I wanted to do a prompt for October, do a bit of a challenge seeing as for the last few years I just haven’t been able to commit to one. I went through a bunch of them feeling kind of “Meh” on aspects of them until I came across OCtober. So a different OC sketch every day for the month!

Day 1: Myanna. The first Futa character I ever created years ago. She was made as part of RP I was in and I was prompted to make a “Plant Demon” to be a minion of the main villain of the arc at the time. From that I built Myanna and all of the Cuirizu.








Day 2: Azade. “The First” in Myanna’s Garden Azade is a skilled Phyllomagi (plant mage) with a noble upbringing and and a formal education that gives her an edge in outperforming others. She is an invaluable asset to Myanna in all things and is the person who is closest to her.







Day 3: Betsy. Known for being friendly and nurturing with all of the other women of Myanna’s Garden, Betsy will often feign embarrassment or indifference toward the debauchery therein. In truth Betsy is every bit the sexual deviant as the others with even the smallest bit of coaxing.








Day 4: Taeko. Clearly the best character. Lookit that smile, those cute titties. Such a sense of style and pizzazz. Magical Light powers!? And a pussy clean enough you can eat off it. Really there’s no point in doing any more of these, Ren-er..I mean I have piqued. This is not Taeko on Ren’s computer.

Repeat. Not Taeko. >.>







Day 5: Gwendolyn. As a Half Vila, Gwen has always struggled with living in two worlds, now that she has banished her Unseelie nature into a blackened faeglass weapon, she hopes to find balance within herself.








Day 6: Ivy. As one of the Imperium’s Dolls Ivy has lived long enough to acquire a great deal of magical knowledge, but where she serves in Winder’Lae it’s perhaps the Virility Charm she might end up being most known for rediscovering.








Day 7: Morrigan, Queen of the Vampires. Also known as Morrigan the Obsidian for the deadly obsidian grafted to her body, she is one of the few remaining vampires to know the secrets of fleshcraft lifted from the Nasgoran bloodline.








Day 8: Akane, the Crimson Tempest. Known among the Sarunamu for her impressive military career she is now wanted for being the first of her kind to discover how to tap the “Power of the First”.








Day 9: Rinn. Half Bloods don’t usually go for in Vishanti society, but during war time Rinn of Rosario distinguished herself hundreds of times over with her swordsmanship, magic, and tactics, Quickly rising to the Rank of General.








Day 10: Khatima. As the Primogen of the Verdant Lust, Khatima’s powerful appetites are a bit more voracious than others. Her anatomy has shifted to reflect these needs to a certain degree…








Day 11: Rhea, Queen of Dolls. Built in the Imperium as one of the first Prototypes of reproductive constructs, Rhea has broken from her directives to safeguard humanity to instead wield their desire against them.





Day 12: Renezuo. The character from which I take my namesake is one of the oldest characters I have, created over a decade and a half ago. It seemed appropriate to include the Miasanamu prince in exile for OCtober.








Day 13: Victoria. As a countess in Tenebre Dontae Victoria has always managed to stay ahead of the game by embracing new progressive, and sometimes unorthodox, ways of thinking from that of other Vishanti.








Day 14: Kendra. As a Kadeshah to the goddess of Love, Kendra is versed in magic and sexual technique that can satisfy even the most ravenous of lovers. Donations to the temple are encouraged but not required.








Day 15: Kiaki. As the living embodiment of the negativity and darkness purged from a High Priestess to Sophitia, Kiaki struggles with deep incurable madness and dark impulses. Indeed even her name means “sickness” in Vishanti.








Day 16: Elaina. After suffering a life of abuse for the curse she carries in her blood in a Dark version of Alkotas, Elaina crosses the Faen into a brighter version of her world, channeling the power within into sword magic.








Day 17: Kaethe. As Elaina’s sister by blood Kaethe also has the latent power of the fae running through her veins. When turned to vampirism in an experiment she emerges as an Oberite, a magical bloodline long thought extinct.








Day 18: Bellatrix. All Linirym are predatory by their nature and protective of what they consider theirs. Punishments are often severe for thieves, but Bellatrix has been known to take a certain pleasure in punishing such delinquents.








Day 19: Aislynn. Born as one of three Vishanti princesses, Aislynn has walked away from royal life to join the temple of Kyridwen and has gained renewed confidence after the tragic event that took her arm.








Day 20: Riva. Once a former lover and partner of Myanna’s, the two had a falling out when Riva began to hoard Cuirizathi to serve as her own personal army, making her a slow creeping rot within the Verdant Lust.








Day 21: Meghan. After decades in the Danvers Asylum in a zombie-like state, Meghan comes to her senses and rejoins a world she hardly recognizes where she will struggle to fit in with humans and Hidden alike.








Day 22: Tianna. Despite being one of the most accomplished Chronomagi in the Boston area, Tianna can still become preoccupied with timelines and possibilities that only she can see.

Just a little quick update here I’m making a freebie for everyone. I had this random mental image while I was out in the heat the other day so I decided to do a quick pic of it. Generally the Cuirizu race prefers a lot of sunlight, being that they’re plant demons. But for Myanna there’s a limit for that sort of thing. Hope it’s amusing for you guys.

Now next week I will be on Vacation from the 19th to the 26th (my Birthday) so updates are going to be a little screwy. Once I get back though I’ll be jumping right back into it. This is the first vacation I’ve had in years so I’m really looking forward to being able to relax and maybe not feeling that “artist guilt” that a lot of us get where if we’re not working we feel like we “should be”. Here’s hoping, right?

While the text version of the pic is the “original” I also included a “textless” for people who might prefer it.

Some of you may have noticed there hasn’t been an update for a little bit and some of you may have heard about the game I’ve been mentioning. Well these two things are related. For the last week and a half I’ve been grinding out art, systems, and writing for the game we are Tentatively calling Project Demon Seed. Now that I’ve built up some things I’m going to share with you some of what myself and AnimeFlux have been working on. Our intention is to come up with a “Proof of Concept” build that is to be released to EVERYONE to fiddle with. This particular build will be incredibly limited, like a pre-alpha, but is intended to show you more of what we’re looking to accomplish before charging anyone a dime. We’re not out to gouge anyone for anything, we’re genuinely excited to be working on something like this.

We have a separate patreon set up HERE, specifically to fund this Project and allocate appropriate hours to the work. After you’ve looked this all over, go check it out and sign up!

The Game

Project Demon Seed is a Breeding and Resource Management game set in the realm of Zelmesca. You play as a Cuirizu who has been put out into the world to start a “Garden” of your own to capture and Breed mortals. In the end you’re expected to produce the next generation of Cuirizu to bolster the ranks of the Verdant Lust. It won’t be just a matter of banging the first girl you find though. Cuirizu are a dangerous thing to bring to term and the exact methods of how to accomplish it vary from person to person. It’s up to you to find a nice strong vessel to carry that child to term…or breed one of your own. All the while you must maintain and defend the garden in which you keep your mortal pets. You will also have the option to bang them of course, as well as cozy up to named NPCs from town.

The Player


You will have the option to choose from Three Cuirizu player characters. While EVERY cuirizu will eventually have the ability to shift their genders in game, each of the player characters has a “Native” aspect they typically return to. It’s this aspect that you start as. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses in the game itself. Each start with different traits and different resources to get them going.


Thashin grew up among humans before being brought to Ivalia to be formally trained. Thashin is young and inexperienced but has more skill in dealing with people than the other two player options and is generally the most well liked among other cuirizu of the order who she speaks with. Thashin uses pole arms and favors the Dual Aspect.



Darius would be a misfit with any order of the cuirizu but is especially so with the order of the Verdant Lust. Darius is the product of breeding between two cuirizu and was born in secret. He was raised to believe he was a Cuirizathi by Riva but recently has come to realize he is a proper cuirizu like any other. Despite the nature of his birth Khatima has ruled that Darius be given a chance to prove himself as a useful member of the order. Darius uses swords and prefers the Male Aspect.



Li-Mei grew up in Myanna’s Garden, though Taeko was her mother Azade played a prominent role in her upbringing as well, Azade’s default attitude toward Li-Mei is better than with the other two player characters. While Li-Mei has had some formal training in Ivalia much of her talent is derived from her practical experience in Myanna’s Garden.She has shown little to no ambition and is considered by her elders to be a bit on the lazy side. Li-Mei uses hand to hand and prefers the Female Aspect.


Breedable Races

There are a good deal of races we’re looking to have playable within the game…eventually. And Flux is the guy we have set to do the art for it. But with the proof of concept build it seemed practical to keep the number of races we include down to a smaller selection. We’re just trying to showcase what we’re going for after all, not pad the entire thing out first. We’d like to leave some room for player/backer input. Besides vanilla humans, here is what we’ll be working with right out of the gate.

Primer Info

Flux’s In-Game Character Busts


In addition to the characters you pick up and Breed along the way, all with their own stats and tasks to complete in the players garden, there will be named NPCs you can interact with. Some will be located in a nearby down, some can be encountered randomly in the wild, and some can be interact with while attending the “Verdant Conclave” which occurs periodically to measure the players project. These NPCs and the relationship the player has with them will be one of the ways the player has available to them to unlock new equipment, spells, and so on.

Below are some of those NPCs as I have sketched them up, but as funding gets better and time goes on there will be alternate art provided by AnimeFlux as well. Or at least that’s the plan. Assuming we can get to that point (and we SO want to) we would have a function in the game that allows players to switch between art styles, allowing them to optimize their experience visually. Ideally I actually want to put nearly all character art into the hands of Flux, but at this stage it’s just not reasonable to ask him to put everything else on hold to do that.


Azade is the First in Myanna’s Garden and one of the most successful mortals operating for the Verdant Lust. She’s a powerful Phyllomagi and fiercely loyal to Myanna and her Agenda. She’s has successfully birthed cuirizu of her own and has been the administrator for matters dealing with mortals for Myanna for quite some time. Azade has been assigned to assist the player in setting up their own garden, guiding them on how to breed, and how to choose a first of their own.

Azade has long Black hair, dark red eyes, pale skin, and a fully formed Vitality Harness. Azade functions as an advisor to the player and as such is the mechanism through which reports and information are provided to the player. Azade functions similarly to a First for informational purposes but can not be sent to the town on the Players behalf the way a first would. When the player finally chooses a first of their own Azade ceases to function in this capacity and becomes a Guest in the Garden until the next conclave, at which time she returns to her own Garden with Myanna.

The Player may build their relationship with Azade so long as she is in the Garden. Improving the relationship with Azade allows the player to have sex with her and to obtain items or spells from her earlier than they would be available otherwise.


Myanna is (one of) the player’s Cuirizu parent(s) and is the one to lend Azade to the player so that they have guidance. Myanna is available for conversation at the beginning of the game as well as at any conclaves. Myanna has different expectations of the player depending on which cuirizu they’ve chosen to play as well as different starting attitudes toward them as well.

Myanna is a successful mistress among the cuirizu, she’s tall with dark skin, short green hair, red eyes, and various piercings. She dresses primarily in a darkleaf corset, boots, and gloves. The player can build their relationship with Myanna if they desire, allowing them to obtain a few spells or items that only Myanna can give them.


Taeko is the Second in Myanna’s Garden and considered to be a Prima Vesilla, someone who has birthed Cuirizu on more than one occasion. Taeko handles much of the day to day activity of Myanna’s garden, functioning as Azade’s assistant. She’s skilled in hand to hand combat, metal working,  and is a cunning Photomagi. For all her skill Taeko has little ambition and is happier taking direction from others.

Taeko is just below average height, is slightly tanned with short cropped black hair and brown eyes. She has a fully formed Vitality Harness with a sunburst pattern in the middle. Taeko is Li-Mei’s mother which gives her a better starting attitude but the relationship is never sexual. Players may build their relationship with Taeko at conclaves. Improving the relationship with Taeko allows the player to gain access to certain items and materials and if the player is not Li-mei they may also have sex with her.


Riva is a member of the order that has earned the scorn of the Primogen as well as other members of the order. Years ago Riva had Myanna’s child in secret, wishing to hold it as leverage over her at a later date. When it was finally revealed Riva and Myanna were both punished but Riva escalated the situation, revealing secrets of Khatima’s while accusing her of favoritism and hypocrisy. Riva has spent the time since imprisoned and being punished and has only recently been released on probation. She still plots against the order in secret.

Riva has the same skintone as Darius, has pale blue and green hair, orange eyes, and dangling jewelry around her neck and breasts. Riva appears more feminine than many Cuirizu, preferring the female aspect, but is a vicious creature with a dark agenda.

Riva can be an antagonist to the player or an ally, depending on how they choose to build their relationship. Riva’s starting attitude with the player is negative regardless of who they’ve chosen. Depending on how the relationship is developed, Riva will have sex with the player…even Darius. It is also possible that Riva will conceive the player’s child if no special precautions are taken and may try to use this against the player in the future.


Khatima is the Primogen of the Order of the Verdant Lust, as such she is the most powerful Cuirizu in the Order and has the authority to take everything from any other cuirizu within the order, either as punishment or for her own pleasure. Nearly every cuirizu in the order can trace their lineage back to Khatima.

Khatima is tall with dark skin, long flowing bright green hair, intricate piercings on her breasts, purple leather gloves and boots, and green tattoos. While pleasing Myanna is certainly an objective in the game, Khatima is the one who sits in judgment of the player at each of the conclaves. When Khatima is pleased with a players performance she can show her favor with boons and praise but when she’s unhappy with the player she can levy sanctions and issue warnings. If a player performs particularly poorly the game ends.

Khatima’s favor is best gained by way of Garden progress and meeting goals, but Khatima is a creature of vice and can be swayed by offerings from either the selection of the players pets or in the form of resources or rare items. Such offerings do not win her over wholly but can go a long way in swaying her judgement during a conclave. Khatima’s default attitude toward Darius is worse than the other two, due to the conditions of his membership to the order.


Berana is the Summer Honor Guard to Khatima and Myanna’s half sister. She is often cruel and vindictive and takes any chance she can to give the player a hard time, especially Thashin. Berana is slightly taller than Myanna, more powerfully built, with long green hair and red eyes.

While not as magically gifted as Myanna or some of the other Cuirizu, Berana possesses higher than normal physical ability even by Cuirizu standards and is capable of animating her hair for combat purposes. If given the chance Berana will find a reason to escalate a situation to a fight. It is possible to improve the relationship with Berana and earn her grudging respect. Berana will have sex with any player character with relative ease so long as they’re the one on the receiving end. Berana has a tendency to get carried away however and can leave the player fatigued from their encounter.


More Planned….

More NPCs are planned for the character to interact with and as I said earlier, lots of races to Breed with. We have a combat system for defending against raids and capturing mortals in the wild that is the MOST basic version of a conflict resolution that I’ve been able to come up with…but it could be made more complex if that’s what patrons would like to see. We have Crafting, Spells, Enchantments, Upgrades, and a bunch of other stuff that we have laid out in basic terms and intend to add to with the more funding the project can get…the more funding the more hours we can invest on a weekly basis. And people who are patrons get to cast votes and make suggestions!

Why are we Using Patreon for this?

We have a few different people working on this project right now and if we can get to a point to bring on one or two more people, we just might. Patreon presents a fairly easy way to keep everything upfront and transparent while distributing pay to each of the people involved. Builds of the game will be made available to patrons first and then eventually released as public builds as newer builds become available. Art for the game will be available BOTH on the patreon as well as on Renezuo.com’s members section and Animefluxxx.com‘s member section.

HERE is the Patreon for the Project!

The sounds of the Mistress with the First had found their way to Taeko’s chambers in the middle of the night. She’d been sound asleep and yet somehow the distant sounds of the two had still managed to reach and rouse her. She supposed that she had something of a sixth sense for this sort of thing by now. The young woman slipped out of her bed as silently as she could and made her way from her chambers down the hallway of the manor. It was an older building, here from before the war and long since abandoned by it’s owner when things got really bad. Myanna had moved in and formed her “Garden” here. Every last bit of dead wood had been “revived”, taken root, and magically shaped to suit the Plant Demon’s purposes.

The hall was willed with the foliage of the revived plant life and the other plants that lived within the building. Not only did it always smell fresh and clean in a way, but the plants often provided excellent cover for Taeko’s voyeuristic tendencies. She came to the corner slowly, the sounds of the two women’s grunting a moaning much clearer now from where she had started. She felt a slight throbbing and swelling between her legs and realized only just in that moment that the spell that the First had placed on her earlier was still active. The soft orange glow of the Virility Charm would give her away if she came around the corner too far, and if it didn’t the massive erection that the spell created on any woman it was cast upon surely would.

“Fuck me Mistress! I’m so close!” Azade’s voice called from the other room, the First had been with Taeko earlier that evening. Someone else might have wondered if perhaps Taeko hadn’t been satisfying enough or if Azade was just that needy for cock. The truth of it was a little more complex. It was true that libido’s ran high around here, so saying someone was “needy” could be an understatement. It was a combination of the food and hormones and a few other factors. But then there was the Mistress herself, Myanna of the Verdant Lust.

Myanna was a Cuirizu, a Plant Demon, and Taeko had met her quite some time ago…before Azade had been made First even. In that time she’d come to learn a fair amount about Myanna’s people and the effect that the race as a whole could have on mortals. There were several ways one of them could arouse a mortal, from the way they looked at you to their smell. Taeko had met others of her kind but found Myanna to be particularly alluring to her. She was tall, strong, powerful, intelligent. Taeko’s cock ached and her pussy quivered just thinking about her mistress and the numerous times she’d been pinned down and fucked by her. On top of all the qualities Taeko found appealing in her Mistress there was of course the magical means in which she could sway and influence a person’s libido.

Taeko herself was the Second, despite having been the first in the Garden to provide her with a child. She preferred it that way, Azade was more suited to the task of first. She had the drive for it, the intelligence, and not to mention the stamina. Azade had milked Taeko’s magically bestowed cock earlier that evening rather extensively and here she was again keeping pace with a powerful Cuirizu. The sound of their flesh slapping together was intoxicating. Before Taeko knew what she was doing she was peaking her head out from around the corner to watch the two of them together.

She’d done this a few times before. She liked to watch the other women of the Garden fuck while she pleasured herself in some dark corner, knuckle deep with two fingers in her own pussy. But Taeko liked to watch Myanna and Azade’s encounters with people particularly and then more so when it was just with each other. The two of them had an energy about them that the other seemed to feed off of. They’d engage in Marathon sessions in all parts of the manor, providing Taeko with ample time and material to masturbate too.

But now, as she watched the dark flesh of Myanna bounce up and down on the pale form of Azade, sliding in and out of her with such force and speed, she wanted to be part of it. Usually she was content to watch, the taboo of watching others fuck and masturbating to them sort of it’s own little spice for the experience, but with the aching of her cock and the drooling of her cunt, Taeko wanted more. Images of herself sandwiched between the two of them, hilt Deep in Azade while Myanna ravaged her from behind flashed through her mind. In her brief flight of fancy Myanna pulled her cock roughly from Taeko’s cunt and shoved it deep into her ass, sending a shiver of excitement shooting up her spine.

“Fill me up! I want your cum inside me!” Azade begged. Taeko’s eyes half lidded with the rush of mind numbing arousal that shot through her body.

It must have been the spell. She remembered that Azade said the spell could react oddly with certain people and with certain magics. If either or both of the women in the next room were working some sort of magical lust effect it could react with the Virility Charm on her, hell the Spell had a drastic effect whenever it was placed on Betsy. More likely though was that it was reacting with her proclivity for watching people and getting carried away. She didn’t usually have the spell on and when she did it was for a specific situation…usually with the First.

Taeko began to step into the doorway transfixed on the two. Myanna let out a long deep groan as she dumped her load into Azade. Taeko knew from personal experience that Myanna’s orgasms were always thick and copious. Not only that but the fluids of a Cuirizu often could function as an aphrodisiac, spurring a mortal to further action to satisfy the near insatiable needs of the Plant Demon. Myanna continued hammering at Azade’s cunt even as she filled her with her delicious spunk, the dual piercings along her pussy jingling slightly as she did so. Azade’s legs twitched and shook as her body gave way to it’s own orgasm and the moan of it joined Myanna’s in a two-woman chorus. A thick glob of pre-crum dripped from the tip of Taeko’s cock.

She stood now in the hallway watching the glistening cunts, the overflow of frothy jizz, the gleam of sweat, and the satisfied twitching of Myanna’s cock as the last murmurs of her climax ran their course through her body. She didn’t realize it but she was sweating herself a little, overcome with what felt like it could be a fever as she panted like a bitch in heat. Taeko needed them…both of them.

Surely they wouldn’t mind.

So this week was a fairly productive week and I have a few things for you. So hold on while we get a little chatty here.

First up is of course the Verdant Memories update that dropped on Wednesday, two new pages for the comic that I’ve been wanting to work on for a while. I have the whole of the script done for the rest of the story and it looks like it’s going to be about 30 pages or so. The pages that just went up are 9 and 10. Now that I’ve got the full script and a working schedule to go from I can produce these much faster than before. I’ve more or less introduced a few aspects of where the characters live, some background details and so on…so now we’re going to get down to the smutty stuff pretty consistently here. Remember that this comic was intended to show a sort of range of what I could do, covering story telling, sex, and even a little bit of fighting coming up here soon. Once the comic is completed we’ll then look at what people want to see more of, what changes they’d want in another comic, and even what story or cast of characters they’d like to follow. These pages will be getting posted up to the members section pretty regularly.

Next up is a new/old pic featuring Myanna. This pic has been available in the members section for a while now but I wanted to share it publicly because even after all this time and with some of its flaws I still like it a lot. I generally find that work featuring the character tends to last longer for me if not for everyone else. This one was posted up on Wednesday everywhere else and has been added to the core gallery of the public side of the site. As much as I want to make this site into something viable that can cater to fans and support me I don’t want to be locking people out. Sites like this, Flux’s, and Hizzy’s should be about supporting the artists you like rather than accessing work behind a paywall. So in the interests of good faith to that effect, I want to keep updating fairly regularly to the Core Gallery.

And last up, a while back I did a pic for http://jbtrimar.tumblr.com/ of his character Cassidy, it was just a sketch at the time but when I finished it I knew it was a pose I liked enough that I’d want to come back to it for some color once I got the chance. Well just the other day I got that chance so here she is.

As I was working on it I actually felt like she might fit pretty well into the Night Wave setting, though what her role could be in it I don’t know. She just kind of had a look about her that made me feel that way. It’d be kind of interesting for a site event maybe to open slots or requests to people where they could have one of their characters done in a style that sets them firmly in either Codex Alkotas, Night Wave or Celestial Tides. Could be fun!

Let me know what you guys think, no feedback is too small!

So if you guys don’t know, today is Hizzacked’s Birthday! A week ago I started working on a picture of her Hizzy self and then realized it would be her birthday soon so I jazzed it up for her a little bit. I have the version you see here and of course a Futa version and the long promised Ovipositor version I’ve been threatening her with over in the members section. If you haven’t done it yet, go on over to her site and wish her a happy birthday! Myanna already has.

The Cuirizu were created a long time ago as an offshoot from a prompt I was given for an online Text-base RPG. Myanna was the first of the Cuirizu to be created and over time I wanted to fill in more details about her race and what they were all about as well as show some variant characteristics as well.

Riva was the next Cuirizu to be created. Where Myanna has a vested interest in her Garden of Mortals and focuses on their quality of life and careful breeding, Riva is the opposite. Riva prefers Quantity over quality and will experiment with various mixes on a whim. Her Garden is tightly secured and it’s occupants reside in pens rather than rooms. She’s vain and petty and has secretly engaged in activities forbidden by the order of the Verdant Lust.

After Riva was created and the concept of her being something of a rule breaker came in to play I had to consider who it was that was making the rules. This was where Khatima came in and where Khatima was introduced a vast majority of the Cuirizu Lore followed. Khatima was established as the Order of the Verdant Lust’s “Primogen”. Each order follows a different set of ideals and methods for interacting with mortals and breeding new Cuirizu as set forth by their Primogen. While most Primogen are directly descended from the First Cuirizu, some are not and simply picked up the duties of Primogen when an offshoot order was created or a previous Primogen was slain.

Once the Order of the Verdant Lust was established through Khatima I began to fill out some of the other characters who occupy the order, which itself began with Khatima’s Honor Guard. Khatima has three guards of which one will accompany her at all times and which it is not uncommon for all three to be found with her while traveling. Each of the guards embodies or represents a season: Berana is Summer, Kokua is Winter, and Laselin is Autumn, with Khatima herself representing the Spring.

With the Verdant Lust set, other artists and friends of mine became interested in the characters and the lore I’d written for them. Through collaboration and suggestions given to me more Orders were created. First among the orders were the Scarlet Thorn, the Gilded Orchid, the Golden Sepal, the Vagrant Jasmine, and the Carnal Bloom. Soon after the Briar Harvest, the Elysium Apple, and the Deep Undergrowth were added along with the concept of rogue Cuirizu who were either never part of an order or chose to leave an order.

More possibilities for the Cuirizu exist still. This includes new orders with new Primogen, new structures of power, established rogues, and of course a multitude of new characters. The Cuirizu as a whole have a few traits that define them as a race and become more customizable as you narrow down their order and where they live. I’ve been working on other races to fill the world of Alkotas but I always come back to the Cuirizu as the first one I started to really hammer out for the world and did the most expansion for. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas from fans and fellow artists to fold into the canon and of course love to see when people express their appreciation for the race as a whole and for the specific characters who hail from it!

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? Put them in the comments below!