So this week was a fairly productive week and I have a few things for you. So hold on while we get a little chatty here.

First up is of course the Verdant Memories update that dropped on Wednesday, two new pages for the comic that I’ve been wanting to work on for a while. I have the whole of the script done for the rest of the story and it looks like it’s going to be about 30 pages or so. The pages that just went up are 9 and 10. Now that I’ve got the full script and a working schedule to go from I can produce these much faster than before. I’ve more or less introduced a few aspects of where the characters live, some background details and so on…so now we’re going to get down to the smutty stuff pretty consistently here. Remember that this comic was intended to show a sort of range of what I could do, covering story telling, sex, and even a little bit of fighting coming up here soon. Once the comic is completed we’ll then look at what people want to see more of, what changes they’d want in another comic, and even what story or cast of characters they’d like to follow. These pages will be getting posted up to the members section pretty regularly.

Next up is a new/old pic featuring Myanna. This pic has been available in the members section for a while now but I wanted to share it publicly because even after all this time and with some of its flaws I still like it a lot. I generally find that work featuring the character tends to last longer for me if not for everyone else. This one was posted up on Wednesday everywhere else and has been added to the core gallery of the public side of the site. As much as I want to make this site into something viable that can cater to fans and support me I don’t want to be locking people out. Sites like this, Flux’s, and Hizzy’s should be about supporting the artists you like rather than accessing work behind a paywall. So in the interests of good faith to that effect, I want to keep updating fairly regularly to the Core Gallery.

And last up, a while back I did a pic for of his character Cassidy, it was just a sketch at the time but when I finished it I knew it was a pose I liked enough that I’d want to come back to it for some color once I got the chance. Well just the other day I got that chance so here she is.

As I was working on it I actually felt like she might fit pretty well into the Night Wave setting, though what her role could be in it I don’t know. She just kind of had a look about her that made me feel that way. It’d be kind of interesting for a site event maybe to open slots or requests to people where they could have one of their characters done in a style that sets them firmly in either Codex Alkotas, Night Wave or Celestial Tides. Could be fun!

Let me know what you guys think, no feedback is too small!

So far with the site I have been doing all of my updates on Wednesdays. This has meant that on Wednesday, members have been getting fairly large dumps of content, usually four to five pics in a mixed bag. Sometimes a theme is attached to all of them and sometimes not. After getting some feedback I’ve decided to break this up into smaller pieces and spread them out a little bit. So instead of updating just on Wednesday I’ll be switching to Wednesday and Friday as well. So be sure to check in on those days if you’re a member. The public side will be updated less often but I would like to keep things at the ratio I have so far. Usually for every two or three major releases I put up on the member side I try to put something up on the public side FROM the member side.

Like this pic. I did this picture of Power Girl a while back and when I first finished it I wanted to plaster it all over the place. I haven’t read much in the line of DC comics in a long time but back when I used to work at a comic shop I would dip into whatever comics I wanted. I enjoyed Power Girl and I enjoyed the kind of idea of her story… depending on her iteration. The one I’m familiar with is Power Girl as a “Supergirl” from another universe, a silver age universe before things got scaled to the point that they are at now. So she’s not as powerful as some Kryptonians but she also doesn’t have their same weaknesses. She’s older, more mature, and more powerful looking than Supergirl as well. I still enjoy this pic and looking back to it I realize how much I enjoy some POV shots.

I have a fairly sizeable update this week for the beginning of the month!

  • Article: Spell Focus-Virility Charm article on member side
  • Image: Ivy L’Heureux with Futa Variant
  • Image: Zinnastina with Futa Variant
  • Image: Razylym with Wallpaper extra
  • Pathfinder stats for the Virility Charm Spell
  • New pics added to public Core Gallery
  • New Discord Server with a Public channel and a channel for members and patrons

Updates to the Core gallery on the public side here are to keep in line with things that have been posted on HF, twitter, and so on. Allowing people to rely more on this for public releases. Also as mentioned above I have a new Discord server which I am making available to the public. The general channel will be used by everyone but there will also be a Channel dedicated each to site members and patrons of the Ruff Moose patreon. These exclusive channels will be another place where I will be placing news of updates for when they go live but will ALSO be a way for you to provide feedback and see WIPs of upcoming projects. And of course the server can be used to do up some gaming and the like.

Below are the new pics included to the Core Gallery!

There’s a new update up in the members section featuring Millia of Guilty Gear wrapped up in her own hair bondage style, the update has a total of 17 variants! I wanted to practice with a new way of structuring my process so as to lend itself to doing variants and then see how much I could do. Lot of stuff learned in this seemingly simple process for me and the result will be more pics with variants in the future….albeit not 17 variants.

I would also like to let everybody know that I will be streaming more regularly in the coming days. Anytime I’m inking or coloring something I will try to stream it for you, but the sketching will likely stay something that I just don’t stream. Not only is my sketching messy but often times it can be me drawing the same few lines over and over and over again with slight variations until I settle on something. The process of trying out poses and anatomy can sometimes be frustrating and often time consuming. But everything else should be free game, so people who are interested in streams, go bookmark my Picarto right now!

And lastly is Patreon which some of you might have questions about. Originally the plan was to convert my Patreon over to a different pay format and have that be the platform from which myself and AnimeFlux were going to get our game going. So what happened? Why did I shut it down? Well as it turns out once you have an account set to charge up front there is no way to change the payment method AT ALL. I signed up for charge up front a while back when they first started rolling it out because a lot of people were taking content but not paying, it seemed like a practical solution. At the time there was a warning attached to the option saying you couldn’t revert it but it was worded in such a way that I thought that just meant you couldn’t go back to charging at end-of-month. That seemed fine to me, why would I want to go back to a broken format? Well it turns out what they MEANT was that there was no way to alter the pay settings in any way. So I wouldn’t be able to change over from a monthly charge to a “per release” format, which was more appropriate for the game. After some talking with patreon they told me there was nothing they could do and I decided to shut my patreon down….

And make a new one from scratch.

This new patreon is going to have a bit of an uphill battle in getting as established as my old one or Flux’s current one, but we’re not in a hurry because charging is done only when we have something to GIVE you guys. That patreon will be effective though in keeping a GROUP project separate from my own solo projects. Nearly everyone involved has their own stuff going on so we don’t want you being charged every month if our lives get a little hectic. It seems fair to you and keeps the pressure off of us.

The patreon will manage multiple game projects, one after the other. We’re not intending to start working on one game and have it continue on forever. We have a start and an end and a lot of content we CAN put in the middle depending on interest and momentum. But once we wrap the project it’s done and we move on to the next. The first project is going to be a Breeding/Resource Management game where you play as a Cuirizu mistress managing an estate of mortals who you need to breed together in order to breed a vessel capable of giving you yourself a Cuirizu offspring to present to the head of your Order. I’ve written the system we’re using and of course it takes place in the Codex Alkotas world, Flux will be doing a lot of the character art, EventSpawn is handling our Coding, and my friend Ofidian is covering UI elements for us.

Once this project is done we’re planning on switching over to a project for Flux that he’s had rattling around in his head for a while and just not had a chance to really put a lot of work toward. He has a pretty good idea of what he wants to do and where he wants it to go, it’s just the fine details that will need a little tweaking along the way. So while his and my site’s will handle our solo projects, the Patreon is specifically to manage the compensation for a GROUP. If you’re interested in getting a hold of our games, giving your input, or being part of the process go check out the patreon Now!

The first pic from the Urcare requests is up in the members section and more will be following it. I have a couple others started and am hoping to finish them in time before Christmas but even if I don’t remember that Urcare goes until the end of the month, so even if there isn’t a bunch of stuff up by the 25th, there’s still til the 31st for me to get a couple of them done, we’ll see how it goes.

As many of you know this is the last month of my patreon in it’s current format. Next month AnimeFlux and myself are converting the patreon over to dedicate it to producing games. We will be dropping the monthly charge there and going with a “per release” format until we can ascertain interest and get a good workflow going. We don’t want to be charging people every month of the project ends up with few patrons. Nearly everything I’ve been doing on my patreon up to this point will be moving over to the site here and on the members section. If you’re looking to keep your support going and would like to get a lot MORE for your buck, this is the place to be.

So to commemorate the shift, the last pic from Patreon will be available here in the public section. The pic was voted on by people on patreon and ended up being Angel’s Red and Green. I’ve been getting some feedback from a few of you on the side and I’ve been taking it into consideration. There will be some things that I’ll tweak around here and the members section alike so keep an eye out. And as always if you have more feedback to give feel free to drop it here or on pics themselves, I always love getting comments and questions.

If I don’t get another post up before the holidays I wish you all a good one!

Hizzacked and flux had me as a special guest on their podcast, Pillowfort Pub. We took questions from their sites and talked a little on how we got to where we are and our experiences in becoming smutty artists. My voice is considerably less obnoxious in this then I would have originally suspected.

Seeing as it is their podcast I’ll just put a link HERE that kicks you over to the post on Flux’s site where he has it posted so go check it out!

Millenia ago, when the seasonal courts first came in to existence Ghetea, the Goddess of Ice, gifted the Throne of Winter to the High King of the Winter courts as a symbol of his dominion over Winter itself. Today in Alkotas, this generous gifting from one of the Old Gods to the Fae Court is celebrated during the Urcare Festival during the last week of Coldseed. Gifts are exchanged in preparation for the winter ahead, often to provide literal or figurative warmth and comfort in the colder months.

So to celebrate Winter gifting on Alkotas and in our own world, I will be doing requests for the whole (real month) of December! All you have to do is place your request in the comment section of this post to build a list for me to work from. Once we start to get a list I’ll start picking out some ideas that grab me and posting them up in the members area! Not all requests will be done, but as thanks to everyone supporting me I will try to do as many as I can. The only restriction is that your request MUST be limited to two or less characters, be fairly simple, and will be cel shaded. This will allow me to get more of these done for more people with something of a streamlined process. You are not restricted to FanArt or OCs nor are you restricted to pics of a seasonal nature. If you would like to keep things seasonal, by all means do so! Everyone IS limited to ONE request per person so give it a little thought before you put it up here.

And a Happy Urcare to everyone!

Once, long ago, there was a paladin by the name of Drak who served Laethanta, the Goddess of the Sun, faithfully and loyally. Such was his dedication to her ideals and to law that the Goddess herself grew to love the Paladin and he in turn loved her. With each new deed and act of greatness, word of Drak spread across the realms of Alkotas, it seemed certain he would be made a Guardian to Laethanta in short time and the two could be together eternally.

But there was another who desired Drak. Tenebra, Goddess of the Night and sister of Laethanta, grew jealous and sought to capture Drak’s attention and make him her Lover and Guardian instead.

On the first night Tenebra appeared to Drak she gave him gifts and promised him wealth if he would be hers, but he refused her.

On the second night Tenebra appeared to Drak she promised him immense power if he would be hers, but again he refused her.

On the third night Tenebra appeared to Drak she promised him pleasures of the flesh no mortal had ever known, but again he refused her.

Spurned Thrice by a mortal, Tenebra went into a fit of rage and cursed the Paladin to never again know the touch of Daylight or the kiss of the sun. He would never be with his beloved Laethanta for her touch and all her domain would be fatal not only to his mortal body but to his soul as well. He would forever roam Alkotas by night, never being able to step into the light of day.

But Drak was a man of indomitable will and righteous fury. Upon realizing the depth of this curse the Paladin waged war upon the lands and holdings of Tenebra. Her followers were slain by the dozens, her temples were burned, and her lands were seized. Drak vowed to take everything from Tenebra as she had done to him unless she lifted the curse.

She refused.

But nor could she tolerate such an affront to her divinity. She directed her best warriors, most powerful clerics, and most faithful followers to seek the Paladin out and destroy him. All who made the attempt failed.

In desperation Tenebra turned to the other Gods not aligned with her sister. Most of the gods refused to hear her but the elemental gods. All but Kovma, the Metal Lord, decided to help her as a wager between themselves to see who’s element would succeed in stopping the rampaging Paladin. To make the competition fair, each of the elemental gods restricted themselves to one curse each. If one failed the next in line would make an attempt.

The First of the Gods was Roztok, the Water God. Drak’s homeland was on an island and so to stop him Roztok cursed him to never again be able to cross running Water. But such was Drak’s following and so loyal were those sworn to him that they made a bridge of land for him to cross to the mainland.

The Second of the Gods was Pamant, the Earth Goddess,  who saw Drak’s determination cursed him to never know rest unless he slept upon the soil of his homeland. Drak had crates filled with soil from the island and crossed the bridge, resting in the soil he brought with him when he grew weary.

The Third of the Gods was Ghetea, the Goddess of Ice who cursed Drak’s heart and body to grow so cold that he would fall into an eternally frozen state. But so hot was Drak’s rage with the gods now that he would not freeze, though his body now held no warmth.

The Fourth of the Gods was Vazdu, the Air Lord, who saw the fires of Drak’s rage and stole from him the air of his life’s breath that fueled it.

The Fifth of the Gods was Fulgor, the God of Lightning, who mocked his brethren and declared his own victory upon stopping Drak’s heart so that his blood would curdle in his veins. Such was Drak’s hunger for vengeance now that he took from other men the fresh blood he required.

The Sixth of the Gods was Rastlina, The Goddess of the Wood,  who had waited patiently for her turn and observed the curses of her brethren. Rastlina considered how to catch Drak off guard and looked to the victims of his growing slaughter. The curses of the gods had warped the Paladin in to a monster who moved by night and stole the blood of innocent men and women. His rage and hunger were endless and his fight was no longer just with Tenebra’s people but all peoples of Alkotas. Rastlina, seeking the protect the innocent,  then cursed Drak to be rendered inert when crossing or touching any item crafted by a carpenter’s hand for the express purpose of securing a home. When Drak, who had lost the loyalty of all his followers, came to the next town to raze it to the ground he found himself unable to cross the threshold of any home and unable to stand in the presence of any of the people’s talisman’s.

Alone and frustrated with his apparent impotence, Drak retreated to a cave that housed a crate of his home soil. Rastlina had advised her followers to remain clear of the lair but one man, a wanderer of the wilds, chose instead to seek the lair out as Drak slept. When the wanderer found the crate with the soil and Drak within he drew a stake used to secure his tent from his pack and drove it through Drak’s heart. Unable to move or act, Drak was left paralyzed in the cave by the wanderer. The gods believed Drak defeated and Rastlina the winner of the wager.

But time was Drak’s ally and when the crate and the stake rotted away Drak arose once more, more monstrous and hateful than ever. The elemental gods rescinded the declaration of Rastlina’s victory and the next god in line was bid to act.

The Seventh of the Gods was Flacara, the God of the Flames, who had become enraged by the failure of his brethren and the audacity of the fallen Paladin. Rather than curse Drak, Flacara personally challenged him to a duel, which the other Gods allowed out of desperation. The two fought in one of the highest temples dedicated to Flacara where no god nor mortal was permitted to spectate. After hours of combat Flacara emerged alone only to announce that he had lost the duel.

When asked how he had lost, Flacara would not say. When asked where Drak had gone, Flacara would not say. For Drak had promised not to tell another soul of how he had conquered the Fire Lord if Flacara would not tell a soul where he had gone. It was in this duel and this oath that Flacara had reclaimed a portion of the man from the beast within to give halt to his rampage. Flacara was declared the winner.

Though his campaign of destruction has ended it is said that Drak still wanders the world, trying to repent for his sins and redeem what he has left of his soul in the hopes that he might be able to find his way into the light once again to be with his beloved Laethanta.

The Cuirizu were created a long time ago as an offshoot from a prompt I was given for an online Text-base RPG. Myanna was the first of the Cuirizu to be created and over time I wanted to fill in more details about her race and what they were all about as well as show some variant characteristics as well.

Riva was the next Cuirizu to be created. Where Myanna has a vested interest in her Garden of Mortals and focuses on their quality of life and careful breeding, Riva is the opposite. Riva prefers Quantity over quality and will experiment with various mixes on a whim. Her Garden is tightly secured and it’s occupants reside in pens rather than rooms. She’s vain and petty and has secretly engaged in activities forbidden by the order of the Verdant Lust.

After Riva was created and the concept of her being something of a rule breaker came in to play I had to consider who it was that was making the rules. This was where Khatima came in and where Khatima was introduced a vast majority of the Cuirizu Lore followed. Khatima was established as the Order of the Verdant Lust’s “Primogen”. Each order follows a different set of ideals and methods for interacting with mortals and breeding new Cuirizu as set forth by their Primogen. While most Primogen are directly descended from the First Cuirizu, some are not and simply picked up the duties of Primogen when an offshoot order was created or a previous Primogen was slain.

Once the Order of the Verdant Lust was established through Khatima I began to fill out some of the other characters who occupy the order, which itself began with Khatima’s Honor Guard. Khatima has three guards of which one will accompany her at all times and which it is not uncommon for all three to be found with her while traveling. Each of the guards embodies or represents a season: Berana is Summer, Kokua is Winter, and Laselin is Autumn, with Khatima herself representing the Spring.

With the Verdant Lust set, other artists and friends of mine became interested in the characters and the lore I’d written for them. Through collaboration and suggestions given to me more Orders were created. First among the orders were the Scarlet Thorn, the Gilded Orchid, the Golden Sepal, the Vagrant Jasmine, and the Carnal Bloom. Soon after the Briar Harvest, the Elysium Apple, and the Deep Undergrowth were added along with the concept of rogue Cuirizu who were either never part of an order or chose to leave an order.

More possibilities for the Cuirizu exist still. This includes new orders with new Primogen, new structures of power, established rogues, and of course a multitude of new characters. The Cuirizu as a whole have a few traits that define them as a race and become more customizable as you narrow down their order and where they live. I’ve been working on other races to fill the world of Alkotas but I always come back to the Cuirizu as the first one I started to really hammer out for the world and did the most expansion for. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas from fans and fellow artists to fold into the canon and of course love to see when people express their appreciation for the race as a whole and for the specific characters who hail from it!

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? Put them in the comments below!



Welcome Everybody to, the place in which I’ll be operating out of from here on out!

As many of you know, I’ve been running a Patreon for a couple of years now. In that time I’ve discovered the benefits and limits of that format. It’s definitely got a lot of artists out there and it’s really done a lot to get people engaged with artists on an individual level. But Patreon has it’s problems that range from payment processing to security to posting formats. For a lot of people joining a patreon, going back through previous posts can be time consuming and can become even more of a hassle of an artist has been using the “e-mail method” for all of their releases. But having your own site works a little differently. With a site I have a lot more freedom with my format and a lot more freedom in the range of content I can offer therein.

So like… what kinds of stuff?

First off, I want to expand on my original content and the worlds they belong to. Fanart is great and almost every artists loves doing it for one reason or another but one of the most rewarding things anyone can experience is having their own creations can traction and be something that someone else might eventually do fanart of. I’m a strong believer that while many people just hit up pictures for fappage, plenty of them like to have that extra level of context that helps create the fantasy. I also believe it’s entirely possible to create great smut and tell a good story at the same time. My core setting, Codex Alkotas, is more or less a Dark Erotic Fantasy. You have your fantasy creatures, shifting alliances, magic, and so on…but you also have a very overt sexual theme that’s in there as well.

In addition to this I’d like to offer other materials related to those settings and characters as well as media that’s just fun to listen to or watch. One of the things I’d like to start getting rolling is offering materials for people to use in games, whether it be a Cuirizu monster Block for Pathfinder or the materials to my own original system that I’ve been building Angel Rangers on. And lastly there is, of course, comics. I started working on Verdant Memories a while back but kept getting diverted by the needs of things on Patreon. With my site I should not only be able to focus down the project to it’s completion but work on telling other stories of other characters people would be interested in.

So what happens to my patreon?

Well it’s going to change format. AnimeFlux, Myself, and a couple of other guys are going to be working on doing some development for game stuff. While some of you have seen the Angel Rangers project I was working on and may want to see that get done first, unfortunately it’s getting put on the back burner. Right now we have an idea that’s smaller in scale and might actually be easier to do releases for based on it’s format. We’ll be announcing this project soon and using my Patreon to manage the funding for it. The Patreon will shift over to a “per release” format and will not be changing people by the month any longer. If interest in the game projects is high enough and we can justify a ton of time being put into it we might switch back over to the per month format.

What’s the deal with Kupaa Networks?

Kupaa Networks provides the server space for,, and and links each of those sites together. If you are subscribed to one you gain access to all of them. Each of the sites is secure with the best we could get our hands on and provides flexible payment options. Kupaa functions on a multi-tiered format that will bring in more creators at different levels to offer more people many of the same options Hizzacked, AnimeFlux, and myself enjoy. Money is not shared between sites, you can subscribe to more than one to offer support but it’s not required in any way. We have an interest in developing our own IPs yes, but we’re also looking to work on things collaboratively. Other networks exist out there, and a lot of them are linked sites with their own offerings. Basically it’s like a collection plate that goes around, artists drop in what they have, and things get updated. With Kupaa we’re looking to engage with our users as well as each other in providing something that is not only enjoyable for our audience but also worth the money to every subscriber.

There’s a lot more to Kupaa than I’ve explained here. It’s actually fairly in depth and expansion will be happening in the future, but we don’t want to give everything away just yet. There’s some real cool stuff in the works that I know everyone will enjoy!