When I did the Lulu Variants earlier this year the Celestial Tides variant that I did caught the attention of Servantesnc in such a way that he wanted to see a comic with her come of it. So he’s up and commissioned the whole damn thing, so Perverse Horizons will be a Final Fantasy/Celestial Tides Mashup comic that will also include a few OCs here and there for you guys.

The Story: Lulu is an accomplished Psion of the United Solar Federation with a storied career of daring exploits and feats of psionic strength. However Psions have restricted rights in the USF and few are ever given their own command. Plenty of them have their own small shot range ships, Lulu has the Fira for example, but few have ever been trusted enough to have a whole crew under their command. Lulu is looking to change that and has her eyes on a particular admiral who she might be able to convince.

This will be a full length comic along the veins of the experimental Verdant Memories comic with subscribers getting advance looks at everything along with WIPs and concepts. Uncensored, Borderless, and Textless version of the pic available in the members area.

I had a huge hankering to do a pic of Lulu…..and then it kind of snowballed. I had an idea for a few outfits and then put it up in my discord that I would hear ideas for other outfits or themes for outfits as well and then it was off to the races. Now with that being said most of these are all just sketches but there will be a few of them that will be getting colored. Which ones? Well its going to end up being put to a vote, and when that vote goes live it’ll point back to this post so people can get a better look at things than they might get elsewhere. Voting will be handled via my twitter account. The public will get to choose one, the site members will get to choose one, and then I’ll throw in a couple others.