax orgasm from each other.

Aren’s heat, her smell, the sound of her were all entrancing for Ivy, who herself was cool to the touch thanks to the core of Ice Mana inside her. Ivy loved the feel of their skin battling each other on the field of temperature for supremacy and Aren had once told her the same. Ivy’s lips went across her neck, down to the scar left from the attack that had nearly claimed Aren’s life years ago. Aren kept a braid specifically to conceal it most times, but in these moments of intimacy she seemed to relish Ivy’s lack of aversion to it, indeed Ivy let her tongue run across it to show her universal approval of Aren as a whole.

“Harder.” Aren whispered in to the dark of the room, “Fuck me harder. Like you did the first time.”
Ivy smiled a little against her skin, remembering how the two of them had given in to such fierce carnality the first time. She said nothing, simply adjusted her weight and leverage and increased the speed and strength of the strokes in her hips.

“By the gods I love it when you do this..” Aren said, her eyes now growing distant in to the dark of the cabin. Ivy knew this was a sign of the girl sinking in to a single sensation: that of touch. She was letting it wash over her, crushed beneath its weight and drinking it in all at once.

It wasn’t unheard of for them to shift positions several times during sex, even in the cramped space of the cabin of the airship, but then there were times where Ivy recognized in Aren a desire to simply have love made to her. Or to lay back and be fucked. Whatever the nature of it, she simply wished for it to go on for a length of time. Because of the nature of what Ivy was, she was uniquely capable of achieving such a feat.

The sound of their sighs and moans filled the cabin along the rhythmic slap of their flesh with each thrust and union of cock to cunt. Beads of sweat formed on Aren while Ivy remained cool. And for an extended amount of time, of which was lost to Ivy, she just fucked her. Her own breasts swayed in little circular motions that were less pronounced than Aren who was on her back, and every so often when she leaned forward to kiss her they all became still upon meeting with each other. Aren was just as much of an attentive lover as Ivy was, and each of them fondled and suckled on each other’s tits in equal measure. Both had quite a fixation on each others, and both had found they shared the heightened sense of sensitivity they’d believed uncommon in large breasted women. It always made for interesting and exciting foreplay prior to their encounters, and of course the attention during such encounters was always intense.

Ivy counted perhaps three orgasms that clenched down around her throbbing pole before Aren began to demand even more. Faster and Harder, and of course for her cum. Once Aren got going she was a glutton for it, and Ivy found that when she wore the Virility charm, her own sense of eroticism was altered…she too found it immensely arousing. Aren knew this of course, and she ecstatically begged for it, “Fuck me please. I need your cum, I want to feel it inside me Ivy..”

It was music to her ears, she leaned forward and held one leg as she impaled Aren with her cock as if she were trying to hurt her with it. Her own breasts bounced and swayed in the lewdest of ways when she got this way, drilling with a reckless abandon as the magic that endowed her with the means to take her lover began to work its way through the rest of her body and her mind. She wanted now only to fill Aren’s insides, she wanted to shoot her so full of her own sperm that she’d have no choice but to leak it for days. Aren eyes lit up when she acted this way, knowing it was her that broke Ivy’s self control against this magic, that it was her that would reap the rewards. Ivy’s calm demeanor broke and she swore, she moaned, she called Aren names even….and she loved her for it.

When she finally came it was like a clap of thunder running through her body, sending shock waves up her back and down to her toes. She felt the clenching squirts of jizz erupt from the head of her cock and fill Aren after just the second one. There were a few more, only the last couple of which were smaller in any noticeable way, and just as Ivy wanted she could already feel Aren beginning to overflow. Aren moved her hips from side to side, and as the orgasmic reverb faded in to a dull hum throughout her body, Ivy knew it was her savoring the feeling. Not only was Ivy’s skin cool to the touch, but so was her cum…Aren had other lovers and she liked very much that this was a feeling she experienced only with Ivy.

“Mmm..much better.” Aren said in a whisper, pulling Ivy close for another long kiss and a tasting of each other’s tongues.

“Now..” Aren began as she broke contact with Ivy’s lips after a few moments, “Churn it up inside me.” A smile spread across Aren’s lips. She wasn’t a construct, but she could sure fuck like one.
Ivy couldn’t help but return the smile, offering her a soft short kiss as the cock still buried inside of Aren throbbed with excited anticipation, “It would be my pleasure.”

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