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I wanted to do a prompt for October, do a bit of a challenge seeing as for the last few years I just haven’t been able to commit to one. I went through a bunch of them feeling kind of “Meh” on aspects of them until I came across OCtober. So a different OC sketch every day for the month!

Day 1: Myanna. The first Futa character I ever created years ago. She was made as part of RP I was in and I was prompted to make a “Plant Demon” to be a minion of the main villain of the arc at the time. From that I built Myanna and all of the Cuirizu.








Day 2: Azade. “The First” in Myanna’s Garden Azade is a skilled Phyllomagi (plant mage) with a noble upbringing and and a formal education that gives her an edge in outperforming others. She is an invaluable asset to Myanna in all things and is the person who is closest to her.







Day 3: Betsy. Known for being friendly and nurturing with all of the other women of Myanna’s Garden, Betsy will often feign embarrassment or indifference toward the debauchery therein. In truth Betsy is every bit the sexual deviant as the others with even the smallest bit of coaxing.








Day 4: Taeko. Clearly the best character. Lookit that smile, those cute titties. Such a sense of style and pizzazz. Magical Light powers!? And a pussy clean enough you can eat off it. Really there’s no point in doing any more of these, Ren-er..I mean I have piqued. This is not Taeko on Ren’s computer.

Repeat. Not Taeko. >.>







Day 5: Gwendolyn. As a Half Vila, Gwen has always struggled with living in two worlds, now that she has banished her Unseelie nature into a blackened faeglass weapon, she hopes to find balance within herself.








Day 6: Ivy. As one of the Imperium’s Dolls Ivy has lived long enough to acquire a great deal of magical knowledge, but where she serves in Winder’Lae it’s perhaps the Virility Charm she might end up being most known for rediscovering.








Day 7: Morrigan, Queen of the Vampires. Also known as Morrigan the Obsidian for the deadly obsidian grafted to her body, she is one of the few remaining vampires to know the secrets of fleshcraft lifted from the Nasgoran bloodline.








Day 8: Akane, the Crimson Tempest. Known among the Sarunamu for her impressive military career she is now wanted for being the first of her kind to discover how to tap the “Power of the First”.








Day 9: Rinn. Half Bloods don’t usually go for in Vishanti society, but during war time Rinn of Rosario distinguished herself hundreds of times over with her swordsmanship, magic, and tactics, Quickly rising to the Rank of General.








Day 10: Khatima. As the Primogen of the Verdant Lust, Khatima’s powerful appetites are a bit more voracious than others. Her anatomy has shifted to reflect these needs to a certain degree…








Day 11: Rhea, Queen of Dolls. Built in the Imperium as one of the first Prototypes of reproductive constructs, Rhea has broken from her directives to safeguard humanity to instead wield their desire against them.





Day 12: Renezuo. The character from which I take my namesake is one of the oldest characters I have, created over a decade and a half ago. It seemed appropriate to include the Miasanamu prince in exile for OCtober.








Day 13: Victoria. As a countess in Tenebre Dontae Victoria has always managed to stay ahead of the game by embracing new progressive, and sometimes unorthodox, ways of thinking from that of other Vishanti.








Day 14: Kendra. As a Kadeshah to the goddess of Love, Kendra is versed in magic and sexual technique that can satisfy even the most ravenous of lovers. Donations to the temple are encouraged but not required.








Day 15: Kiaki. As the living embodiment of the negativity and darkness purged from a High Priestess to Sophitia, Kiaki struggles with deep incurable madness and dark impulses. Indeed even her name means “sickness” in Vishanti.








Day 16: Elaina. After suffering a life of abuse for the curse she carries in her blood in a Dark version of Alkotas, Elaina crosses the Faen into a brighter version of her world, channeling the power within into sword magic.








Day 17: Kaethe. As Elaina’s sister by blood Kaethe also has the latent power of the fae running through her veins. When turned to vampirism in an experiment she emerges as an Oberite, a magical bloodline long thought extinct.








Day 18: Bellatrix. All Linirym are predatory by their nature and protective of what they consider theirs. Punishments are often severe for thieves, but Bellatrix has been known to take a certain pleasure in punishing such delinquents.








Day 19: Aislynn. Born as one of three Vishanti princesses, Aislynn has walked away from royal life to join the temple of Kyridwen and has gained renewed confidence after the tragic event that took her arm.








Day 20: Riva. Once a former lover and partner of Myanna’s, the two had a falling out when Riva began to hoard Cuirizathi to serve as her own personal army, making her a slow creeping rot within the Verdant Lust.








Day 21: Meghan. After decades in the Danvers Asylum in a zombie-like state, Meghan comes to her senses and rejoins a world she hardly recognizes where she will struggle to fit in with humans and Hidden alike.








Day 22: Tianna. Despite being one of the most accomplished Chronomagi in the Boston area, Tianna can still become preoccupied with timelines and possibilities that only she can see.

The Kupaa Networks OC tournament is here. Join the Kupaa Discord server and go to the appropriate channel to enter your character. Winners of the tournament will receive art from the Kupaa team depicting their characters going toe to toe with one another! Get your entry in before 9/24 and the brackets will be made and posted soon after!


About a month ago (maybe more?) I did the drawing for the Summer Lovin raffle and now we’ve got the first pic to come out of that which… has two variants. I couldn’t decide whether or not to keep the suit on her or not so you guys get double for my indecision. Steffydoodles OC is one of the shapeliest elves you’re ever going to see and certainly one of the sexiest.

This post will be updated once the second raffle winner’s pic is finished. It’s currently in the sketching stage so you guys won’t have long to wait!

Update: Argentus wanted something for a friend of his and while I normally don’t want raffle spots being given out I made an exception…it is after all a nice gesture right? This is Kodiak’s character Kaiera getting worked by some seed laying plant tentacles after being strung up. It’s part of a whole other canon in which these fairies are worked over by these plant creatures so for additional context you’re going to have to ask Argentus on this one.

Update: Okay so actually Argentus’ pic was supposed to be from the Spring Fling winners but there had been a considerable delay in us figuring out what was going to be done with it so it got lumped in with the Summer Lovin posts by mistake. EventSpawn was actually the one to have won the other Summer Lovin’ spot and wanted a simple Bikini pic of a Knocker emerging from the water all Bond-girl style. Sorry about the confusion on that one, I’ll leave the pics here posted together though.

For the first pic of the Spring Fling winners I was surprised when RebelMcRebelface requested my own Betsy, specifically Betsy with the Virility charm having a little self love time with some milky titties. Seemed like the perfect thing to come back on after being sick for and out of action for a minute so here she is! The second winner for Spring Fling’s pic will be coming soon!

New Raffle Event for site members and twitter is live for the Month of March. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below!

So if you guys don’t know, today is Hizzacked’s Birthday! A week ago I started working on a picture of her Hizzy self and then realized it would be her birthday soon so I jazzed it up for her a little bit. I have the version you see here and of course a Futa version and the long promised Ovipositor version I’ve been threatening her with over in the members section. If you haven’t done it yet, go on over to her site and wish her a happy birthday! Myanna already has.

Millenia ago, when the seasonal courts first came in to existence Ghetea, the Goddess of Ice, gifted the Throne of Winter to the High King of the Winter courts as a symbol of his dominion over Winter itself. Today in Alkotas, this generous gifting from one of the Old Gods to the Fae Court is celebrated during the Urcare Festival during the last week of Coldseed. Gifts are exchanged in preparation for the winter ahead, often to provide literal or figurative warmth and comfort in the colder months.

So to celebrate Winter gifting on Alkotas and in our own world, I will be doing requests for the whole (real month) of December! All you have to do is place your request in the comment section of this post to build a list for me to work from. Once we start to get a list I’ll start picking out some ideas that grab me and posting them up in the members area! Not all requests will be done, but as thanks to everyone supporting me I will try to do as many as I can. The only restriction is that your request MUST be limited to two or less characters, be fairly simple, and will be cel shaded. This will allow me to get more of these done for more people with something of a streamlined process. You are not restricted to FanArt or OCs nor are you restricted to pics of a seasonal nature. If you would like to keep things seasonal, by all means do so! Everyone IS limited to ONE request per person so give it a little thought before you put it up here.

And a Happy Urcare to everyone!