A while back I did an image of my Linirym character Razylym, and shortly after I did a sketch of another by the name of Bellatrix. Bellatrix is actually the keeper of the Reliquary Tower at Greenstone Academy. She has fairly limited interaction with the students in terms of teaching, but handles a lot of the inventory of the schools commonly used magical items, relics, and artifacts as well as maintaining and storing many that have been deemed too dangerous by some of the surrounding realms.

Bellatrix is rather possessive of these items, as if they were her own, and is quite strict about the use of those that are even allowed to leave the tower. She tends to regard many people she comes to know on a personal level in much the same way, as is typical of many Linirym. She will often regard what she deems special or unique individuals as prospective additions to what she feels is her “collection”, but fortunately she keeps this selection process away from the student body….


While Razylym’s specialty and affinity is for ice, Bellatrix’s is for the power of mana and the force of magic itself in its raw form. The growth of crystals at the end of her tail is capable of flinging crystaline shrapnel, charged with explosive blasts of mana, or flinging destructive non elemental mana blasts in a raw form.

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