Gwendolyn of the Platinum Feather served as the First Among Myanna’s harem before Azade deposed her. Gwen is a half Vila of the House of the Platinum Feather, a small but noble house that serves within the court of the Oaken Falcon in the Faen realm of Glascrann. She first comes in to Myanna’s service in Zelmesca while Myanna is still in service to Olcaru.

Gwen is usually composed and conservative, but after the time she spends with Myanna her unseelie side develops a fierce sexuality that Gwen often wrestles with forever after. She often comes off as cold and uncaring, which makes a connection with many of the others in Myanna’s harem difficult.

She possesses a knowledge of swordsmanship, arcane magic, and fae magic. Her specialties generally lay within the saber, glass magic, and birds; she can speak with them and take the form of one at will.

Myanna initially takes her as part of a bundle package with a lot of other individuals, but elevates Gwen to a higher position upon learning she’s noble and fae. Corrupting her core nature becomes something of a game for Myanna, and in the end serves to make Gwen serve her more readily by weaving carnal desires in to a part of her nature that had been previously untouched. But there are other reasons why Myanna is drawn to Gwen that she can’t quite put her finger on….

Gwen’s Vitality Harness takes the form of intertwining thorns capped with a few purple flowers common to Zelmesca. Despite being covered in thorns, the harness never causes Gwen any pain.

Gwen first appears in “Mistress of Fellgrove”

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