Betsy came in to Myanna’s possession shortly after her time with Olcaru and was one of her first pet projects. During Myanna’s studies of the human body and how various alchemical reagents react with it, she altered Betsy in such a way as to make her one of the most important members of her Harem. Before she was altered she was eking out an existence of subsistence in the ruins of Zelmescan towns but now she actually provides much of the sustenance for the others.

For a Plant demon like Myanna there’s little difference where mammals get their milk from, so long as they get whats needed to give them all the nutrition they need. Further study even yielded that the milk of humans seemed specially suited to feeding other humans. With a few tweaks Betsy was made to produce milk as if pregnant, and it is her and her alone that supplements any shortcomings in the dietary needs of the harem. The milk she produces is further altered to contain a mild aphrodisiac that produces a near ecstatic gluttony in those who drink it as well as a growing arousal as more is ingested.

For Betsy’s part, her body’s alterations give her a constant need to have others feed on her, and in allowing others to feed she experiences not only the sexual arousal that those feeding undergo, but actual sexual gratification that can lead to orgasm and a surge in milk productivity.

While she isn’t considered one of Myanna’s studs, Azade has placed the Virility charm on her a handful of times to allow her to make use of a cock of her own. The spell reacts oddly with the altered chemistry of Betsy’s body, creating a animalistic form for her cock. Much of the properties that infuse her milk are present in her cum as well, of which she is able to produce a considerable volume.

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