The Virility Charm was created by a Sorceress from WinderLaen Antiquity, and was recently uncoveredfrom one of the WinderLaen Libraries in it’s original form. With this spell a female caster is able to take on male attributes for the purposes of intercourse. It was originally devised as a means to repopulate the realm after a devastating war centuries ago. It soon evolved in to a means for female same sex couples to produce offspring entirely of their own. As the utility of it fell off, the spell disapeared in to obscurity until Queen Kalysta came to power. To cast the spell the user must be able to tap in to the more nuanced forms of Mana, and the patterns of individuals. The caster weaves energies of either Lust of Fertility in to the Libido of the intended target. Two fingers are placed high up on the abdomen and brought down slowly to the point where the new appendage will eventually grow, weaving the magic carefully as she goes. Once the energy is woven the caster’s will must then be directed on moving her the target pattern’s energy forward in to the constructed housing of the spell. As this happens, arcane marks begin to form across the flesh like tattoos. They start at the hips and creep their way inward to the center of the body in swirls, eventually when they meet in the center the glowing marks take on a third dimension and intertwine with each other as they expand outward. The glowing phallus takes shape, and eventually solidifies as all of its internal workings are firmly set in to place. This spell is typically beyond beginning level Lust Mages, but comes more naturally to those casting from the fertility school. More advanced castings increase the duration the spell lasts for.

2nd Picture I did of the revamped Ivy, hope you all dig.

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