A color job of a older picture, Azade is the second person to become Myanna’s “First” within her collection of women, and earned her place by taking over the responsibilities of the first and personally deposing her from the position.

Azade was originally taken reluctantly, but after a short time in Myanna’s company came to revel in the attentions she could be given….and even the attentions she was able to get from the others in the group. She has already provided Myanna with one child and has even endeared herself to the Primogen of the Verdant Lust, and demonstrated a knack for Plant and Fertility magic. This combination of factors has made her a fairly well known name through out the order in a short time.

While she’s not required to wear the Vitality Harness Azade considers doing so to be a badge of honor due to the uniqueness of it’s construction. It’s possible that even without the unique form it has taken she would still choose to wear it however to keep a close intimate connection with her mistress.

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