New Raffle for Autumn! With Bowsette taking over the way she is was there any doubt that her reach would extend this far? Winners of this raffle will get one commission worth $100 dollars and can have that go toward putting a crown on ANY character and peachifying her, including OCs! Alternatively you can just get a pic with Bowsette herself or any other other fantastic crowned characters we’ve been seeing fly around social media.

Want Bowsette putting it to Peach? Sure. Want to see a Bulette on her back? Ok. Want your OC to experiment with the crown? Do it. They’re all possible for winners of this raffle.

To enter you only need reblog (for tumblr) or retweet (for twitter) the post with this image. All site members are automatically entered in their own separate drawing. You May enter BOTH if you wish but you cannot win both. Winners will be drawn at the end of October 4th.

Got a few commissions rolling off the line here pretty quickly. I’ll be posting them in the members section as they get completed and then you’ll see them pop up here in the public section once everything is completed.


The full 10 page PDF of the Affairs of Kyridwen: Countess and the Kadeshah story with 6 full color images is now available HERE!

The full PDF is also available as an extra to all Members of the site! So if you have a membership to the site just click on through and find it in the extras section!

I’ve never considered myself a “writer” but I do greatly enjoy writing for images of my OCs as well as a ton of world building. For anyone who picks this up, thank you! It means a ton to me that you’d be interested and lend me such support. Also it helps with house repairs.

I’ve had most of these done for a little while now but I wanted to wait until I had as much of them as I could before I rolled them out together. I was happy with the results of the Holiday Giveaway and the raffle attached to it and I just want to thank everyone who came on board during that time, your patronage here at the site is hugely appreciated as is the feedback you guys give me every day. It’s through that feedback that I know the direction the work ought to take and things that people like to see. Because of the feedback we will be having another raffle here very soon with a slightly altered ruleset so that more people can get in on it. Keep an eye out for it as it will be starting here in a couple weeks when March rolls around!

New pic up in the members section featuring Android 21 and Android 18 having a little one on one now that 21 has defeated and disposed of all those pesky male fighters. A total of four versions are available in the members section! More stuff to come later this week as a little bonus so keep your eyes peeled guys!

Just a little quick update here I’m making a freebie for everyone. I had this random mental image while I was out in the heat the other day so I decided to do a quick pic of it. Generally the Cuirizu race prefers a lot of sunlight, being that they’re plant demons. But for Myanna there’s a limit for that sort of thing. Hope it’s amusing for you guys.

Now next week I will be on Vacation from the 19th to the 26th (my Birthday) so updates are going to be a little screwy. Once I get back though I’ll be jumping right back into it. This is the first vacation I’ve had in years so I’m really looking forward to being able to relax and maybe not feeling that “artist guilt” that a lot of us get where if we’re not working we feel like we “should be”. Here’s hoping, right?

While the text version of the pic is the “original” I also included a “textless” for people who might prefer it.

So due to a little lapse in memory we have sort of a double update over on the member side right now. Initially I had uploaded a picture I had done for Patreon last month to the Fan Art section which featured Kerrigan and Nova, but after placing it in the gallery completely neglected to mention having done it to anyone. So it’s been sitting there unnoticed for a while now. Then today when I finished a commission for a client and went to post it up there that was when I noticed it.

So rather than delay the current piece I decided to do a double post, one for each, on the member side. As mentioned before the first one features Human Kerrigan and Nova making use of some Zerg themed toys and the second is a commission of DroganKing’s character Kiesha engaging in some lewd acts in public with a sizeable Futa Horsecock!

So enjoy everybody, and I’ll try my best not to let this happen to you guys again in the future!

Aislynn TempouinMillenia ago the Old Gods ruled over the world of Alkotas. As the populations of the world began to grow and shape the way the world behaved based on the rules the gods had set forth, the Old Gods began to enact “Guardians” of certain aspects over which they ruled. But as time went on the races of the world began to erect gods of their own, forging them from the divine spark and mortal flesh granted from them by the gods themselves. Such individuals were elevated to no positions, ruling over realms or races. Some of these new Gods arose from the ranks of the Guardians and had the blessings of the Old Gods to take some control of the world while others arose independently despite the objection of the Old Gods.


Today many of the New Gods dominate the faiths of Alkotas in various realms but there are still some of the Old Gods that are still venerated and given tribute, the most universal of which is Kyridwen. Known as the Goddess of Love, the Pleasure Goddess, and the Supreme Companion Kyrdiwen is the wellspring of Love, Affection, Lust, Pleasure, and other earthly Delights. Those belonging to the faith take a positive stance towards most sexual activities and will cater to the proclivities of any worshiper who sets foot in the temple as Sacred Prostitutes and Companions. These can be mild things from massages and tea ceremonies to overt sexual acts and niche fetishes. The priestesses of Kyridwen provide sexual outlets and companionship for whoever may need them, donations are highly encouraged.


Priestesses ranks are determined by the beaded braids they wear in their hair as well as the number of tags attached to their silver chokers. The highest ranking members of the faith are known as Kadeshahs and typically administrate multiple temples within a given region and provide the bulk of the guidance for the rest of the clergy. Kadeshashs possess formidable magic in disciplines such as healing, protection, lust, and fertility. Most Kadeshahs hold equivalent ranks of mastery equal to that of Arch Mages in the Arcane colleges of the Imperium in at least one discipline and the more experienced Kadeshahs will hold two or three. Mastery and specializations are denoted by tassels attached to silver amulets worn around the waist.

All of the Kadeshahs report to a single authority known as the Kadeiah who resides in in the Ivory Temple in WinderLae. When Holy councils are called all Kadeshahs return to WinderLae to join the Kadeiah to discuss matters that concern the whole of the faith. This most often happens when a Kadeiah dies and a new one most be chosen. Typically a Kadeiah can name her successor from those among the Kadeshahs but the appointment must be confirmed by the Kadeshah council. If it is not confirmed or the Kadeiah failed to name a successor than nominations are taken and then voted upon to name the new Kedeiah.

Worshippers of Kyridwen, known as Kyrs, are found in most realms of Alkotas and the clergy itself is usually regarded with respect with a few exceptions in more sexually conservative realms. Kyrs and their clergy have good relationships with many of the followers of other Old Gods as well as New, and currently have no ongoing feuds with any given faith.