Azade is one of the many Para-nobles in Zelmesca that has become displaced by the 11 year faction war. During a drive to move numerous people in her care from one part of the ream to the other after the war, she is noticed by Myanna and subsequently captured.

Azade is well spoken and educated with a bit of street smarts thrust upon her by the war. Initially she fights Myanna’s control over her but is slowly seduced by the promise of somewhere she can belong, make a difference, and even raise a family as a prized individual under Myanna’s care.

She possesses a natural knack for plant magic and fertility magic, as well as various classical training in numerous aristocratic fields such as diplomacy, finance, history, and husbandry. Her knack for fertility magic allows her to cast the Virility Charm without giving much thought to the structure of the spell, and allows Myanna and her to take the females of the Harem and breed them with other females for potentially better vessels later.

Myanna senses Azade’s natural affinity for plant life from a great distance, and is able to tell that some sort of link to the earth runs somewhere in her heritage, possibly to the Alsea of old. Because of her compatible and complimentary talents and abilities, Myanna sees her as an excellent prospect for a vessel and administrator for the Harem.
When Gwen returns at a later point, Azade asserts her dominance quickly to become the new first and depose Gwen. Azade proves herself in this regard, and goes on to bare a child for Myanna as well.

Azade’s Vitality Harness is of smooth interwoven vines. Rare flowers are found at some of the joints and exotic berries that can restore small portions of health and be used in Alchemy and spell casting dangle around her neck and along the waist. The upper arms of the vines are hung with Darkleaf, and in some situations a loincloth of it can be formed as well.

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