Some of you who follow my work may already be familiar with the world of Hydro Brawl, but for those of you who are new to the idea Welcome!

Hydro Brawl was originally conceived simply as personifying sodas as sexy girls in a way that I hadn’t seen done before. I’d had this random idea of these girls competing in a martial arts style of hydrokinetic fighting and kind of went from there. The initial run consisted only of Mountain Dew flavors because each one of them had a clearly defined style and gimmick that worked for the idea very well.

In the world of Hydro Brawl the fighters are all Hydrokinetic and fight on a stage elevated above a large pool. A fighter wins by Knock out, Ring Out, or Tap Out. The winner gets to have their way with the loser, with sexual contact during the match itself also being very common. Secondary forms of elemental Kinesis have been allowed into the league so long as the fighters are primarily Hydrokinetics.

Last year (or the year before? I forget) I did a proper tournament of the characters which sadly ended in a tie. This year however I had a new twist on the idea and that was to put Hydro Brawl in to a World Tour with new characters (and flavors) created by fellow Kupaa artists Hizzacked and AnimeFlux!

This will not be a full tournament the way I’ve done it in the past. Each artist puts up TWO flavors and people will vote on which they like best. The winners of these polls will then advance to a Three-way collaborative piece by all three artists! Each of the artists are treated as their own “leagues” but the below brief bits of lore apply loosely to all three. I tend towards glowy wetsuits, Hizzacked has a firm Cyberpunk influence, and AnimeFlux has a modern take on it that kind of reminds of a skullgirls kind of thing.

So hit up the twitter accounts to do the voting, check out the lore below and the pic I did for this announcement and check back in a weeks time to see who won! But also, if you have ideas of your own, if you’d like to make your own Hydro Brawler based on a soda you like, feel free to do so and have fun with it. You can tag me us on twitter or you can even post links in the comments section here if you like! If you do the latter, be advised that if you’ve not commented before it won’t post immediately, I will go in and approve it and from there you’ll be on auto approve in the future! Alternatively if you’d like to share things a little more in real time or just want to shoot the breeze you’re free to join my Discord!

Hizzacked’s Twitter is HERE and AnimeFlux’s Twitter is HERE. Mine is HERE.

Some of you may have noticed there hasn’t been an update for a little bit and some of you may have heard about the game I’ve been mentioning. Well these two things are related. For the last week and a half I’ve been grinding out art, systems, and writing for the game we are Tentatively calling Project Demon Seed. Now that I’ve built up some things I’m going to share with you some of what myself and AnimeFlux have been working on. Our intention is to come up with a “Proof of Concept” build that is to be released to EVERYONE to fiddle with. This particular build will be incredibly limited, like a pre-alpha, but is intended to show you more of what we’re looking to accomplish before charging anyone a dime. We’re not out to gouge anyone for anything, we’re genuinely excited to be working on something like this.

We have a separate patreon set up HERE, specifically to fund this Project and allocate appropriate hours to the work. After you’ve looked this all over, go check it out and sign up!

The Game

Project Demon Seed is a Breeding and Resource Management game set in the realm of Zelmesca. You play as a Cuirizu who has been put out into the world to start a “Garden” of your own to capture and Breed mortals. In the end you’re expected to produce the next generation of Cuirizu to bolster the ranks of the Verdant Lust. It won’t be just a matter of banging the first girl you find though. Cuirizu are a dangerous thing to bring to term and the exact methods of how to accomplish it vary from person to person. It’s up to you to find a nice strong vessel to carry that child to term…or breed one of your own. All the while you must maintain and defend the garden in which you keep your mortal pets. You will also have the option to bang them of course, as well as cozy up to named NPCs from town.

The Player


You will have the option to choose from Three Cuirizu player characters. While EVERY cuirizu will eventually have the ability to shift their genders in game, each of the player characters has a “Native” aspect they typically return to. It’s this aspect that you start as. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses in the game itself. Each start with different traits and different resources to get them going.


Thashin grew up among humans before being brought to Ivalia to be formally trained. Thashin is young and inexperienced but has more skill in dealing with people than the other two player options and is generally the most well liked among other cuirizu of the order who she speaks with. Thashin uses pole arms and favors the Dual Aspect.



Darius would be a misfit with any order of the cuirizu but is especially so with the order of the Verdant Lust. Darius is the product of breeding between two cuirizu and was born in secret. He was raised to believe he was a Cuirizathi by Riva but recently has come to realize he is a proper cuirizu like any other. Despite the nature of his birth Khatima has ruled that Darius be given a chance to prove himself as a useful member of the order. Darius uses swords and prefers the Male Aspect.



Li-Mei grew up in Myanna’s Garden, though Taeko was her mother Azade played a prominent role in her upbringing as well, Azade’s default attitude toward Li-Mei is better than with the other two player characters. While Li-Mei has had some formal training in Ivalia much of her talent is derived from her practical experience in Myanna’s Garden.She has shown little to no ambition and is considered by her elders to be a bit on the lazy side. Li-Mei uses hand to hand and prefers the Female Aspect.


Breedable Races

There are a good deal of races we’re looking to have playable within the game…eventually. And Flux is the guy we have set to do the art for it. But with the proof of concept build it seemed practical to keep the number of races we include down to a smaller selection. We’re just trying to showcase what we’re going for after all, not pad the entire thing out first. We’d like to leave some room for player/backer input. Besides vanilla humans, here is what we’ll be working with right out of the gate.

Primer Info

Flux’s In-Game Character Busts


In addition to the characters you pick up and Breed along the way, all with their own stats and tasks to complete in the players garden, there will be named NPCs you can interact with. Some will be located in a nearby down, some can be encountered randomly in the wild, and some can be interact with while attending the “Verdant Conclave” which occurs periodically to measure the players project. These NPCs and the relationship the player has with them will be one of the ways the player has available to them to unlock new equipment, spells, and so on.

Below are some of those NPCs as I have sketched them up, but as funding gets better and time goes on there will be alternate art provided by AnimeFlux as well. Or at least that’s the plan. Assuming we can get to that point (and we SO want to) we would have a function in the game that allows players to switch between art styles, allowing them to optimize their experience visually. Ideally I actually want to put nearly all character art into the hands of Flux, but at this stage it’s just not reasonable to ask him to put everything else on hold to do that.


Azade is the First in Myanna’s Garden and one of the most successful mortals operating for the Verdant Lust. She’s a powerful Phyllomagi and fiercely loyal to Myanna and her Agenda. She’s has successfully birthed cuirizu of her own and has been the administrator for matters dealing with mortals for Myanna for quite some time. Azade has been assigned to assist the player in setting up their own garden, guiding them on how to breed, and how to choose a first of their own.

Azade has long Black hair, dark red eyes, pale skin, and a fully formed Vitality Harness. Azade functions as an advisor to the player and as such is the mechanism through which reports and information are provided to the player. Azade functions similarly to a First for informational purposes but can not be sent to the town on the Players behalf the way a first would. When the player finally chooses a first of their own Azade ceases to function in this capacity and becomes a Guest in the Garden until the next conclave, at which time she returns to her own Garden with Myanna.

The Player may build their relationship with Azade so long as she is in the Garden. Improving the relationship with Azade allows the player to have sex with her and to obtain items or spells from her earlier than they would be available otherwise.


Myanna is (one of) the player’s Cuirizu parent(s) and is the one to lend Azade to the player so that they have guidance. Myanna is available for conversation at the beginning of the game as well as at any conclaves. Myanna has different expectations of the player depending on which cuirizu they’ve chosen to play as well as different starting attitudes toward them as well.

Myanna is a successful mistress among the cuirizu, she’s tall with dark skin, short green hair, red eyes, and various piercings. She dresses primarily in a darkleaf corset, boots, and gloves. The player can build their relationship with Myanna if they desire, allowing them to obtain a few spells or items that only Myanna can give them.


Taeko is the Second in Myanna’s Garden and considered to be a Prima Vesilla, someone who has birthed Cuirizu on more than one occasion. Taeko handles much of the day to day activity of Myanna’s garden, functioning as Azade’s assistant. She’s skilled in hand to hand combat, metal working,  and is a cunning Photomagi. For all her skill Taeko has little ambition and is happier taking direction from others.

Taeko is just below average height, is slightly tanned with short cropped black hair and brown eyes. She has a fully formed Vitality Harness with a sunburst pattern in the middle. Taeko is Li-Mei’s mother which gives her a better starting attitude but the relationship is never sexual. Players may build their relationship with Taeko at conclaves. Improving the relationship with Taeko allows the player to gain access to certain items and materials and if the player is not Li-mei they may also have sex with her.


Riva is a member of the order that has earned the scorn of the Primogen as well as other members of the order. Years ago Riva had Myanna’s child in secret, wishing to hold it as leverage over her at a later date. When it was finally revealed Riva and Myanna were both punished but Riva escalated the situation, revealing secrets of Khatima’s while accusing her of favoritism and hypocrisy. Riva has spent the time since imprisoned and being punished and has only recently been released on probation. She still plots against the order in secret.

Riva has the same skintone as Darius, has pale blue and green hair, orange eyes, and dangling jewelry around her neck and breasts. Riva appears more feminine than many Cuirizu, preferring the female aspect, but is a vicious creature with a dark agenda.

Riva can be an antagonist to the player or an ally, depending on how they choose to build their relationship. Riva’s starting attitude with the player is negative regardless of who they’ve chosen. Depending on how the relationship is developed, Riva will have sex with the player…even Darius. It is also possible that Riva will conceive the player’s child if no special precautions are taken and may try to use this against the player in the future.


Khatima is the Primogen of the Order of the Verdant Lust, as such she is the most powerful Cuirizu in the Order and has the authority to take everything from any other cuirizu within the order, either as punishment or for her own pleasure. Nearly every cuirizu in the order can trace their lineage back to Khatima.

Khatima is tall with dark skin, long flowing bright green hair, intricate piercings on her breasts, purple leather gloves and boots, and green tattoos. While pleasing Myanna is certainly an objective in the game, Khatima is the one who sits in judgment of the player at each of the conclaves. When Khatima is pleased with a players performance she can show her favor with boons and praise but when she’s unhappy with the player she can levy sanctions and issue warnings. If a player performs particularly poorly the game ends.

Khatima’s favor is best gained by way of Garden progress and meeting goals, but Khatima is a creature of vice and can be swayed by offerings from either the selection of the players pets or in the form of resources or rare items. Such offerings do not win her over wholly but can go a long way in swaying her judgement during a conclave. Khatima’s default attitude toward Darius is worse than the other two, due to the conditions of his membership to the order.


Berana is the Summer Honor Guard to Khatima and Myanna’s half sister. She is often cruel and vindictive and takes any chance she can to give the player a hard time, especially Thashin. Berana is slightly taller than Myanna, more powerfully built, with long green hair and red eyes.

While not as magically gifted as Myanna or some of the other Cuirizu, Berana possesses higher than normal physical ability even by Cuirizu standards and is capable of animating her hair for combat purposes. If given the chance Berana will find a reason to escalate a situation to a fight. It is possible to improve the relationship with Berana and earn her grudging respect. Berana will have sex with any player character with relative ease so long as they’re the one on the receiving end. Berana has a tendency to get carried away however and can leave the player fatigued from their encounter.


More Planned….

More NPCs are planned for the character to interact with and as I said earlier, lots of races to Breed with. We have a combat system for defending against raids and capturing mortals in the wild that is the MOST basic version of a conflict resolution that I’ve been able to come up with…but it could be made more complex if that’s what patrons would like to see. We have Crafting, Spells, Enchantments, Upgrades, and a bunch of other stuff that we have laid out in basic terms and intend to add to with the more funding the project can get…the more funding the more hours we can invest on a weekly basis. And people who are patrons get to cast votes and make suggestions!

Why are we Using Patreon for this?

We have a few different people working on this project right now and if we can get to a point to bring on one or two more people, we just might. Patreon presents a fairly easy way to keep everything upfront and transparent while distributing pay to each of the people involved. Builds of the game will be made available to patrons first and then eventually released as public builds as newer builds become available. Art for the game will be available BOTH on the patreon as well as on’s members section and‘s member section.

HERE is the Patreon for the Project!

There’s a new update up in the members section featuring Millia of Guilty Gear wrapped up in her own hair bondage style, the update has a total of 17 variants! I wanted to practice with a new way of structuring my process so as to lend itself to doing variants and then see how much I could do. Lot of stuff learned in this seemingly simple process for me and the result will be more pics with variants in the future….albeit not 17 variants.

I would also like to let everybody know that I will be streaming more regularly in the coming days. Anytime I’m inking or coloring something I will try to stream it for you, but the sketching will likely stay something that I just don’t stream. Not only is my sketching messy but often times it can be me drawing the same few lines over and over and over again with slight variations until I settle on something. The process of trying out poses and anatomy can sometimes be frustrating and often time consuming. But everything else should be free game, so people who are interested in streams, go bookmark my Picarto right now!

And lastly is Patreon which some of you might have questions about. Originally the plan was to convert my Patreon over to a different pay format and have that be the platform from which myself and AnimeFlux were going to get our game going. So what happened? Why did I shut it down? Well as it turns out once you have an account set to charge up front there is no way to change the payment method AT ALL. I signed up for charge up front a while back when they first started rolling it out because a lot of people were taking content but not paying, it seemed like a practical solution. At the time there was a warning attached to the option saying you couldn’t revert it but it was worded in such a way that I thought that just meant you couldn’t go back to charging at end-of-month. That seemed fine to me, why would I want to go back to a broken format? Well it turns out what they MEANT was that there was no way to alter the pay settings in any way. So I wouldn’t be able to change over from a monthly charge to a “per release” format, which was more appropriate for the game. After some talking with patreon they told me there was nothing they could do and I decided to shut my patreon down….

And make a new one from scratch.

This new patreon is going to have a bit of an uphill battle in getting as established as my old one or Flux’s current one, but we’re not in a hurry because charging is done only when we have something to GIVE you guys. That patreon will be effective though in keeping a GROUP project separate from my own solo projects. Nearly everyone involved has their own stuff going on so we don’t want you being charged every month if our lives get a little hectic. It seems fair to you and keeps the pressure off of us.

The patreon will manage multiple game projects, one after the other. We’re not intending to start working on one game and have it continue on forever. We have a start and an end and a lot of content we CAN put in the middle depending on interest and momentum. But once we wrap the project it’s done and we move on to the next. The first project is going to be a Breeding/Resource Management game where you play as a Cuirizu mistress managing an estate of mortals who you need to breed together in order to breed a vessel capable of giving you yourself a Cuirizu offspring to present to the head of your Order. I’ve written the system we’re using and of course it takes place in the Codex Alkotas world, Flux will be doing a lot of the character art, EventSpawn is handling our Coding, and my friend Ofidian is covering UI elements for us.

Once this project is done we’re planning on switching over to a project for Flux that he’s had rattling around in his head for a while and just not had a chance to really put a lot of work toward. He has a pretty good idea of what he wants to do and where he wants it to go, it’s just the fine details that will need a little tweaking along the way. So while his and my site’s will handle our solo projects, the Patreon is specifically to manage the compensation for a GROUP. If you’re interested in getting a hold of our games, giving your input, or being part of the process go check out the patreon Now!

Hizzacked and flux had me as a special guest on their podcast, Pillowfort Pub. We took questions from their sites and talked a little on how we got to where we are and our experiences in becoming smutty artists. My voice is considerably less obnoxious in this then I would have originally suspected.

Seeing as it is their podcast I’ll just put a link HERE that kicks you over to the post on Flux’s site where he has it posted so go check it out!